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  1. It seems to happen at chapter transitions.  At a minimum it happened when I went from BG1 to Siege of Dragonspear and again when I went from Siege of Dragonspear to BG2.  I also know it happened at least one other time during Siege of Dragonspear, though it may have happened after the Siege of Dragonspear prologue ended, since I just lived with the issue for most of the expansion.

    Spoilers, but going from Chateau Irenicus to the first chapter of BG2 I do not know if the issue is still there, since the character it was happening to (Imoen) leaves the party.

  2. One fun bug with the EET transition, is if you have a familiar out as a party member when the abduction happens, when it loads into the game in BG2, the familiar will be outside of your cage and Imoen won't be able to talk to the PC.  The game gets stuck and  you have to force-close it.  Unfortunately, if you have the familiar as an item in your inventory it gets deleted and your character suffers the penalties for a familiar death.

  3. My BG1 game has progressed from Siege of Dragonspear to BG2.  Grey was a 7th party member in BG1 but he has not shown up in the area with the dryads in Chateau Irenicus.  Should I expect to find him elsewhere, or is there a way that the transition could have gotten messed up?

  4. Changing Specifics from 2 to 0 fixes the problem.  I had to use Near Infinity, since I couldn't find that parameter in EEKeeper.  Also, at points in Siege of Dragonspear, it got reset to 2 and I had to go back in and edit things back to 0 to fix the item usability restrictions, mostly on wands and scrolls.

  5. We are almost done Siege of Dragonspear.   The pacing is a bit weird with the middle chapter 10 being extremely long and the following chapters being very short.  My biggest complaint is the schizophrenic dialogue choices and lack of nuanced role-playing options in the dialogue choices.  As for how it fills in story details between BG1 and BG2 I think it does a decent job.  More details on my mod impressions once we have finished the expansion. 

  6. Playing on Hardcore difficulty with SCS v33.6 I encountered a possible bug.  During the fight with the Green Dragon during Siege of Dragonspear, both the large adult green dragon and the young green dragon used their breath weapons.  Both breath weapons appeared to be the same strength (doing 90+ damage), which I believe is not as they should be in 2nd edition (A young green dragon's breath weapon should cap out at 6d6+3).  The Adult Green dragon breath weapon also seems to be higher than the PnP values (adult should be 12d6+6).  There may be some other reasons why the breath weapons are so high, though having the young green dragon with a breath weapon as powerful as the adult one seems a bit unbalanced.

  7. I tried that.  Unfortunately, I pretty much just hit all documentation files and no .tp2 files.   I also did a search for the byte offset mentioned by Subtledoctor in the post above.  The one file I did find was libiconv-1.9.2-1-src.zip which is used by a whole bunch of mods.  On my list it includes

    Artisan's Kitpack - Arcane Archer
    Coran (BG2)
    Tiax (BG2)
    Xan (BG2)
    Fade (BG2)
    Xan BG1 Friendship
    Back to Brynnlaw
    Dungeon Crawl
    Sarah ToB

    None of these really end up mucking about with the transition between BG1 and SoD as far as I can tell.  My search may not have found everything that modifies that file though.

  8. 13 hours ago, jastey said:

    @Lauriel ah ok. I had a glance at it and had the impression it's not exactly the same problem, but I didn't read it carefully.

    Yeah, I don't know if this is the same issue either.  It seemed to be somewhat related if it had to do with what scripts were being loaded, but I don't know enough about the scripting to be able to tell and it also looks like some characters had the same scripts in both before and after the switch to Siege of Dragonspear.

  9. I'm happy to provide my save files if that will help. 

    I did check the UMD effect on Dynaheir and it is present on both her pre-SoD save files (when she can use all wands and learn spells) and also on her SoD saves when she can no longer do that.  That doesn't seem to be the culprit.

    It also isn't present on Drake (Cleric of Tyr) and he has a similar problem where he stops being able to use cleric wands once he enters the SoD portion of the game.  My sorcerer (dragon disciple) PC is also still able to use all wands (like wand of Fireball) and scrolls.  I'm wondering if it has something to do with specialist mages and maybe cleric kits.  I'll have to try inviting some of the other NPCs into my party and seeing if they have problems as well.

    I've posted the files and a couple of save files.

    I also think that this is likely something to do with EET itself.  Which would be a shame.  I know all the people in my book club have been noticing more bugs and issues once we've gotten into the SoD portion of the game, and a number of them are likely actually in the base game itself and not related to any mods.

