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  1. From a consistent player experience, I like the fact that all the summons are coloured green, buffs are blue, attack spells are red, and divination/utility is white. That said creating/summoning weapons that take the place of whatever the player is holding, but isn't necessarily an independent creature is a category I'd probably put closer to the buffs or attack spells than the summons in the type of information I want to see at a glance when scanning a spellbook. The color coding is an ease of use tool and I'm not sure how useful it would be for people to include all the weapon summoning sp
  2. At argent77's suggestion I ran change-log on hidespl.2da and got the following results: So it appears the mod that causes Heavenly Inferno to show up for players is either SCS or Tome & Blood @subtledoctor.
  3. Thanks a bunch. I will admit I am being a bit more rigorous in my testing than I normally would be and none of what I have reported in the past couple of pages are game breaking bugs.
  4. The message was displayed at the start of BG1 when you have an empty inventory and are only given a quarterstaff. It did appear to be harmless though.
  5. I think you need to let it run long enough to get the characters to take a break and get down to discussing their philosophical differences over a light meal and a couple ales.
  6. I think 64-bit allows greater ram usage and may help for situations where the interface hangs during initialization of character creation. Going forward it is likely for future compatibility on devices which may no longer support 32-bit programs.
  7. I can bump up my check of the Tome & Blood kits to the next couple of days. I basically create a character and then level it up one level at a time until it starts getting HLAs and see what doesn't work as per kit descriptions.
  8. Artisan's Kitpack Magekiller thief kit. Gained Spell Immunity at level 7, not 8 as per the kit description. Gains a mix of Refinement HLAs for the base thief as well as kit specific HLAs (not mentioned in any documentation). The only problem that needs to be resolved is because Use Spell Scroll from Refinements gets replaced by Use Any Item, the Scribe Scrolls HLA is unselectable. @subtledoctor. Base Game Bugs @CamDawg. This one has been around for a long time, but when you are at the screen to select a HLA clicking back after you've already selected a proficiency and in
  9. It's probably outdated in many ways, but it might still have some value as a tutorial mod. Most of the innates were created in NearInfinity or the precursor toolsets.
  10. Take a look at the PnP Celestials mod for how to make innate abilities, including at-will ones too. I ended up making a lot and commenting everything like crazy because I need to leave notes for myself or I'd forget everything I'd learned up to that point. In the documentation there's detailed notes about which abilities are innates and how they are applied to the different celestials.
  11. Artisan's Kitpack Assassin Upon entry into the game the message "You cannot cast multiple instances of the same contingency spell on yourself" is displayed In game kit description is the base game assassin. The one shown during character creation is the one for the Artisan's Kitpack version. The starting backstab multiplier is x2, not x3 as per the kit description. It increases to x3 at level 5, x4 at level 9, x5 at level 13. I wonder if the following code is why it only goes up to x5. // change backstab COPY_EXISTING ~backstab.2da~ ~override~ REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~ASSASIN
  12. Artisan's Kitpack Hivemaster Druid: Web is added to the spellbook at level 1 (not castable at level 2 spells), however Spider Spawn is not added to the priest spellbook level 4 at character creation. Spider Spawn is added to the spellbook at character level 5 (priest spell level 4), though the druid does not get level 4 slots yet (they are gained at level 7). The HLA list appears to be a modified version of the Refinements HLA list for Druids. The Hivemaster gets all Refinements HLAs except for Elemental Prince Call and Volcano. I am not sure if this is intentional or a wei
  13. I can see how that would be really helpful for custom class creation on another class's chassis. Have people figured out how to pretty much freely choose what equipment items are allowed/disallowed for all classes separate from what was linked to all the classes in the base game or is that still a meaningful restriction?
  14. Is OriginalClass used in adding more classes to the game, or is it useful for some other form of modding?
  15. I checked the design documents and this was intentional. Only the Planetar is a cleric in addition to being a fighter. All the Devas are straight fighters with a boatload of innates, some of which are at will and others are X times per day. Which reminds me that I might want to update the ability descriptions on right click to reflect which are at will and which are X per day. I think the right click on abilities to get extra description is a new feature of the EE games.
