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  1. More Might & Guile with some Tome & Blood @subtledoctor. Let me know if you want me to copy all of my various reports into the specific forum threads (aside from Refinements stuff since I can't log into SHS). Tome & Blood - Innate Find Familiar/Choose Familiar/Imbue Familiar Innate Find Familiar works well with the Spellfilcher kit and appears in the innate button. The Rat familiar's paw weapon does not have a description. This matters a bit because you can now right click it to get more details. It just shows as "Attack" with a blank information sheet. Th
  2. Corsair fighter kit from Might & Guile @subtledoctor The kit description mentions grand mastery (*****) in light bladed weapons. With Scales of Balance Weapon Style Overhaul installed classes can only put up to 4* in a weapon type. I wouldn't normally comment on this, but since they are both your mods you should be able to make sure the Corsair kit description gets updated when Scales of Balance is installed for a bit of extra polish. Likewise, the kit description mentions Single Weapon Style, but this has been renamed to "Fencing". The Swashbuckling skill is missing an
  3. Thanks for the information on how to fix things if they don't get sorted out in the official releases. Next up, the last of @Artemius I kits in my install, the Shadow Monk kit. Minor presentation consistency thing, both the Darkvision and Life-Drains should be listed as passives rather than innate abilities since they don't show up under the innate ability button and the base game generally only calls things innate abilities if it shows up under that button. The Quickstride ability for the Shadow Monk kit has a description that says . Should probably have a monk version or be
  4. Nightsinger bard Kit @Artemius I. During character creation I am only given a very limited list of weapon proficiencies to choose from. This is likely due an undocumented restriction or a weird interaction with Scales of Balance @subtledoctor. Let me know what file to check and I'll run a change-log. It could also be a UI issue @lefreut. After character creation the proficiency list is the normal complete list. Something weird is happening here. Identify is added to the Nightsinger's spellbook at level 1, though Bard's don't normally get spells until level 2. This is prob
  5. Shadow Disciple Sorcerer Kit @Artemius I. During character creation I am given the option to select 2 sorcerer spells to learn and memorize. These get deleted upon entering the game through the scripted dialogue, however it would be helpful to include a note about this happening in the kit description so players aren't surprised by how it plays out. Identify is added to the Shadow Disciple's spellbook as are sequencers and contingency spells. I think this is intentional, but no mention of this is made in the kit description and it probably should be. The Darkvision innate
  6. So a few things for troubleshooting. Install order (trimmed) was So, the install order should have dealt with any of these problems. My Troubadour had 18 CHA (I made sure of this for consistent testing purposes). Patching Solutions are pretty simple, or I can just skip the standalone Gallant for this install. Thanks for the detailed explanation of what I will need to change. WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log
  7. Its true that the IE games have always been quite restrictive in what is able to be modded. Back in the day they had an advantage of much of the file structure being open to modders in a way that many other games were not, and in being moddable without requiring significant artistic or 3D modelling skills. The big draw was often more on the narrative side of things and very much focused around creating mod content that fit into the existing story. There's a reason why Total Conversions generally stalled out before completion or tended to be of lower quality. There are other games that are
  8. Updated my list for my next install. Thanks.
  9. I got clarification that it was an undocumented change by the Shadow Adept (mage kit) mod and not something done by Tome & Blood, so you are in the clear here I removed the SCS NPC Customization as it was causing problems with my install. I'm likely to skip these types of components for my QA'd install since the intention is to give a fairly seamless experience. For a personal install, I'll check out NPC_EE. I'd opted to use SCS NPC Customization because NPC_EE had been a bit out of date, so that is good news. The Troubadour's Kit ability table (c0trb.2da) shows the foll
  10. I made the Geomantic Sorcerer 12 years ago. I took the much older Druidic Sorcerer mod for the original BG2 which may have not had a weidu installer, or a non-functional at the time installer and used it as the base for the Geomantic Sorcerer. The original plan was to just update the Druidic Sorcerer so it worked with other mods and fix some bugs. However there were some problems with some parts if the mod and I ended up rebuilding a lot of it and making a number if changes. Enough changes that I ended up changing the name of my version (though I never got around to changing the .tp2
  11. Thanks for the update. Lots of good stuff in here. Regarding Fade, be warned that her Friendship track is apparently bugged, but with how NPCs are cycling in and out of your party that may not be a big issue. Seen any fiends yet?
