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  1. I went looking around the documentation for your release of Refinements, but couldn't find anything written on how exactly to modify the .ini value (I am presuming in d5_refinements_settings.ini) so the default is that Refinements only modifies HLAs for the base game classes and kits or any mods that use a base game HLA. Is there a specific line of code that needs to be modified or deleted in order to make it work this way?
  2. So it sounds like I want to have the new icon in .bam format either way, and then need to use some weidu code to insert it into states.bam and speldesc.2da. I will check out Lava's mods for the code. I had thought this is how it would work for the EE games as well, though I was planning on using CamDawg's macro from the useful macro thread to add the new icons.
  3. Is it possible to add new portrait icons to the classic version of BG2 or is that only possible in the Enhanced Editions?
  4. I am working on a refresh of my Geomantic Sorcerer and am considering giving it a balancing pass. It is basically a Sorcerer kit with a penalty to its physical stats and casting speed. In return it gets some druid style polymorph and several druid spells including a few custom spells (wave spray, Summon Shambling Mound, and Tornado). At high level it gets a bunch of custom HLAs, both passive and as spells. I would be much obliged if you could take a look at the descriptions in the readme and give me you hot takes on which abilities are problematic from SCS balance perspectives (inc
  5. One use at level 4, an additional use every 4 levels Grizzly Bear Level 8 - MBER1INV.bam - Combat - 19 Strength & 17 Con, 13 Dex, Priest THAC0, immobilize on hit attack, get movement speed from SCS, AC 6, 30% misssile resistance, 3/2 apr (8) - 2 apr (12) - 5/2 apr (16) - 3 apr (20), 1d12 crushing Cat Level 4 - Acatinv.bam Utility - Sanctuary, Free Action, Str 9, Dex 18, Con 9, 2d2 crushing, infravision, NPC bump, Mage THAC0, AC 8, 1 apr Dog Level 4 - mdoginv.bam Utility - Find Traps/Tracking, 1d4 piercing, str 12, dex 13, Con 12, infravision, +1 movement, Thief T
  6. I recall you mentioning that you had snake shapeshift as well. Here's a modified spell icon .bam for a snake. ca#dssn.bam
  7. This is an odd bug. I will take a look.
  8. This mod reminds me a lot of the old Virtue mod, which I enjoyed a lot for its take on a similar topic for BG2, but is sadly is no longer compatible with the current set of mods or enhanced edition.
  9. Wizard eye by description gives you a controllable invisible eye you can move around. The bat stuff needs testing. I dropped the snake form because I didn't like the animation for the snake moving.
  10. Great. I will stick to set speed in that case. Thanks.
  11. I got the wild boar all working just fine, including an icon (recoloured the grease icon), made sure there's a inventory paper doll, etc, but ended up dropping that since I am going to rework what shapeshifts are included in the geomantic sorcerer kit. The recoloured grease icon is below. If you want an inventory paper doll, provide a decent image for me and I can create one for you (though every creature that uses the MboaXXXX.bam animation series will get that paperdoll. The new set of shapeshifts I am planning on using (some still need some testing) are aimed at filling pa
  12. Do people have any preferences for how polymorph spells/druid shapeshifts handle stat adjustments? The vanilla game handles it by setting the player statistics to a value that matches the target .cre (or this gets embedded in the custom .itm that the polymorphed creature wields). This means that it will set the character's statistics to match the value, either raising or lower the character's statistics. The druid becomes the bear in every way statistically. Another way to handle it is to give a stat bonus (+2 str) that the polymorph effect grants, so a druid with 18 STR would have
  13. Does the Speedy Bears gameplay tweak apply itself to everything with a bear animation, or just specific files? If I already adjust the movement speed for a custom bear polymorph (CA#DSBE.cre from CA#DSSC.spl, CA#DSBE.spl, and CA#DSBE.itm) and then install the speedy bears, will it result in hyper bears? I'm planning on moving most of the shapshift effects over to the weapon instead of embedding them in the bear, but I would like to reduce incompatibilities.
  14. @subtledoctor See attached for 13x13 png files you should be able to add to States.Bam for Invisibility and Improved Invisibility portrait icons. @CamDawg feel free to use these in the tweaks anthology. InvisIcons.zip
  15. Thanks, adding this to my sorcerer kit mod since I seem to recall that sorcerer kits could run into this issue as well.
  16. Updated the 2nd post with the information provided by MilesTeg. Thanks!
  17. I will check out SoD for the boar .cre. Thanks.
  18. I'm trying to create a wild boar shapeshift form and while the BG2EE game has the wild boar animation, it does not appear to have a .cre for this critter. I've attempted to give the animation to another creature, but I get a crash when I try to use the shapeshift, making me suspect that there is some sort of mismatch between the .cre file I used as a base and the wild boar animation. I figure the easiest way to avoid this problem is to build off a .cre file that was originally a wild boar and modify it as needed for my shapeshift version. I think the wild boar animation is from one of t
  19. Caedwyr

    Geomantic Sorcerer

    The Geomantic Sorcerer Kit provides a variety of portraits for use with the kit.
  20. Eseries from what I recall isn't enemy AI, but for player AI. It would just add another set of AI scripts you could select from instead of the SCS Ease of Use AI option. I don't think the order matters too much, but I'd double check the readmes for both mods to see if they say anything specifically about how the two mods or category of mods interact.
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