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  1. Says it expected either EOF or BEGIN at line 7 now BACKUP ~PortraitPatch/backup~ AUTHOR ~~ LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~PortraitPatch/translations/english/setup.tra~ BEGIN @1 COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.wav~ ~override~ END COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03M.wav~ ~override~ END COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03S.wav~ ~override~ END //access portraits.2da, add portraits to list COPY_EXISTING "portrait.2da" "override/portrait.2da" COUNT_2DA_ROWS 2 %portraitRows% //count rows store in variable INSERT_2DA_ROW %portraitRows% 2 ~FORCL03L **
  2. Followed those steps, still having issues: BACKUP ~portraitsbackup~ AUTHOR ~~ LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~translations/english/setup.tra~ SAY @1 ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.bmp~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.wav~ ~/override~ END ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03M.bmp~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03M.wav~ ~/override~ END ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03S.bmp~ THEN BEGIN COPY ~PortraitPatch/Portrait/FORCL03L.wav~ ~/override~ END //access por
  3. Hello folks! First question, are there code tags for the forum? Second question(s). I'm trying to make a short .tp2 that will patch a few portraits into portrait.2da. I've quoted what I have below:
  4. Hmm. I'll try it again - pretty sure more than that however.
  5. I think, but am not quite sure, that Imoen's interjection with Noober is somehow breaking his dialog sequence. He gets stuck on the next dialog and never finishes the series.
  6. Demi is going to direct you to KR. Inquisitor's were handled quite nicely. On Remove Magic and Dispel Magic: I also don't experience Cipher's problem where Remove Magic is useless against enemies - mine frequently strip just as much as theirs. I agree with subtledoctor's suggestion in regards to fixing the overlap, however wouldn't making it a single spell mean you wouldn't be able to pick which goes into a contingency or spell trigger?
  7. Not sure if anyone noticed this or Demi got my PM on Beamdog, but... SPWI102.spl (Conjuration, Mage Armor) has it's forbidden school set to Invoker, meaning the wrong specialists are unable to memorize it.
  8. This is a pretty solid idea. +1, plz implement lol Speaking of, how's that new build coming?
  9. Stinking Cloud - I find myself avoiding this spell after trying to adapt it into a workable strategy. It was more useful when it knocked the afflicted unconscious, but I like the concept the change to it is trying to take. A.I. creatures affected by the spell scatter in all directions unable to attack but for the most part stay away from you. You can't send any melee'rs in without subjecting them to the effects as well- archers can only pick off one or two creatures (this is goblins, I imagine this is more pronounced at higher levels) before the effects wear off, and low-level mages can't real
  10. JediMindTrix

    ToB news

    *Cracks the whip* I haven't tried Amber yet; atypically I won't pick up an NPC mod unless content has been released for both SoA and ToB. Amber, however, will be an exception as she seems so well thought-out and 'unique', that I will have to give it a try (feelings that were missing from many NPC's I have tried). Amber's generated enough interest in me to convince me to make an account here... normally, I'm a lurker. Hopefully, TOB content will be released soon. My hope is that you will continue to have inspiration and find the time to finish out the Throne of Bhaal portion (I know how
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