  12. Shadow Adept Mage Kit @Artemius I. During character creation I am given the option to select 4 mage spells to learn and memorize. These get deleted upon entering the game through the scripted dialogue, however it would be helpful to include a note about this happening in the kit description so players aren't surprised by how it plays out. @Lava's summon weasels spell is selectable and is not deleted upon starting a new game. Identify is added to the Shadow Adept's spellbook. I think this is intentional, but no mention of this is made in the kit description and it probably s
  13. Bardic Wonders Deathsinger Kit @Artemius I The Call of the Grave song reduces the bard's movement speed. This isn't documented in the kit description but probably should be. Using the Call of the Grave bard song locks out the ability to select innate abilities while it is active. I'm not sure if this is just a function of the dance effect or not. When you summon a skeleton using the bard song at level 6, one of the messages you can get is "A major/minor animal spirit answers your call". This would be appropriate for the Shaman, but not really all that thematic for summonin
  14. Most of the HLAs are ripped pretty cleanly from the Druidic Sorcerer, but I did do some fix up of a few that didn't work and replaced a couple others that didn't fit the theme or were not possible to work cleanly without relying on a lot of scripting, which used to be a lot more flaky with weaker systems. Compared to other HLAs they are all pretty much overpowered. But they have pretty graphics which *completely* justifies their unbalanced nature.
  15. Bardic Wonders Troubadour Kit @Artemius I See my previous words about consolidating the portrait icons via a single one for the named "Bard Song: Song of Healing" as I discussed in the Abettor of Mask comments. Alternatively, some sort of other graphical feedback can be provided to make the bard songs more distinct from each other. The Troubadour got a level 3 spell slot at character level 7, but did not receive any slots. This is due to the Gallant stand alone kit from Might & Guile @subtledoctor changing the spell table for the bard class and removing the level 3 spell slot
  16. You were probably thinking of the Geomantic Sorcerer. It is definitely on the OP side of things, so no offense taken. I found the original druidic sorcerer fun in concept for a solo run, but it didn't work properly hence all the work I did to update it. The Geomantic Sorcerer is basically a Sorcerer/Druid multiclass (adds druid spells to the sorcerer spellbook) including a few custom spells. It gets an expanded version of druid shapeshifting (which is only really useful at low levels, but likely has some overpowered forms). At high levels it gets a smorgasbord of powerful HLAs. Geoman
  17. Yeah I think this was a memory of Tutu or BGT.
  18. Yeah the Geomantic Sorcerer is wildly overpowered and very much intended as a "Hero Class". I basically salvaged the non-functional Druidic Sorcerer mod and updated it to Weidu with some changes. I actually nerfed it a bunch compared to the druidic sorcerer. In practice it isn't quite as broken as it appears because the individual actions that can be taken each round are still constrained and the casting speed slowdown is a pain, but I would use this as a CHARNAME class that definitely pushes the envelope for balance. Once you get to the HLAs I will make no claims one way o
  19. Would another way to handle it be to just give it a custom prefix?
  20. I have a txt file where I add notes about what mod components to update, add, and remove for my next install. The list on the first page is a bit out of date. I have an annoying journal bug and a few other issues that have somehow crept in so once I am through testing all kit/class content by creating a character and leveling them up one level at a time in Candlekeep as well as any easy to access new content I will do a refresh on my install. I added the Lava mod updates today and I saw your contribution. Thanks. There is a decent chance I will do something similar for typo
  21. I went and examined all the Hidespl.2da files grabbed by Change-log and none of them included SPPR736 (Heavenly Inferno). Attached the files. Hidespl736.zip
  22. On colors of icons, it doesn't really matter all that much, it's more of a comment around the OCD pleasing nature of consistency in colouring, since the icon colors are chosen for a reason as a way of communicating information graphically. Regarding invisibility needing a portrait icon, I'd honestly forgotten that this wasn't something the game did already. I guess I was just used to the text feedback when someone went invisible.
  23. Bardic Wonders Dancer Kit The Dancer can only put two pips in Two Weapon Style, likely due to Scales of Balance Fighting Style Overhaul @subtledoctor. The cleanest way would be to copy however the text for the Blade gets modified by Fighting Style Overhaul since it also originally had text that said The Dancer should probably lose access to the Refinements Enhanced Bard Song HLA since it conflicts with the Dancer's custom bard song.Lingering Song should have its prerequisite changed to Swift-as-Flowing-Water for the Dancer. @subtledoctor
  24. Yeah, that's fair and regardless it's something that's a minor cosmetic issue. File it next to the list of "Caedwyr's OCD-Pleasing CPU Intensive Inconsequential Tweaks" (COPCIIT).
  25. Abettor of Mask from the Bardic Wonders Kitpack @Artemius I The x2 backstab multiplier doesn't show up on the character record page. I suspect this might be due to LEUI @lefreut, this has also come up for other mod kits that add backstab as something the kit can do. If it is possible, it'd be nice if the record sheet could show the name of the song in the format "Bard Song: One's Loss, Another's Gain" rather than just "Bard Song". Kind of like how you did the custom backstab styles for the Assassin kit. There's a bunch of other effects that would normally be represented as portr
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