    SCRL80.itm EDWIN7_.CRE EDWIN7.cre clabma06.2da clabth01.2da d5_umd.spl d5_numd.spl D5_NUMD.eff SPECIFIC.IDS save.zip

  10. On 3/24/2021 at 11:33 AM, subtledoctor said:

    Did you do a ctrl-R on the character(s) at some point? Or change thigns with EEKeeper? Or, does anyone know if EET itself does something equivalent to ctrl-R whne moving between campaigns?

    Just to be clear: if I read your post correctly, scrolls are usable when you start a new game in the SoD/SoA campaign, but they are not usable when you transition a game directly from BG1 into SoD or SoA?

    (Btw learning spells from scrolls is a different mechanism from casting spells from scrolls. The former relies on the exclusion flags in the spell file, while the latter relies on the exclusion flags in the item file. It's totally possible to restrict one but not the other.)

    If you are able to, can you compare the two saves, one where Imoen can use the scroll and one where she cannot use the scroll, and tell us what the "SPECIFIC" value is for Imoen's character?

    Where would I check for the SPECIFIC value?  Is this a local or something else? @subtledoctor

  11. Yes, which is going to be a pain to debug.

    Potential mods that could cause this include

    EET Core v1.0 release candidate 12.2
    EEex v0.8.7 alpha
    Endless BG1 v6.0 ????? I'm not sure how or why, but this seems to do something at the transition between BG1 and BG2
    Jastey's SoD Tweakpack v4

    The actual mod list is longer. See attached.

    WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log

  12. This just happened to me.  Dynaheir became unable to use most wands (she seems to be restricted to the ones thieves can use by default, so Magic Missile and Sleep, but not the Fireball or Monster Summoning) and she can no longer learn spells from scrolls or use scrolls.  Drake likewise can now use Magic Missile wands, but can't use priest scrolls or wands.  The rest of their item usability has not changed.  I do not have transitions installed, but I do have EET installed.  Everything ran smoothly all the way through BG1 and its only with the SoD transition that this problem has occurred.


    I notice that there's a local called BDAI_DISABLE_ITEMS flagged to 1 Drake, but Dynaheir doesn't seem to have the same Local flagged on her character.

  13. Here's a list of the Wild Surge effects. 


    The in-game effects may vary slightly, but the yellow ones are the ones that are of particular notice.  If some of those surges happen, it's going to mean a reload.  I would think of guaranteed surges being like playing with a critical hit deck or critical fumble deck.  It's going to be something that some people like, but others find way too disruptive.

    For quick reference, here's some of the bad effects:

    1. Caster suffers a -2 penalty to casting time and weapon speed factor for 1 turn
    2. The effects of the desired spell are applied to all creatures in a 15-foot radius centred on caster. Only one tick from a Cloud spell gets applied, one arrow from a Flame Arrow, ...
    3. Slow effect to all in a 15-foot radius centred on Point, for 1 turn
    4. For 70s, target is affected by:
      1. Polymorph Spirit Wolf: 100% resistance to Cold and Electricity 
      2. Create weapon: Magical +1, 4 APR, Normal Haste, spellcasting disabled
    5. Caster affected by Hold Creature for 70s
    6. 80% of party gold is destroyed
    7. The desired spell is cast twice:
      1. On target,
      2. On caster, where it affects all creatures in the potential AoE.
    8. Caster suffers from 100% spellcasting failure and -4 penalty to THAC0 for 1 turn. Innate abilities can still be used.
    9. The desired spell is cast but on caster, and all creatures are affected within the potential AoE
    10. For 70s, caster is affected by:
      1. Polymorph Spirit Wolf: 100% resistance to Cold and Electricity
      2. Create weapon: Magical +1, 4 APR, Normal Haste, spellcasting disabled
    11. Gates in this Nabassu on Point. It will vanish after 2 turns.
    12. Creature target is affected by Hold Creature for 70s. Nothing happens if the desired spell used a Point target.
    13. The Lightning Bolt spell is cast at the target. Nothing happens if the target was the caster -- see the Bugs section for an exception.
    14. Target suffers from 100% spellcasting failure and -4 penalty to THAC0 for 1 turn. Innate abilities can still be used.
    15. Target suffers from 100% spellcasting failure and -4 penalty to THAC0 for 1 turn. Innate abilities can still be used.
    16. 80% of gold on the target is destroyed

    So, about 16 negative (and some of these are debatable) effects out of 100 or so.  Of them, I'd suggest that they mostly cause increased chaos, but may be able to played around.  Only the Gold and the ones that affect the caster are potential reloads.  So mostly it's just going to be a bit more random.  I'd want to check the impact of the change at a range of levels, since at lower levels you are going to have less ability to mitigate unplanned happenings, whereas some of these are going to be less of an issue at higher levels.

