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  1. Another small bug, possibly for @CamDawg since I think this is actually something in the base game for BG1:EE or BG2:EE CMISC52.bam (wyvern head) and CMISC54.BAM have black selected as the transparency colour. This causes problems in the enhanced editions, which tend to use Green (0,255,0) as their default transparency colour. Changing the black transparency colour to green fixes the graphical issues. These are all located in Data\GUIICON.BIF
  2. Nah, it's entirely understandable, and so far the language hasn't prevented me from understanding anything that has happened, it is more about tightening up the language and trying to make it flow more naturally. I just appreciate that you've provided an English translation of the mod. I had the first discussion session for my book club last night. We had played up to the start of Chapter 2. General consensus was that Grey was completely indispensable and the option to pet him was a significant plus. People were also pleasantly surprised that he could act as a 7th party member when no
  3. I'm impressed you sat through the full install as well. That took me quite the while to get working. Were you able to use Project Infinity, or did you have to do all of it manually like I did? Yeah, I was having problems with Sirene and her not being able to equip her armor as she should. For some reason, her kit entry gets some garbage added, so I went in and made some manual changes in kitlist.2da to fix that issue (see attached). Good to know which mod causes the problem. Refinements isn't in great shape compatibilitywise right now, but I liked the kit changes so much that it was
  4. I am afraid you will need to provide more detail as to what is not working if you are looking for help and not just making a statement about whether or not you've been able to get the mod working.
  5. Another bug/dialog timing issue. The Taerom dialog where he offers to make an upgraded weapon for Grey plays with higher priority than his initial meeting dialog. It feels like it should probably be lower priority and not fire off with higher priority than everything else.
  6. In an EET install, the Imoen you start with from Candlekeep does not get the Adventurer Kit. Note that I also have NPCKitpack installed before Song & Silence.
  7. Caedwyr

    Bug thread

    In an EET install, the Imoen you start with from Candlekeep does not get the Adventurer Kit. Note that I also have Song & Silence installed after NPCKitpack.
  8. The following line from Jaheira can fire while in the Friendly Arm Inn This should probably require the wilderness tag if BG1 has it. Also, a couple of typo/grammar corrections:
  9. So, easy solution for all of these. Just assign the B variants. They appear the same as the C variants and are seamless with the ones in the base game.
  10. They are currently showing up for me. I might have done something to make them appear, so check again.
  11. The HLAs for Grey and possibly some of the other abilities don't have the right descriptions I believe the problem is with this section of code: COPY ~c#greythedog/spells/c#greysu.spl~ ~override/c#greysu.spl~ SAY NAME1 @10003 /* ~Alpha Call~ */ SAY NAME2 @10003 /* ~Alpha Call~ */ SAY DESC @10004 /* ~Due to his large physical presence and his tone of leadership, local dogs may come to Grey's aid when he calls. This spell does not work indoors.~ */ COPY ~c#greythedog/spells/c#greyba.spl~ ~override/c#greyba.spl~ SAY NAME1 @10005 /* ~Bark~ */ SAY NAME2 @10005 /* ~Bark~ */ SAY DE
  12. Updated the first post with my final mod configuration and extra modified files to make it all work.
  13. Just make sure it is copied to the override folder earlier in the tp2.
  14. I figured out why Grey doesn't get any HLAs. luc#w.2da does not get copied over, so Grey doesn't get given a HLA table since the c#w entry in LUABBR.2da doesn't point at anything.
  15. I suspect it is windows 10 balking at an unfamiliar .exe file and refusing it for security reasons.
  16. The ones for BG2 that made my shortlist for Bioware, or thereabouts, level quality include the following. Some of these I have experience with, some modder pedigree, others are based on reputation or a quick perusal of the dialogue files. Keldorn Romance Sarevok Romance http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/810-sarevok-romance/ Yoshimo Romance https://downloads.weaselmods.net/download/yoshimo-romance/ Xan for BG2 https://github.com/Pocket-Plane-Group/Xan_for_BGII/releases Sirene NPC for BG2 (Same sex) https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/62163/npc-mod-sirene-npc-for-bg2-ee-
  17. One easy way of making sure that weidu v246 is used is to Cut+paste all the other weidu installers from your BG2 folder into a temporary folder, Copy Setup-Stratagems.exe from the SCS download into your BG2 folder. Run Setup-Stratagems.exe and install all the components you would want to install. Copy all the other weidu installers back to your BG2 folder, probably overwriting Setup-Stratagems.exe in the process If you want to make changes, you are going to have to repeat this process and other issues may arise. I don't think this will work with Project Infini
  18. All the Specialist Mages have Gains the extra level 7, 8, 9 spell HLAs when it should not Improved Alacrity should have Arcane Knowledge as a prerequisite, but it does not. Wizardslayer HLA Gains the Hardiness HLA (SPCL907) when it should not. Totemic Druid HLA Doesn't get tranquility HLA, but it should.
  19. Some more things I've caught on my way by: Mage/Wizard Trueclass HLAs The trueclass mage is still given the Level 7, Level 8, and Level 9 spell HLAs from the base game, but these should be replaced when updating to the refinement HLAs Trueclass Druid HLAs The Volcano HLA is missing The Elemental Prince Call HLA is missing Fighter/Mage HLAs Gains the extra level 7, 8, and 9 spell HLAs when they should not get them. Fighter/Thief HLAs The Use Scrolls HLA is missing. The fighter/thief doesn't appear to get the Use Magic Device HLA either. Fighte
  20. SCS version 33.4 fails to install with the weidu version updated to v247. SCS installs just fine with weidu v246. SETUP-STRATAGEMS.DEBUG
  21. With Weidu v247 the Made In Heaven Item Pack fails during install. It works with the previous v246 Weidu installer. SETUP-MIH_IP.DEBUG
  22. Yeah, I realized that I needed some more thorough playtesting/looking at all the pieces and present something closer to what I'm looking to change to you to get any feedback on types of abilities/immunities that are likely to cause problems. My timeline for this is "next half year" or so though, since I'm just starting a big playthrough (once I get a stable install) and my time is already divided too many ways.
  23. The kit has been around for a long time and works pretty well in the current version 7, though some may find the various HLAs it offers unbalancing. I'm going to come back to rebalancing the kit at a later date, but don't hold your breath for the meantime, since it has fallen down my priority list at the moment due to other things I have on the go. The first changes that are going to be made is to the basic shapeshifting system included in the kit. Changes are going to focus on giving each shapeshift more of a niche. Balancing the HLAs will come later, and I'll do a first pass before tryin
  24. I went looking around the documentation for your release of Refinements, but couldn't find anything written on how exactly to modify the .ini value (I am presuming in d5_refinements_settings.ini) so the default is that Refinements only modifies HLAs for the base game classes and kits or any mods that use a base game HLA. Is there a specific line of code that needs to be modified or deleted in order to make it work this way?
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