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  1. @Bartimaeus I found a very impressive walkthrough using EET+SCS+SR+IR here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/75857/ir-sr-scs-no-reload-attempt-no-999-or-so I would recommend you read this post: IMO the walkthrough itself is already enjoyable; the bugs and tweaks it mentioned are also worth considering. Examples: Failed placement of Evermemory ring and Ankheg armor in EET+IR due to using BGT area codes.
  2. 1. Yes I agree that externalizing wand effect would make save vs. wand useless, but I don’t think it will bring out significant drawback. If you take wands as devices that store spells (aka a condensed pile of non-copyable scrolls), then externalizing will be the natural approach to make those spells behave properly in terms of saving throws, magic protection, etc. Saving against wand of fire/cloudkilll/Paralyzation with the same ST type looks weird to me as these effects apparently requires different character traits to save against. 2. Sorry if I didn’t state it clearly. The
  3. 1. Externalize wand effect to spells Demi proposed some wand tweaks 11 years ago, with both pros and cons: Recently SCS has externalized Wand of Spellstrike's effect so the major con is no more. So I think it's probably a good time to necro this design. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, externalizing enables more sensible saving throw types vs. different wands if combined with SR (e.g. save vs. breath for Wand of Fire, save vs. spell for Wand of Paralyzation, etc.). It will be even more interesting if further combined with revised saving throw tables (available i
  4. Adding some new thoughts here: Removing thac0 and damages bonuses from ammo, can render regular +1/2/3 ones mostly useless, however we can add other effects to “justify” their enchantment level, e.g. keen, elemental burst, sundering, weakening, etc. This could offer ranged builds more choices between damage output, debugging, and crowd control.
  5. Thanks subtledoctor, I feel your current implementation should be working fine. I was posting because the readme only covered a portion of your implementation, which worried me a little bit.
  6. Hi all, Do you know if it is possible to enable backstabing against helpless opponents regardless of the attacker's stealth state?
  7. Hi subtletdoctor, The feat system looks really interesting to me. To my impression, fighters are getting combat advantages that were not accessible in vanilla game, and rogues can be built more combat-oriented even at low levels. While it is great fun doing so, I am concerned that non-joinable NPCs (i.e. mobs) will fall behind. Is it possible for MnG to grant them appropriate feats as SCS does for proficiencies? Here are some suggestions: - Grant feats per class, kit, and level - While generic rogues may want to select a mixture of adventure and combat feats, "professional" rogues, fo
  8. Thanks for bringing this up. The component responsible for this tweak looks mostly valid for EE(T). The tweak can be further improved by moving the script block for summoning the "helper creature" from baldur25.bcs to the avatar morphing script in TA. I'd say this will be good addition to TA provided that Cam and TheBigg are both comfortable with it.
  9. I would like to see a tweak that enables adjusting difficulty in map/creature scripts WITHOUT interfering with the GUI difficulty slider bar. It could be something like this: COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~^.+\.bcs~ ~override~ DECOMPILE_BCS_TO_BAF REPLACE_EVALUATE ~DifficultyLT\([0-9]\)~ BEGIN SET level = MATCH1 END ~GLT("MCRScriptDifficultySlider",%level%)~ REPLACE_EVALUATE ~DifficultyGT\([0-9]\)~ BEGIN SET level = MATCH1 END ~GGT("MCRScriptDifficultySlider",%level%)~ REPLACE_EVALUATE ~Difficulty\([0-9]\)~ BEGIN SET lev
  10. Totally agree. It was a chore that I just cannot stop doing... Can you please share your code so that I and other guys can use it right away?
  11. Spot a potential glitch: Delay High Level Abilities Looks like this component does not consider the choice about vanilla/cleric's exp table for druid. So a druid (single or multi-class) with vanilla exp table will actually get fist HLA at level 21 would require 3.9M exp, which is too much.
  12. Not want to be rude, but I am personally against about the current implementation of the poisonous dagger, because: 1. Tactical-wise, If the purpose was to bring more tactical challenge by beefing up kobolds, the undroppable version should do it well. Making it droppable empowers players with increased combat power and/or monetary gain, therefore reducing the tactical challenge. 2. RP-wise, I think a permanent enchantment like secondary damage is not trivial task, and the kobold tribe has to mass-produce it, which looks unrealistic to me. The "normal dagger plus applied venom" rationa
  13. Good to know! Will be on my mod list for my next playthrough @Bartimaeus, I think subtledoctor had made the point for me. In IR/IRR's framework, we need either +4 arrows or some longbows that conjure +4 arrows to make this launcher type complete. This is exactly why I am starting this topic. And I am not sure the proposed designed is OP: Manabow +4 with +2 arrow will have 4+2+1d6 = 9.5 damage on average, an easily available option at the end of SoA. The proposed Taralash will be 4d4=10 (5d4=12.5) damage on average, slightly higher, but still does not bypass PFMW or stoneskin du
  14. This. I suppose it is the same story as the special flame arrow added to Kobolds by SCS. In my last game experience the party was getting rich really fast by just selling these daggers... IMO the poison should be coming from some venom applied by kobolds, which vaporize soon after battle. Not sure if it is possible to have kobolds still use the poisonous dagger but drop the normal version.
  15. Hi K4thos, Do you think it would be worthwhile to add the tweak stated in the title to complement the XP-related tweaks? It might be the only thing left... Could be offering options like no change, 50% XP, 10% XP, and no XP at all. Occasionally random treasure looted/pickpocketed from mobs in BG1 may contain high level scrolls, which is unrealistic at all. Not sure if this has already been fixed in EE; if not we can minimize its impact through this tweak.
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