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  1. I've created a map with ietme but this map crash ingame. When I'm using check command on DLTCEP, I've a dialog box with that : invalid alt.tile (389) in [9.10] Can I correct this ?
  2. Its meaning that all weidu macros are imcompatible with bgee ?
  3. Ok so I'll see later if bgee give some enhancements.
  4. I would like to add a new icon for effect 142. I can replace the originally states.bam by another but it isn't very friendly for other modder... I've a small idea of how patch an ids or other files but bam are graphic files. So a patch is it possible ?
  5. Yes indeed it could be very helpful. Sometimes, I've some difficulties for create polygons when they are a little big (even if I apreciate new feature). Unless to ietme for example but ietme it isn't really practical. However maybe it's a little complicate to implement.
  6. I've edit and copy wellyn.cre (the ghost in graveyard) and I've a strange result when I try to edit GENERAL_SCRIPT. Here : COPY_EXISTING ~wellyn.cre~ ~override/#VGaia.cre~ ADD_CRE_ITEM ~boot01~ #0 #0 #0 ~IDENTIFIED~ ~BOOTS~ EQUIP SAY NAME1 @72 SAY NAME2 @72 WRITE_ASCII DEATHVAR ~#VGaia~ WRITE_ASCII DIALOG ~#VGaia~ WRITE_ASCII SCRIPT_GENERAL ~None~ WRITE_ASCII SCRIPT_OVERRIDE ~#VGaia~ WRITE_ASCII 0x34 ~#VGaiaS~ // Small portrait WRITE_ASCII 0x3c ~#VGaiaM~ // Large portrait WRITE_SHORT 0x2e 50 // Change major color WRITE_SHORT 0x2d 115 // Minor color WRITE_SHORT 0x2f 13 // Skin color WRITE_SHORT 0x32 104 // Hair color WRITE_SHORT 0x28 50960 // Animation WRITE_BYTE 0x237 2 // Change to female My new cre (#vgaia) has overriden my new dlg file, the wellyn dlg has desappear. But for general script I can see that in the cre wtih ie explorer : Noneyn Strange no ? This adress would be completly change. Or have I miss something ?
  7. Not really, this character looks like to irenicus but he is just a symbol. A symbol of taint of bhaal... Otherwise yes I think that wizards could intrude in your dream and all people which have magic power enough powerful. Githyanki ? Mindflayer ?
  8. I'm trying to remodel irenicus dungeon and I've edit rielev dlg file and I've confronted to one problem with DO command. Here my code : EXTEND_BOTTOM RIELEV 13 IF ~~ THEN EXTERN RIELEV allusion END EXTEND_BOTTOM RIELEV 14 IF ~~ THEN EXTERN RIELEV allusion01 END APPEND RIELEV IF ~Global("#VRielevSaySomeThings","GLOBAL",0)~ THEN BEGIN allusion SAY @22001 COPY_TRANS RIELEV 13 IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("#VRielevSaySomeThings","GLOBAL",1)~ GOTO 14 END IF ~Global("#VRielevSaySomeThings","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN BEGIN allusion01 SAY @22002 COPY_TRANS RIELEV 14 IF ~!IsValidForPartyDialog("Jaheira")~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("#VRielevSaySomeThings","GLOBAL",2)AddJournalEntry(@455,QUEST) GiveItemCreate("Misc4e",LastTalkedToBy,1,0,0)AddexperienceParty(4000)TriggerActivation("Rielevdeadtrigger",TRUE)DestroySelf()~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #47517 EXIT IF ~IsValidForPartyDialog("Jaheira")~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("#VRielevSaySomeThings","GLOBAL",2)AddJournalEntry(@455,QUEST) GiveItemCreate("Misc4e",LastTalkedToBy,1,0,0)AddexperienceParty(1000)TriggerActivation("Rielevdeadtrigger",TRUE)DestroySelf()~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #47517 EXTERN ~JAHEIRAJ~ 308 END END All it workable but I must add these action at the end of my EXTEND (as above) : GiveItemCreate("Misc4e",LastTalkedToBy,1,0,0)AddexperienceParty(1000)TriggerActivation("Rielevdeadtrigger",TRUE)DestroySelf()~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #47517 Because with my EXTEND BOTOM, I've erased them. Are there any way for write a simpler code according to you ?
  9. I've created an area whose position on the worldmap is unknow.and I would like to implement this idea in my mod. I'm asking if someone have already success to changed world map during the game. For example when charname is in a specific area the worldmap is different. Your advice ?
  10. Finally I've found my answer in gradient.txt in DLTCEP. There are all information what I need (color with adress...)
  11. I've studying mpalette.bmp in order to understand better the infinity engine and there are some thing that I've some difficulties to understand. If anybody have some knowledge for help me... There are 120 lines for 12 columns in this file. And when the player choose a color there are 6x6 possibilities. There are 12 colors to 34 according to each part of body that the player can choosed. But how ie assign each color to each value ? Or I would tell bit value ?
  12. Ok with several test, i've finally understand this command. Sorry for my bad explanation but I thought to know the right way since I've edit cre files effect with tp2 with some INSERT_BYTE command. However I need more training an more reading. ¨¨ I've read the weidu read me by the bigg more carefuly. Hoping that allow me to learn lesson this time....
  13. What is BIT2 ? A key word from weidu read me ? Not exactly. I try to erase bit 2 in fact... Any idea ?
  14. I've tried this : COPY_EXISTING ~misc5u.itm~ ~override/#VThief.itm~ SAY NAME1 @10000451 SAY NAME2 @10000451 SAY DESC @10000452 READ_SHORT 0x26 "Flags" WRITE_SHORT 0x26 (%Flags% BOR 0b00200) BUT_ONLY But weidu send me an error. This item has 5 known entries at bits 0, 2,3 and 5. Is it an error with BOR command ?
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