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  1. I guess you need (stat & 15) == 2 or (stat & 15) == 3 or (stat & 15) == 4 ? Otherwise you wouldn't have to use bit operators
  2. The formula for 11 is this: if (stat&value) != value then effects are resisted If you need something else, write it here
  3. The 'target' of 146/148 is your thief or whoever wants to cast a mage spell. Their level might be used or ignored depending on the parameters for 146/148. The normal casting option, for example, just queues up a ForceSpell or ForceSpellPoint action.
  4. You can make it always the same model by changing the paperdoll id of the item. (FS for the flaming longsword) The problem here is more like that the Moonblade in IWD is a spell, so the created item has no long description Porting the spell and the item shouldn't be too hard, though. If you go only for the item, you should also make it movable in inventory, the original created item is made as a magical weapon so it isn't movable.
  5. To me vanilla means the last patch of any of the originals, completely unmodded. If EE is added to the mix, then probably the first EE version released.
  6. Sure, the fog data is in a file the vanilla doesn't use. So no problem there. The fog field was assigned to fog by vanilla, but unused. Also no problem.
  7. I don't understand this one. Yeah, fog won't work in vanilla games, but why would you need to provide two sets of maps because of fog? The fog feature, while it won't work in vanilla as it is an EE feature, doesn't break any vanilla area.
  8. Sadly bhaalspawn are not dreaming of rainbow ponies.
  9. GemRB is pretty flexible to reassign the opcode numbers, though. So, if it implements an opcode (it does implement weather), you can make it mimic both TobEx or EE.
  10. Are you using some of the 'Spell*' actions or ApplySpell? Using blocking actions can indeed cause stutter, but instant actions are fine.
  11. Well, maybe i was in haste, not sure if this would work, but if you are not EE only, this is moot anyway.
  12. Here is a weird idea: if you are programming only for the EE, you can detect the fatigue opcode with param2 = 0 by seven eyes (335/336). In the triggered spell, you can target familiars globally by anything (using 177 or 318 or 324). You can add the seven eyes opcode by the familiar on creation. This way, you can refresh your familiar the moment its owner has rested. Note: i didn't test this, but feels like doable.
  13. Save it as uncompressed bmp for sure, best is 24 bits per pixel.
  14. Is it? A lot of effects are immediate only. Ah, you talk about the 8 letter bug. You shouldn't copy bugs
  15. Try moving SetGlobal("TSFired","LOCALS",1) after the smallwait.
  16. Cold iron and silver are flags to support damaging certain creatures with damage resistance. Adamantine has no specific support in the engine, except the scripting action DestroyAllFragileEquipment(I:Type*ITEMFLAG) can destroy all items flagged by it. (This is to support the drow items in bg2ee). Modders can use the remaining unused flags for their own.
  17. Yeah, iwd2 is different. I'm pretty sure (99.9%) it works in iwd2 So, if everything will go as I expect, sometimes in the future EE will store the last (but also dead) AttackOneRound target there. This is eerily resembling the 'experimental discovery' of the above mentioned topic, but as of now, not released. So that's why i'm spooked. (Mostly because i don't want to break something that's actually working).
  18. Nope, it isn't LastAttackerOf. And yeah, i did look.
  19. Anyone knows if this object actually do something? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Despite this note back from 2016: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58992-which-actions-set-a-target/
  20. Why not just turn their critical effect off? If they contain other effects, best keep them in place. If there are no effects on them, then yeah, thats the same.
  21. You don't have to get rid of the helmets, just mark them to not give critical protection. That's a single bit in case the helmet is unique to creatures you want to modify.
  22. If you don't like that helmets give critical hit protection, mark them to not give it. If you want to give oozes critical hit protection, mark their ring or other armor to give critical protection. In EE it is very easy to flip the critical protection flag in items. "if helms did not protect against 341 then the engine would align more with v3 DnD versions." That's not really a point, because this engine was supposed to align more with v2. There are features that allow some v3 rules to be brought in, but the main goal wasn't v3.
  23. startarea.2da (in sod it is SODSTRTA) contains both (and some other stuff).
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