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  1. Playing on Hardcore difficulty with SCS v33.6 I encountered a possible bug. During the fight with the Green Dragon during Siege of Dragonspear, both the large adult green dragon and the young green dragon used their breath weapons. Both breath weapons appeared to be the same strength (doing 90+ damage), which I believe is not as they should be in 2nd edition (A young green dragon's breath weapon should cap out at 6d6+3). The Adult Green dragon breath weapon also seems to be higher than the PnP values (adult should be 12d6+6). There may be some other reasons why the breath weapons are so hi
  2. That is interesting and makes sense. I will try things out with the Specifics = 0 for all my party members and report back if it causes any obvious problems. Thanks for the help in diagnosing this problem.
  3. I tried that. Unfortunately, I pretty much just hit all documentation files and no .tp2 files. I also did a search for the byte offset mentioned by Subtledoctor in the post above. The one file I did find was libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.zip which is used by a whole bunch of mods. On my list it includes Artisan's Kitpack - Arcane Archer Coran (BG2) Tiax (BG2) Xan (BG2) Fade (BG2) Xan BG1 Friendship Sellswords Back to Brynnlaw Reunion Dungeon Crawl Assassinations Sarah ToB None of these really end up mucking about with the transition between BG1 and SoD as far as I c
  4. I changed the Specifics on Drake and Dyanheir from 2 back to 0 and it lets them both use the correct wands and scrolls again. However, I'm not sure what else this will break.
  5. I think the same may have been true in my games. I can try changing it and seeing if it makes a difference.
  6. Yeah, I don't know if this is the same issue either. It seemed to be somewhat related if it had to do with what scripts were being loaded, but I don't know enough about the scripting to be able to tell and it also looks like some characters had the same scripts in both before and after the switch to Siege of Dragonspear.
  7. I'm happy to provide my save files if that will help. I did check the UMD effect on Dynaheir and it is present on both her pre-SoD save files (when she can use all wands and learn spells) and also on her SoD saves when she can no longer do that. That doesn't seem to be the culprit. It also isn't present on Drake (Cleric of Tyr) and he has a similar problem where he stops being able to use cleric wands once he enters the SoD portion of the game. My sorcerer (dragon disciple) PC is also still able to use all wands (like wand of Fireball) and scrolls. I'm wondering if it has somethi
  8. No, it doesn't appear to have done so. Drake can still use wands of magic missile and Dynaheir can't use wands of fireball.
  9. Doing some digging, I'm wondering if any of the stuff touched on in this thread might be related: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/64106/advanced-ai-doesnt-work-properly-for-exported-characters-thank-you-bubb-and-kjeron-for-the-fix
  10. Where would I check for the SPECIFIC value? Is this a local or something else? @subtledoctor
  11. I haven't tested removing any of these mods either, so it's entirely speculation on my part.
  12. Yes, which is going to be a pain to debug. Potential mods that could cause this include EET Core v1.0 release candidate 12.2 EEex v0.8.7 alpha Endless BG1 v6.0 ????? I'm not sure how or why, but this seems to do something at the transition between BG1 and BG2 Jastey's SoD Tweakpack v4 The actual mod list is longer. See attached. WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log
  13. This just happened to me. Dynaheir became unable to use most wands (she seems to be restricted to the ones thieves can use by default, so Magic Missile and Sleep, but not the Fireball or Monster Summoning) and she can no longer learn spells from scrolls or use scrolls. Drake likewise can now use Magic Missile wands, but can't use priest scrolls or wands. The rest of their item usability has not changed. I do not have transitions installed, but I do have EET installed. Everything ran smoothly all the way through BG1 and its only with the SoD transition that this problem has occurred.
  14. Here's a list of the Wild Surge effects. https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Wild_Surge The in-game effects may vary slightly, but the yellow ones are the ones that are of particular notice. If some of those surges happen, it's going to mean a reload. I would think of guaranteed surges being like playing with a critical hit deck or critical fumble deck. It's going to be something that some people like, but others find way too disruptive. For quick reference, here's some of the bad effects: Caster suffers a -2 penalty to casting time and weapon speed factor for 1 turn
  15. So, some comments on mods from my playthrough of BG1. I have not commented on mod content that I did not encounter. Mods installed on BG1 before EET. BG1 Unfinished Business: This mod was largely invisible with the game. I used the following components and did not have any issues. Highly recommended to flesh out your adventure. 1. Ice Island Level 2 Restoration 2. Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter 3. Quonigar, the Cleric 4. Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi 5. Edie, the Merchant League Applicant 6. Creature Correctio
  16. We've completed Baldur's Gate 1. Only a few bugs cropped up and people have generally enjoyed all the modded content, when we can even notice that there's modded content. We're moving on to Siege of Dragonspear and will get to see how the bridging episode plays out. This is going to be completely new for all of us, so it should be interesting.
  17. I put that down as a quick note to myself. I've added the details to the thread over on Beamdog.
  18. Correction on the Northern Citadel quest, it requires that a character use a Restoration scroll. Also, Pique says he is giving you an item, but the player does not receive anything. Details of both on the Beamdog thread for Northern Tales of the Sword Coast.
  19. We're at Baldur's Gate now and are all madly working on the sidequests that can be found there. I appreciate the density of the city, but the Atkatla city map is a big improvement in that it actually names the districts on the map and makes it much easier to navigate around the city.
  20. For the Fallen Paladin quest in Baldur's Gate, can the nanny be found if you have previous talked to her before going to the temple of helm and starting the quest?
  21. Yes, BG complete is the original versions of the game. When reviewing mods see if they support the original versions or only the Enhanced Editions.
  22. Another thing that would be nice is some crossmod between Brandock and Helga npc mods for BG1. They are both encountered close to each other and it would be nice if the two mods recognized this. Even if it is just Brandock mentioning that he heard voices talking which led him to approach everyone.
  23. Yeah, if you go digging into some of the forums, you can find a message from me saying I am holding off my next playthrough until Delainy is done. Then I didn't play the game for 15 years.
  24. Another possible party member, though this one is pretty obvious. Delainy/Duryale from the Isle of Balduran.
  25. Another character that would be interesting to see expanded is Left from Romantic Encounters. An intriguing character and I really liked the chain of dialogues with him.
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