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  1. Ok, it seems Angelo is at fault (or Sarevok Romance with Angelo), because Sarevok is bantering Angelo with the alignement talks AND THEN Angelo and Sarevok have their first normal scripted banter. But if I kill Angelo, Sarevok stays quiet.
  2. Hi, I've got a strange and really annoying bug : as soon as I recruit Sarevok in ToB, all his alignement banters starts one after the other. More generally, all banters of my team seems to fire one after the other in a very short time (without delay, one after the other). My team consists of : Imoen, Sarevok, Angelo, Jaheira and Viconia. I'm playing with a lot of mods. I played with CLUAConsole:AdvanceRealTime in SoA to get Jaheira Quest through the end, but I don't think that's the issue here, because Sarevok starts all his conditionally banters (when you slay Yaga-Shura, etc.). I didn't encounter any bug during my SOA Walkthrough (at least nothing that I remember). If this issue is mod related, I got Banterpacks and IEP Banter Packs, Imoen Friendship, Viconia Friendship, Sarevok Romance (maybe this one ? but I found nothing similar after a search on the net) and Angelo installed which could be related. But I don't think they are. I also installed the IEP accelerator banterpacks, with 45 minutes as a parameter I think, anyway it was ok in SOA, and it doesn't override conditionnal banters so it can't be that. Here's my WeiDU log if it helps, I've got quite a handful of mods installed. I apologize for posting this in the wrong forum : http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?s...mp;#entry192148, I didn't find where to contact a moderator to repair my mistake. By the way, thanks to all the modders. Without you, there would be no point in replaying bg2 over and over again.
  3. I think it's intended. True Sight has effect on him, it dispels the Improved Invisibility, but he then recasts it immediatly (he can cast it once a round). If your mid-lvl party is protected from evil, it's quite hard to kill him since most likely your true sight will wore off before you kill him. Plus the fact that he'll likely call another Pit Fiend. Was your party protected from evil ? I can't remember if it happens only in that case, but I think it should be tuned down a little, since True Sight only dispels once a round while the improved Pit Fiend will cast infinite improved invisibility.
  4. Argh ! That was so stupid. Worst is I was looking at some others CHAIN I wrote which were fine, and I didn't understand why this one didn't work. Well, thanks.
  5. For some reason, I'm getting a strange error with a CHAIN and I don't see the mistake in the code. I need fresh eyes, because I've read it dozen and dozen of times and still don't see what's wrong. Here's the code Weidu said there is a parsing error near the first N1#LYSJ (at the line N1#LYSJ == @3049). The error isn't outside the CHAIN, since the .d file compiled fine when I removed this block. I tried various things to see if I could isolate the mistake (replacing the DO ~actions~ by DO ~~ and removing the conditions in the IF, replacing the END N1#RUPE Job.0 by an EXIT...), but no difference. Also, I got the same mistake if I put this CHAIN in my N1#RUPE.d. In this N1#LYSJ I also got other CHAIN which works fine on the same model (Salvanas and Mazzy). N1#LYSJ is my NPC J file, N1#RUPE is a NPC i created, but who is non-joinable. I compile both NPC dialogues at the same time. By the way, a completely unrelated question, anyone know where I should ask to find a translator for my mod ? To English from French. I'm beginning to have hundred and hundred of lines after all
  6. Usefull tutorial. I've read about issues with interject(), especially annoying during romances and less good than StartDialogueNoSet, so is there really no issue with StartDialogueNoSet ?
  7. I encounter this problem too. I solved it by creating the items via CLUAConsole, and then it works wonder. But it was only for the numerous ring of protection +1, I never used the improved ring+2 of regeneration recipe, too overpowered in my opinion (because it can be weared with magic objects).
  8. I love this mod and I try to recommend it everywhere BG2-related I go. I did: Imoen to wild mage or another pure mage class (I thought of bard, but Keto is enough...) Viconia to cleric/thief (quarterstaff in mind) Minsc to Berserker (no real change in proficiencies) Korgan to Barbarian (dual wielded axe/hammer) Valygar to Wizard Slayer (dual wield katana, scimitar) Mazzy to Paladin (two handed sword, short bow, halberd, short sword) Sarevok to Fighter/thief or Fighter/mage (though the last isn't fitting him background wise, I wanted to play a fighter/mage to see what it's worth). Dual wielded katana/scimitar/batard sword/long sword for the last.
