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  1. xburcus

    Aklon's Portrait

    Hey everyone...a thought popped to my mind, and maybe this is a reason enough to revive this thread, even if it is not the best of discussion topics. (13 years since BigRob's last post in this thread, wow). What with the discussions of Aklon's portrait having been inspired by Jude Law, AND Jude Law's upcoming casting for Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts 2 movie...what are your opinions? Frankly, Jude Law as Aklon was "conceived" before Jude Law as Dumbledore even if Aklon is not out yet, so in my sentiment, I will still fiercely admire the original portrait and make no attempts to
  2. Thank you very much. If I understand correctly, IESDP is the manual I need for the technical aspect. Thank you! There is nothing to excuse, because I am technically a very small child when it comes to modding- on the contrary I am very grateful for the help. I am going to check out the Branwen for BG2 through the link you gave, it looks like a good practice tutorial. Near Infinity, I am also getting now. As for the .tp2 file, I think I know what it is you are talking about. I did open a .tp2 file with a text editor once, (from another NPC mod) and I realized it had the install
  3. Greetings everyone, I have been toying around with the idea of a joinable/romancable male NPC for BG2:EE for some time (including TOB storyline). The thing is, I am embarrassed in my ignorance, but nevertheless will admit it; apart from installing dozens of mods over the years, poking around in Shadow/EEKeeper, using CluaConsole, and browsing through the writings in the dialogue text files, I do not have any modding knowledge for the Infinity Engine (or anything else). I guess it is safe to say that I am a relatively more advanced player in the IE as compared to a casual one, but never
  4. No problem. Still willing to be in the tester list for the mods.
  5. Thanks! Still checking up on Aklon...after all this time. New enhanced editions got me to want to start again...Maybe I should wait a bit more for Aklon.
  6. Happy Holidays! Just to say hi, that Aklon Mod is still in my list so that I can install BGII again. Will it work with the new edition?
  7. So BigRob, When do you guess the mod will be complete, at least the SoA part if you take a wild guess? We know you get busy or have to postpone your plans, but just a time to look forward to would be awesome? (That is, if you hadn't announced it before) Thanks so much as one of your followers for years.
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