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  1. I can't come up with a formula for friends either. Enchanted Weapon: My bad I should've been more clear. I meant stack with the other effects like 'On-Hit: 20% chance of instant death' for ex. Being able to turn Silver Sword +3 into a +5 weapon. Magic Missile: I'm not sure which level is considered 'epic' for mages but I think becoming an epic mage would qualify as sufficient justification for allowing them to channel more weave into a magic missile spell Magic Fang: I would just make the affected creatures pulse glow white?
  2. What I ended up doing was keeping the system but nerfing the progression via NI. 1% XP Bonus starting @ 19 - 23 24 - 25 increase by 2% 25 = 9% XP Bonus
  3. It does, I opened the .spl, there just doesn't seem to be any vfx associated with it, and since it's a mod it made me assume it was a bug lol. I saw that list too. Thanks!
  4. Is it possible to disable or modify only the experience bonuses from Charisma? edit: in my quest to find an answer to this question I noticed this: "//REMOVE M&G LUCK FEAT______________________________________________________________ //" I am guessing from the name alone, potentially erroneously, that Might and Guile Luck Feat is not intended to be selectable with this mod installed? I have the feats from M&G installed and installed the Ability Score Modifiers component after, and was still able to select the feat in game. Edit #2: I tracked down what I needed to
  5. I make this suggestion with the impression that the current implementation of Ability Score Modifiers (in regards to racial bonuses/penalties) is set up to have lopsided penalties applied to demihumans to make Humans more attractive. I propose that an alternate component be made available where the tradeoffs vs bonuses are even and instead Human's are given a bonus feat if Might and Guile Feats is installed. Thanks for your consideration
  6. Friends Flat +5 Charisma bonus is pretty strong when weighed against it's economical impact, I think this would also benefit from scaling (and consequently synergize nicely with Scales of Balance lol) Enchanted Weapon We have wildly different experiences playing the trilogy because even with BG1's xp cap I still hit close to the 8 mil xp most playthroughs. So it's crazy to me see that some people don't make it past level 25 as a wizard. But regardless of all that, I think it'd be overpowered to allow Enchanted Weapon to work on weapons that already have effects on them (I have no idea
  7. How is Magic Fang supposed to work visually? Whenever I use it in game, in either the beta and revisions versions, nothing seems to happen.
  8. Out of curiosity, how many times will Aggressive/Disarming postures proc in a round/flurry/whatever unit of attacks Infinity Engine uses?
  9. Possible Bug: Are the weapons you conjure with Enchanted Weapon supposed to disappear when you rest? If so, it seems to work inconsistently and I've been able to, on numerous occasions, change my spellbook and rest after making the weapons & still keep them. Feedback: I enjoy both implementations and am especially partial to the duration as I loathe spell-micro. However, I think it may be a bit too good at early levels; it's very easy to scoop up a scroll right after exiting Chateau Irenicus and pump out 2 - 4 +3 weapons before level chapter 1. It effectively neutered the early game c
  10. I can't get the +1 Spell Slot Items component to install with the Multiclass Sorcerer component, even on a clean install with only those two components. WeidU spits out the following error: "ERROR: cannot convert fake_slots_equal_1_7 or %fake_slots_equal_1_7% to an integer [d5sslot.spl] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found)
  11. Says it expected either EOF or BEGIN at line 7 now BACKUP ~PortraitPatch/backup~ AUTHOR ~~ LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~PortraitPatch/translations/english/setup.tra~ BEGIN @1 COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.wav~ ~override~ END COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03M.wav~ ~override~ END COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03S.wav~ ~override~ END //access portraits.2da, add portraits to list COPY_EXISTING "portrait.2da" "override/portrait.2da" COUNT_2DA_ROWS 2 %portraitRows% //count rows store in variable INSERT_2DA_ROW %portraitRows% 2 ~FORCL03L **
  12. Followed those steps, still having issues: BACKUP ~portraitsbackup~ AUTHOR ~~ LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~translations/english/setup.tra~ SAY @1 ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.bmp~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.wav~ ~/override~ END ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03M.bmp~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03M.wav~ ~/override~ END ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03S.bmp~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.wav~ ~/override~ END //access por
  13. Hello folks! First question, are there code tags for the forum? Second question(s). I'm trying to make a short .tp2 that will patch a few portraits into portrait.2da. I've quoted what I have below:
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