  9. A "simple" way to do this maybe to separate the unidentified items in two items : the unidentified version and the identified one. Then you can just check which item the party has. To identify the unidentified version, I suppose there could be way, like a button "Use item" and a little script, but I don't remember if BG1 allows all of that.
  10. I see, but wouldn't INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS2 do the same job without having to add a Delcia line ? While I'm on it, I've a little question. I'm obviously doing a Salvanas dialog since my npc is female. I used an append which I put at the end of my NPCJ file. But this new dialog then EXTERN to an INTERJECT which was prior in the same file (I felt that Interject was an easy way here to do things, because the dialog have a little number of lines). This didn't work, because of label errors, so I put the INTERJECT block just after my APPEND of Salvanas file. Now it works, but I wonder if it's the "correct" way to do it ? in short in my N1#LYSJ.d, at the end i've : APPEND SALVANAS //Obligatory Salvanas dialogue IF ~!InPartySlot(LastTalkedToBy,0) Name("N1#LYS",LastTalkedToBy)~ N1#SalvanasLyssen SAY ~Froide et solitaire, et pourtant d'une grande beauté, oh je suis déjàséduit par ce regard mortel que vous me lancez !~ END END INTERJECT SALVANAS N1#SalvanasLyssen LyssenSalvanas blabladialog END I've thought of using CHAIN, but since it's not a banter, I didn't try. Well after some experiments, I guess I should really use CHAIN (editnumber9999:yes it works !)
  11. Thanks, I've looked your solution, it works. I don't even have to add a Delcia line since all Bioware NPC make their comment in a similar fashion as mine without an answer (and the only things that "give away" my NPC codingdifferent is the fact that after the dialog, if the player look at the log, he'll see that the journal was modified between my npc reaction and the bioware reaction, though there was no interruption during the dialogue flow).
  12. Hi, I'm working on a NPC mod (don't know if I'll get through with it, but I'm enjoying it despite the unavoidable coding headhache and all) and currently trying some INTERJECT. I was sticking to rather basic conditions now, so I had no trouble so far that I couldn't solve my self. But now... I want my NPC making a comment like other Bioware NPC (Mazzy,Viconia,Yoshimo,Korgan) in De'Arnise Castle, when Delcia (the infamous aunt of Nalis) talks with the PC. I decompiled Delcia.dlg and I found that the coding was rather complicated (and not an INTERJECT at all by the way). In short, the script checks if Mazzy is in the party, then if Viconia and not Mazzy, then Yoshima and not Mazzy and Viconia, and so on until Korgan. Each time, the state ends by an EXTERN to the checked NPC. If you look at the npc dialog then it is scripted so that you'll hear others NPC comments I think. Here's the beginning of the relevant part of Delcia.d I removed the comment which described #7262 of the journal part put in by Weidu. Here's VICONIJ 169. If you decompile MAZZYJ.dlg, you'll see that it checks similarly (so it will go to VICONIJ169 if Viconia is in the team). At the end of the state, every characters amongst Mazzy, Viconia, Korgan and Yoshimo should have commented about Delcia behavior. So, I want to make my NPJ comments like the other. I don't think modifying (in a respectful Weidu way) DELCIA.dlg, MAZZYJ.dlg, ..., KORGAN.dlg is the way to go (seems a hassle to me). At first I tried to interject after DELCIA 16, but that did interrupt the script (she didn't escape the area as she was supposed to). Then I did that : Now, the script correctly work, she escapes the area. But Korgan and Yoshimo who are in my test party didn't have their comments about Delcia behavior. Is there a simple (or not so complex) solution to have my NPC make its comments as the others ? P.S. : as you may have noticed from the code text, I'm a french-native speaker, and by the way, great forum.
  13. Thanks, I read this guide and it was quite usefull.
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