  14. So, some comments on mods from my playthrough of BG1. I have not commented on mod content that I did not encounter. 

    Mods installed on BG1 before EET.

    BG1 Unfinished Business: This mod was largely invisible with the game.  I used the following components and did not have any issues.  Highly recommended to flesh out your adventure.

            1.  Ice Island Level 2 Restoration
            2.  Scar and the Sashenstar's Daughter
            3.  Quonigar, the Cleric
            4.  Shilo Chen and the Ogre-Magi
            5.  Edie, the Merchant League Applicant
            6.  Creature Corrections
            7.  Creature Restorations
            8.  Creature Name Restorations
            9.  Minor Dialogue Restorations
            10.  Store, Tavern and Inn Fixies and Restorations
            11. Item Corrections and Restorations
            12. Duke Eltan in the Harbor Master's Building
            13. Nim Furlwing Encounter
            14. Svlast, the Fallen Paladin Encounter
            15. Mal-kalen, the Ulcaster Ghost
            16. Chapter 6 Dialogue Restorations

    BG1 NPC Music: Another fairly seamless integration.  There are a few bits of music that are slightly loud, but another recommended mod.

    Sirene NPC for BG: Good NPC.  The romance is slow and never seems to build to anything, though I'm guessing she'll be willing to allow a relationship to develop if you continue to BG2.  There were a few bugs with some of her random dialogue for reputation, but I think that may have been caused by the Tenya Thermidor mod that was installed next in the chain.  I think there were also some kit issues as well that needed some manual fixes.  I'd love to see this mod updated to full EET compatibility to hopefully squash the few issues. 

    Tenya Thermidor: I didn't take her in my party, but for adding a bit more colour to the world, I'd still recommend this mod. I did make some modifications to tone down the bowl of elemental summoning you get.  There were a few issues with Sirene for some of the dialogue, but nothing game-breaking.  I'd love to see this mod updated to full EET compatibility.

    White as Bones NPC: Another mod NPC.  I didn't take him in my party, but it was another good NPC to just have around to add texture to the world.  One of the other people in the book club did take him for a bit and apparently found him quite funny.

    Verr'Sza NPC: Cool NPC and one that I will definitely take for an evil playthrough.  Good to have for a little sidequest and texture to the world even if you aren't planning on taking him.

    Drake NPC: A really well written and good NPC to have around.  Ended up being my main cleric.  I enjoyed his personality and the connections he makes with BG2 and Amn.  Unfortunately his crossbow proficiency ended up breaking when EET was installed and I had to edit some of the kits to make sure everything worked as intended (though minus getting crossbows to work).  I'd love to see an EET update to fix the few issues.  Drake is an NPC that I'm quite sad that there is no BG2 version of the mod available.

    BGEE Classic Movies: Adds all the little movies in that were in the original game.  Honestly, the use of the pre-rendered little movies was always kind of weird in the original BG1 game, so these tend to just act as a reminder that this is an old game.  I'd probably keep the Restore BG1 Chapter and Dream Screens component in another playthrough, but skip the movies.

    Post EET Mods

    EEex: Used to allow a number of features and functions.  Required.

    lefreut's enhanced UI: Some good UI modifications, though I did have a persistent issue where item descriptions would end up having an extra carriage return part way through the descriptions that I'm not sure if it was caused by this mod or another.  I used the following components:

            a. Core Component
            b. BG2 vanilla bams for spells
            c. BG2 vanilla fonts for descriptions
            d. Single Click to Map Travel
            e. Show sidebar toggle button
            f. Show quicksave button
            g. Show highlight button
            h. Show small right sidebar buttons
            i. Quests in journal collapsed by default
            j. Left click on portrait to level up

    EEUI Tweaks: Another bunch of tweaks that were generally well integrated and received.  Some of the features are pretty much required if you have a lot of kits or portraits.  I used the following components

            a. Mod Options
            b. Hidden Options
            b. Mr2150's Portrait Picker (Scaleable UI)
            c. Mr2150's Backup M_BG.lua
            d. Mr2150's Update Portraits
            e. Faydark's Abilities Auto Roller (set UI.menu rolls to 300, since classes/kits with stat modifiers cause the autoroller to hang with higher values)
            f. Abdul's show hidden creation options.
            g. Display max proficiency limits
            h. Transparent Sidebars
            i. Feedback Message Box Buttons Hack
            j. Simple Centered Dialog
            k. Leveling Progress Bar Tweaks
            l. Leveling Progress Bars Options

    Bubb's Spell Menu Extended: Another UI tweak that was fairly helpful and I think ends up being an overall benefit to casting spells in combat easily.  Would install again.

