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  1. = practically unlimited amount of state icons! If someone is going to release a mod with a custom states.bam and thus incompatible with other mods that do the same, they could probably find a way to make it work with limitations of old bams. It would be much more useful if beamdog would modify opcode 142 (Display Special Effect Icon) to allow use of custom bam files. Does bgee engine allows bam frames grater than 256x256?
  2. I haven't installed this mod yet, but I need to know how can other mods detect IWD-IN-BG2 by using MOD_IS_INSTALLED or FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME?
  3. Polish: @312000 = ~Radosny Patch (czlonkowie druzyny nie narzekaja na reputacje)~ @312300 = ~Czlonkowie druzyny nie walcza ze soba~ @312400 = ~Zapobiezenie rozpoczeciu sie romansu Haer'Dalisa i Aerie~
  4. COPY_EXISTING ~FILE_NAME.2da~ ~override~ SET_2DA_ENTRY 4 2 1 ~-blabla-~ REPLACE ~-blabla-~ ~My new Aerie epilogue.~
  5. Is it possible to change death variable?
  6. http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...st&p=103648 Just don't use those in the wiki, or those from the first post.
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