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  1. Quester

    Roll the Bones (NPC Mod for BG2/BG2EE)

    Sounds intriguing. Hope you make some progress with this.
  2. Quester

    [Icewind Dale 2] 1600x900 Resolution Fix

    Very nice work. Would you consider making one for 2560x1440?
  3. Quester

    List of NPCs to support

    How about that thesis! (And those mod updates!) Sorry I lost my spellbook. I just wish I could turn Faren into a duelist. Then I could consider all my dreams fulfilled.
  4. Quester

    List of NPCs to support

    Well I asked Amber's author to chime in here, but that was a month ago and she has yet to do so. Any progress on the other NPCs?
  5. Quester

    BG1: Problems and bug reports

    Style-wise, 'babe' is a little more old-fashioned than 'baby' and, at least to my mind, fits better in the setting. I'd keep it.
  6. Quester

    IR V3 - List of changes from V2 to V3

    Yes, I'm speaking from playtesting, though only in the early game so far. But I've noticed that 25 gp for regular healing potions just seems like I can afford all I could ever want of those. They're just too cheap, and especially so since they actual heal an additional hp compared to vanilla.
  7. Quester

    IR V3 - List of changes from V2 to V3

    Suggested changes: Potion of Healing: 50 gp. Maybe 60 gp. Potion of Extra Healing: 200 gp. Potion of Superior Healing: 350 gp. Also, reduce the amount it heals from 50 to 45. Potion of Fire Giant Strength: 600 gp. Potion of Insulation Resistance: shouldn't this be called just potion of insulation? since it's not about resisting insulation? Insulation is good, right? Potion of Defense is repeated twice in the item index. The second one should be Potion of Speed, I think? Also, I think it should be 300 gp (potion of speed that is). Potion of Explosions: 300 gp. Potion Mirrored Eyes: typo, -> of. Potion of Stone Form: I get the feeling that this would be extremely overpowered, especially at such a low price? But please elaborate what "five layers of stoneskin" result in. Potion of Toughness: a typo: drinkers should be drinker's. Other than that, things look well balanced and priced according to power level and general usefulness.
  8. Quester

    IR V3 - List of changes from V2 to V3

    I think potion prices have been lowered too much. Especially healing potions, which are now a mere pittance. You should still have to think about whether it's the right time to use a potion. As it is with these prices you can pretty much just buy up all the healing potions you see in every store and gulp them down at the slightest injury. 25gp for a regular healing potion is just way too low. The prices of the other types of healing potions are also too low, though not as much as the regular kind.
  9. Quester

    List of NPCs to support

    Miloch, you can add that permission for Amber was denied. The main reason being that changing her would cause her to lose her special abilities such as fire resistance and a "blinding eye" ability she has. So Amber is a no.
  10. Quester

    IR V3 - List of changes from V2 to V3

    I agree with Ardanis about the Arrows of Ice/Fire +1. It's more interesting if they're not exactly the same. Just out of curiosity...what's actually left to do before packing up the final v3 and releasing it? It sort of seems like it's going to teeter at 99.5% indefinitely.
  11. Quester

    List of NPCs to support

    Permission was also given for Miriam.
  12. Quester

    SCS and mega-modifications

    I get the sense that you are not yet familiar with the Big World Project. Read up on it, download the pdf (here), and all will be made clear (well, sorta). Once you have downloaded and extracted the mods that you want, BWP will install them all for you, and in the best possible order. As for SCS and SCSII, certain components should be installed earlier, others later, depending on your other mods. But the BWP install.bat will handle all that for you.
  13. Quester

    List of NPCs to support

    Hehe, just checking. It'll be out when it's out, I guess. But yes, you should put Azazello on it.
  14. Quester

    List of NPCs to support

    Miloch, any progress on this so far?
  15. Quester

    Kit Revisions (Fighters)

    Is there no way to script a *partial* loss of control? As in, the berserker cannot be controlled by the player but will only attack enemies, not allies? Or something to that effect. Edit: just noticed this was already suggested, never mind me.