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  1. Good to know I wasn't imagining things! I really like the Mirror Image fix too, it changes gameplay in a big way, makes Minor Glove of Inv. much more attractive Also, in the end I realised Shadow Door isn't instant kill for single player..if you buff your saves with potions you can save sometimes (save at -4 is nigh impossible at level 6!!)
  2. Ghost armour just gives +2 AC, but the description says it sets base AC to 2. I think that latter is supposed to be the case?? The new animation looks cool though! (this is using SRv3 btw)
  3. Ohhhh shiny. How did I never notice this mod before? Sounds like a pretty epic task for one person though! does it have any relation in storyline to bg1/bg2?
  4. This isn't really feedback its a question, but I am having some issues as a multiclass F/M. In the first round of any fight all my 10-12 pre-buffs always get remove magic'd...I just can't compare with their caster level 18 or 20. Is there spell of 6th level or lower that can protect against this?? I tried Spell Immunity: Abjuration and it does nothing which really annoyed me...I mean what is the point of the spell?! to protect against stoneskin and armor spells? Even one round with my buffs would be better than now where I have a sign on my head saying "kill me"
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