    Bubb's Revert Pathfinding Fix: This apparently helped with pathfinding, but we still had issues where multiple NPCs would end up standing on the same spot on the ground and get stuck for a bit.  This apparently is an issue with 2.5.x of the Enhanced Edition, so hopefully in the future the pathfinding issues will be fixed and this won't be needed.

    Northern Tales of the Sword Coast: This is an interesting mod.  Many of the minor components that are integrated into the game are seamless and highly recommended.  For example, some of the extra assassin encounters, or the hidden dungeon in Firewine Bridge; even things like the extra mage tower in Larswood.  However, the main component stuff were additional world map areas are added is a lot more rough.  There's a good framework there and for the most part the items are not too unbalancing, but the non-hack and slash content is pretty threadbare and there's some weird things (like cultists that throw arrows and all sorts of NPC difficulty cheats). 

    I'll probably install it again because with the revisions made by @jastey and others, the weaknesses aren't too bad and the additional content that integrates well with the game is very much worth it.  This is a mod that if more work was done to it, or expanded upon it by others could end up extending the content of the base BG1 game by quite a bit.  Adding more dialogue options and quest breadcrumbs to the content, or even just alternate resolutions to some of the encounters would help.  Plus, the new areas despite being remixed old assets could probably do with a few more events/encounters/quests sprinkled throughout them to make them feel more like those of the base game.  

    I used the following components:

            a. Main Component
            b. Spawn fewer monsters depending on game difficulty
            c. Keelor the Dwarf
            d. Llindellyn's Lucky Arrow
            e. Pilar and Gheldehar
            f. Fighting Encounters

    Baldur's Gate Mini Quests & Encounters: There's a whole bunch of little quests and encounters added and they really enhance the game.  No one was able to tell that these were added by a mod and everyone had at least one thing on the list that they really liked.  Essential for future playthroughs.  I used the following components.

            a. Slime Quest
            b. Family Treasure Quest
            c. Babysitting in Naskhel, including the Carinval Encounter
            d. Monster in Naskel
            e. Fallen Paladin in Baldur's Gate
            f. Undying Love in the Fishing Village
            g. Lovesick Half-Orc
            h. Unexpected Help
            i. Many little paws
            j. Drunk near Beregost Temple
            k. A Warm Place for Noober
            l. Brage's Sowrd
            m. Legal Seachart Sources
            n. Additions to the House of the Lady and the Bitch Queen's Temple
            o. A Worried Farmer
            p. Bodies for a good cause

    Ascalon's Questpack: Another must-have mini questpack that helps add a lot of flavour to the world.  Lots of favorites in this mod for all the people in the bookclub.  We were all disappointed to learn that the Serpents of Abbathor component does not continue in BG2.

    Endless BG1: A bunch of little tweaks to the story and additions to the game to make EET playthroughs flow more seamlessly.  Very much recommended for EET playthroughs and a few components might be good for straight BG1 playthroughs.  I used the following components:

            a. Main Component
            b. More Flavor to Hero of Baldur's Gate
            c. Short Public Hero Tribute
            d. Sarevok's Unique Items
            e. Sarevok's Sword
            f. Imoen and Duke Jannath
            g. Duke Eltan is in the Palace
            h. Flaming Fist Healer come into Undercity Temple
            i. Elminster makes an Appearance - Restored BG1 Text
            j. First Refugees come to Baldur's Gate
            k. Ophyllis the Treasurer in inside Palace Dungeon
            l. Denkod in Thieves Guild comments on Sarevok's Death
            m. Skip Thieves Maze Once after Sarevok's Death

    Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters: This mod was actually one of the favourites for everyone much to our surprise.  Besides the sex scenes, it added a lot of characterization and texture to the world, and even if you are playing a chaste character I'd recommend including it in your playthroughs for the quest content.  I used the following components:

            a. Main Component - BG Style
                1.  Bardolan's Briefing
                2.  Scar's Spare Time
                3.  Kim's Preoccupation
                4.  Extension of Bjornin Encounter
                5.  No Starch in the Maypole
                6.  Duke Eltan's Spare Minute
                7.  Husam's Personal Preparation
                8.  Larel's Post-Hunting
                9.  Bartus' Seduction
                10. Lina's Massage
                11. First Night with Quentin
                12. Chatting Niklos Up.
                13. Slythe and Krystin
                14. No Regrets
                15. Purchased Love
                16. Hull: Heavy Duty
                17. Late Night with Jaheira
                18. Sil's Blessing
                19. Melicamp: The Poultry Boy
                20. Reading with Rinnie
                21. Molly the Husband-Grabber
                22. The Mourning of Centeol, the Spider Lady
                23. The Essential End
                24. The Harvestmen Lair
                25. The Great Zudini
                26. The Messenger
                27. Ender Sai: The Hero's Reward
                28. The Novelists
                29. The Honest Lies of Two Riversides
                30. Necromancer's Trouble
                31. Dinner with Thalantyr
                32. Girdle of Gender Reactions
                33. The Surgeon's Dream
                34. All That Left Was
                35. A Childhood Friend
                36. Arlene the Working Girl
                37. Della May from Thay
                38. A Dirty Guard in Candlekeep
                39. Phoenix Flame
                40. Mikala the Monk
                41. The Messenger 2: Rain or Snow or Gloom of Night
                42. Camryn and Tamah
                43. Minor Disclosures
                44. Cloakwood Lovers

    Lure of the Sirenes Call: A nice small quest mod that adds an alternate resolution to the Sirenes.  Blends well with the base game. Recommended.

    Golem Construction for Spellcasters: A system/quest mod that ended up being pretty good for BG1.  I was only able to make the bone doll golem and it was decent, but not overpowering.  I'm going to be curious as to how it works out for the BG2 part of my playthrough.  I used the following components:

            a. Golem Construction Ability for Spellcasters
            b. Replace original Golem Manual
            c. Improve Enemy Spellcaster AI
            d. Golems for enemy spellcasters
            e. Greater variety of enemy golem types
            f. Fighter Stronghold golems may continue to serve you
            g. Make golems vulnerable to specific spell effects
            h. Reduce weapon immunities and resistances for constructed golems.
            i. Add "Teleport" ability to golems

    BG1 NPC Project: A must-have mod that brings BG1 much closer to par with BG2 for characterization of the NPCs.  I'm not 100% sure I agree with all of the characterizations, but it is by far an overall improvement and I couldn't imagine playing the game without this.  Note that there's a bug with Imoen where she won't rejoin via dialogue if you kick her out of the party, even temporarily.  CTRL+Q was used as a workaround and it didn't seem to break any of her dialogue scripts.  Hopefully this bug will get fixed in the future/has already been fixed.  I used the following components:

            1.  Required Modifications
            2.  Banters, Quests, and Interjections
            3.  Ajantis's Romance
            4.  Branwen's Romance
            5.  Coran's Romance
            6.  Dynaheir's Romance
            7.  Shar-Teel Relationship
            8.  Xan's Romance
            9.  Female Romance Challenges, Ajantis vs Xan vs Coran
            10. Banter Timing Tweak
            11. Bardic Reputation Adjustment
            12. Sarevok's Diary Adjustments - SixofSpades
            13. Player-Initiated Dialogues

    Valerie NPC: A mod npc that I didn't take with me, but added some nice flavour to the game world by her presence and what it implies.  Another link to help the player realize that Amn is not just Nashkell and it's mines, but a much larger nation with its own agents and interests.  I've heard that there might be some bugs, so I'd want to double check before I installed Valerie again, but I'd be interested in another playthrough and taking her along.

    Murneth NPC: A mod NPC that I didn't take, but added to the texture and flavour of the world.  I might take for an evil playthrough, but would probably install again for the flavour impact on the world.

    Gavin BG1 NPC: I was surprised that no one ended up taking Gavin, but he's another mod NPC that I would include on installs that I am not planning on taking him with me, just for more flavour and potential options.

    Glam's NPC Pack: I want to take a number of the NPCs in this pack with me next time as they all sound quite interesting.  Good for the texture of the world even if you aren't planning on taking them.

