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  1. Here's a list of the Wild Surge effects. https://baldursgate.fandom.com/wiki/Wild_Surge The in-game effects may vary slightly, but the yellow ones are the ones that are of particular notice. If some of those surges happen, it's going to mean a reload. I would think of guaranteed surges being like playing with a critical hit deck or critical fumble deck. It's going to be something that some people like, but others find way too disruptive. For quick reference, here's some of the bad effects: Caster suffers a -2 penalty to casting time and weapon speed factor for 1 turn
  2. So, some comments on mods from my playthrough of BG1. I have not commented on mod content that I did not encounter. Mods installed on BG1 before EET. BG1 Unfinished Business: This mod was largely invisible with the game. I used the following components and did not have any issues. Highly recommended to flesh out your adventure. 1. Ice Island Level 2 Restoration 2. Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter 3. Quonigar, the Cleric 4. Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi 5. Edie, the Merchant League Applicant 6. Creature Correctio
  3. We've completed Baldur's Gate 1. Only a few bugs cropped up and people have generally enjoyed all the modded content, when we can even notice that there's modded content. We're moving on to Siege of Dragonspear and will get to see how the bridging episode plays out. This is going to be completely new for all of us, so it should be interesting.
  4. I put that down as a quick note to myself. I've added the details to the thread over on Beamdog.
  5. Correction on the Northern Citadel quest, it requires that a character use a Restoration scroll. Also, Pique says he is giving you an item, but the player does not receive anything. Details of both on the Beamdog thread for Northern Tales of the Sword Coast.
  6. We're at Baldur's Gate now and are all madly working on the sidequests that can be found there. I appreciate the density of the city, but the Atkatla city map is a big improvement in that it actually names the districts on the map and makes it much easier to navigate around the city.
  7. For the Fallen Paladin quest in Baldur's Gate, can the nanny be found if you have previous talked to her before going to the temple of helm and starting the quest?
  8. Yes, BG complete is the original versions of the game. When reviewing mods see if they support the original versions or only the Enhanced Editions.
  9. Another thing that would be nice is some crossmod between Brandock and Helga npc mods for BG1. They are both encountered close to each other and it would be nice if the two mods recognized this. Even if it is just Brandock mentioning that he heard voices talking which led him to approach everyone.
  10. Yeah, if you go digging into some of the forums, you can find a message from me saying I am holding off my next playthrough until Delainy is done. Then I didn't play the game for 15 years.
  11. Another possible party member, though this one is pretty obvious. Delainy/Duryale from the Isle of Balduran.
  12. Another character that would be interesting to see expanded is Left from Romantic Encounters. An intriguing character and I really liked the chain of dialogues with him.
  13. That would be what I need to do. Thanks.
  14. I've done the bandit camp and almost all the sidequests available to me prior to doing Cloakwood. I have still to do the Isle of Balduran sidequests and there's a few bits of Northern Tales of the Sword Coast to tidy up, but everything but the main story is almost done now. A couple of random thoughts on NPCs you encounter that could be expanded one day. Note as an aside for why Gorion can't be raised, to be consistent with the lore of D&D and the Forgotten Realms it just needs to be clear that the corpse is too badly mangled to support life after Raise Dead is cast. Re
  15. Yeah, I'd be interested in your own take on Valen. Weimer's original mods were good examples at the time, but the writing wasn't really to my tastes. I'd be a lot more interested in someone's new take on the character that wasn't tied directly to Weimer's version. You can be inspired by some of the ideas of the previous mod, but you also have a lot more creative freedom to do your own version. I'd probably skip the update/addon to the existing Weimer NPC mod, but would give a standalone take on the character a closer look. Then again, there's probably people on the other side who are look
  16. Here's the install order and list of mods I'd suggest to use as a basis for your install. At this point, if a mod doesn't appear in Project Infinity, feel free to skip it. I've also left out anything that appears to have a slight conflict or oddness in the in-game text. Once you've had a chance to go through this list, feel free to ask about any specific mods you haven't included yet. Install Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Install Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Install Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition Create a temporary folder somewhere to help organize y
  17. You gave enough info on the Beamdog forums, so I think I can put together a recommended install order framework for you to work with.
  18. The first thing you want to figure out is what type of modded experience you want. Do you want to try out a few of the better rated mods, but otherwise keep most things like the vanilla game, do you want to create a curated list of the most popular/quality mods that represent a plethora of options in the game, even if you don't end up doing all the content in a single playthrough, or do you want to go for a mega-mod-everything-goes install? Depending on what you want myself @Cahir, and @4udr4n can probably give you some advice since we've all gone through the same process recently, albeit e
  19. We're supposed to have completed Chapter 2 (Nashkell Mines) by this weekend. There's been lots of sidequesting and I've been impressed at how well the various mod NPCs and mini sidequests have blended into the original game. The ones that have stood out the most have been the BeamDog NPCs. They haven't stood out as a net negative, but they do come across a bit more like some of the other older mod NPCs that the author really wanted you to notice their hard work and use their NPC.
  20. Yeah, and I agree that spears are much more thematically appropriate for his character. I'd probably actually choose the "give him Spear proficiency" option if it was available.
  21. While the spear is cool, there are a lot of decent halberds available early on in BG1, so that might be the better fit.
  22. General comments. AionZ, @Skitia and @Lava do some really good mod work. I am really enjoying all of their NPCs. Skitia's characters I'm actually saving to have in the party seriously for my next playthrough when I'll be able to include the BG2 versions that continue the NPC's journeys.
  23. A few more comments on mods that I have some experience with so far in my playthrough. Verr'sza - An evil Rakshasa NPC you can gain as a party member. Definitely an evil NPC party member that is well written and voice acted. I only had him around for his intro quest which rewards a couple good items, but not overpowered. I'd like to do a longer playthrough with this NPC, especially a CHARNAME that embraces their heritage. BGEEClassic Movies - Does what it says. I had it add the missing movies and chapter and dream screens. No real issues there and the playdoughy video graphics d
  24. I've worked my way north and discovered a few more NPCs. The additional mod NPCs do a good job of filling in some areas which were largely empty in the original game with a bunch of little mini introductory quests. Tenya Thermidor fits in well with the base game as far as tone and feel of the little quest and dilemma it presents to the player.
  25. I am experiencing some random crashes (sometimes at zone transitions, sometimes when moving characters, sometimes when opening inventory or changing record pages), but after the game is reloaded everything works fine. They don't seem to be time based either or trigger off anything happening in game. I'm making sure I save often, so recovering from the crashes is pretty easy. In the Baldur's Gate portion of the game I also ran into a weird bug where I removed Imoen from the party and then asked her to rejoin. She gave her line about rejoining, but didn't rejoin the party. Talking to he
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