  16. Artisan's Kitpack Blackguard. The in-game kit description is the base game version. The one during character creation is the Artisan's Kitpack version. At level 3, the Blackguard gets the message "Negative Plane Protection" instead of "Aura of Despair". Note that the Blackguard also got the message Negative Plane Protection at level 1. Testing in combat does not provide any indication that the Aura of Despair actually exists and though there is a portrait icon. It might be working The mage spells are added to the Blackguard's divine magic spellbook at level 1, not level 9 a
  17. Mystic Fire from Artisan's Kitpack @Artemius I At level 10 when you get 2nd level spells the Mystic Fire does not get the 2nd level arcane spells added to their spellbook. The arcane spells get added at level 11. At level 12 when you get 3rd level spells the Mystic Fire does not get the 3rd level arcane spells added to their spellbook. The arcane spells get added at level 13. At level 15 when you get 4th level spells, the Mystic Fire DOES get the 4th level arcane spells added to their spellbook. This one is working as intended. Tome & Blood interaction with the
  18. I think that's a base game issue not something specific to just Refinements.
  19. Next up, the Divine Champion kit from Artisan's Kitpack. The right click description of the Smite Infidel ability does not match the kit description version of the ability or the one in the documentation. Right click version: Kit description v: 2. Haiass Bug. If you run back out of the Feldpost Inn at the start of the game before Haiass can give you his whistle, then you will not receive it. You do get his chew toy when he finally catches up to talk to you back in the main Candlekeep area. @jastey 3. PnP Celestials bugs. Cast Evocation/Invocation spell doesn't
  20. @Artemius I, since I think you are AionZ on the Beamdog forums.
  21. The Dragon Disciple case is simpler on the Refinements side. Just remove the "extra spell HLAs" (Level 6, 7, 8). These were removed deliberately by Littiz and TGMaestro back when the mod was first made.
  22. So, thoughts on the Kensai HLA overlap. The new HLAs in the Artisan's Kitpack work quite well as an additional HLA tree the player can go down, this one focusing intensely on critical hits which is appropriate for the Kensai. I'm not too worried about unbalancing things and I know from the original work on Refinements that one of the biggest restrictions from having more HLAs was just coming up with them and keeping the number manageable. However, for overlapping mods we don't need to worry about this concern as much and can just take advantage of what is already there. My thought is that
  23. I will put together some thoughts as to what HLAs fit together conceptually and which shouldn't overlap later today.
  24. More digging and I discovered that this is indeed the Artisan's Kitpack component. From the \lib\Kenasi.tpa COPY ~%MOD_FOLDER%/Kensai/SPELLS/C0KN#07.SPL~ ~OVERRIDE~ SAY NAME1 ~Improved Ki Critical~ SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~The Kensai gains a permanent +2 bonus to their critical hit modifier.~ COPY ~%MOD_FOLDER%/Kensai/SPELLS/C0KN#08.SPL~ ~OVERRIDE~ SAY NAME1 ~Overwhelming Critical~ SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC ~The Kensai's critical hits reduce the target's physical resistances by a cumulative 5% for 4 rounds.~ COPY ~%MOD_FOLDER%/Kensai/SPELLS/C0KN#09.SPL~ ~OVERRIDE~ SAY NAME1 ~Second Wind~ SAY
  25. This component didn't show up during install. I think one of the other components blocked it. Good to know however. I think I'm likely going to just go back to learning familiars from scrolls. I learned it, but never actually cast it, so that could be the reason. I agree that the current implementation ends up being a bit janky, so I'll have to rethink the inclusion. Thanks for the heads up on option 5 being the only one that works with the Arcanist. I should have double-checked that one since I have multiclass Sorcerers installed. Digging into this a bit more and I've com
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