    Recorder, Helga, Vienxay, Kale, Emily NPCs:Skitia's BG1 NPCs and very high in quality.  No one took one of these NPCs with them for their final party, but I think everyone took at least some of Skitia's NPCs part of the way through the story.  Except Emily.  Two people took Emily and really liked her.  Very much worth it even if you dont' plan on taking them for the little sidequests and texture to the world.  These are going on every install of mine in the future.

    Aura NPC: Another interesting NPC that I will probably take for another playthrough.  Good even if you don't plan on taking her in your party.

    Grey the Dog: You can pet the dog.  This is a very good mod to have in any playthrough.  I think we all kept Grey as the 7th party member, but he's going on the permanent mod NPC list for good.  There's a little bit of some rough translation in parts, but I've made a commitment to @jastey to go through the script and help sort those out, so hopefully I'll get that done in the next half-year.  Very much worth it.

    Weasels!: A bunch of weasel related spells and items.  Not overpowered, but quite useful.  I think we all enjoyed the swarms of weasels.

    Epic Thieving: This is a systems' mod, but I'm almost tempted to count it as a quest mod.  With high thief skills it offers a variety of alternate resolutions to parts of dungeons or even story quests, adds extra bonuses for specializing your thieves, and is an overall major quality of life improvement for thief characters.  For example, in Durlag's tower I ended up having Imoen just lockpick a bunch of the locks rather than spending a lot of time solving the puzzles.  I felt like I had been rewarded for my investment in her skills being able to bypass and do limited sequence breaks.  Very much recommended.  I used the following components:

         a. Epic Locks
         b. Epic Traps
         c. Epic Pickpocketing
         d. Epic Detect Illusions

    Portraits Portraits Everywhere: Adds portraits to all the NPCs of your game.  The only weirdness is it replaced Quyale's portrait with that of a slime in BG1.  I'm not sure what that's about.  Highly recommended to add some immersion to your game and so it isn't quite as obvious who are the "Important NPCs" because they have a portrait.

    Shadow Magic: I didn't use any of the kits added by this mod, just played it for the quest content and additional items.  Very much worth it still.  Recommended.

    Song & Silence: We all used Imoen as an adventurer kit component, though we had to make this change via a save-game editor since it didn't detect the proper version of Imoen's .cre from EET.  The bardic store added by the mod in the Nashkel Carnival and the additional items added to Black Lily were good additions.

    Artisan's Kitpack: This ended up mostly being used for the NPC kits (Rashemi Berserker for Minsc, Vanguard for Khalid, Montaron Assassin).  All good additions.  I am playing a melee Dragon Disciple and the stat boosts are helping keep him relevant to the end of BG1, though the lack of additional attacks per round is going to limit the character going forward.  Still, a good collection of kits and worth it for the NPC kits in my opinion.

    Might & Guile: After being fixed, this ended up mostly being just for the improvements to rangers and the addition of quickstride.  Which are nice flavour abilities for Ranger characters and are pretty good overall.  I'm going to have to try out some of the kits added by this mod in the future.

    House Rules: The additional options, improved dialogues, and expanded shapeshifting make this very much worth it in BG1.  I used the following components.  One of the ones I didn't use caused crashes, so be careful when installing this mod.

            a. Expanded Racial Enemies
            b. Expanded Shapeshifting
            c  Rebalanced Weapon Styles
            d. Monk Can Use Quarterstaves
            e. Increased Constitution Bonuses
            f. Warrior HLAs
            g. Improved Dialogues (BG:EE)
            h. Good-Aligned Roleplay Rewards (BG2:EE)
            i. Cloak of Dragomir only decreases stats in daylight
            j. Race Text Patch

    Sword Coast Strategems: A must-have mod for a BG1 playthrough.  It adds a lot more interesting encounters that are challenging, but not unfair for a wide range of difficulties (we are playing on at least 3 different difficulties and no one had major insurmountable issues with encounters or ended up finding them unfun.)


    Something I'd do for a future playthrough is use a few more tweaks for a few things.  For example there's a mod that makes Goodberries cure poison/disease, and another mod that changes it so INT/WIS/CHA actually give some benefits for higher values (INT is basically useless except for dual classing).


    Onwards to Siege of Dragonspear.

  15. We've completed Baldur's Gate 1.  Only a few bugs cropped up and people have generally enjoyed all the modded content, when we can even notice that there's modded content.  We're moving on to Siege of Dragonspear and will get to see how the bridging episode plays out.  This is going to be completely new for all of us, so it should be interesting.

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