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  1. Only sod uses the campaign.2da (bp doesn't). But, you might be able to create a 'campaign' in bg2ee
  2. Yes. This seems to affect only the global script. Areas check themselves, and other objects check their owner area. There could be other cases where the 'current area' isn't exactly the one you would expect.
  3. These triggers check on variables in the 'current area'. If you noticed that these triggers work sometimes differently in baldur.bcs - it is because baldur.bcs calls the current master area to check on combat. So if the combat occurs in a non-master area, baldur.bcs won't detect it.
  4. You can set up an entry with 0x111 -1 8 and another with 0x111 -1 9 Then use param1 in the 318/324/326 effect to cover for the real bit value. Note, there are more binary relational operators, you surely can find the perfect one. They are usable to check more than one bit(s) simultaneously.
  5. GemRB is a separate engine, you don't need it for EE modding. If you are just starting modding, downloading other small mods is a good start. Also IESDP. You will also inevitably run into the need of WeiDU. https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/ http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29170
  6. Then why hold works? You use both there.
  7. If this is not an EE problem, take Taimon's number (4112). And i guess 4096 was the programmer's intent (it is a nice 'round' number) and likely the size used to allocate an internal buffer for strings.
  8. I just tried this in the EE, the kit description string was longer than 6000. No crash in chargen.
  9. This is the first time i hear about this. Is this a problem in all engines?
  10. Wait, really?!? Is it a matter of setting a negative value in param 2? it is the number of charges to subtract from the current charges. So, i guess, it works both ways.
  11. What is this: 0x00003FR0? a missing space?
  12. I would like to help, but it is unclear what exactly you need. The 'cast spell' opcodes use (have option to use) the same actions that you get with normal casting, so alacrity shouldn't be a problem. Opcode 243 works on multiple items in the inventory. It can recharge items (which i didn't know)! Speed of items is really a problem, especially if you use them to cast spells. Only the newest EE supports the targeting mode of 'self immediate' (7) in items. Is that what you actually need? An item that casts your spells?
  13. Try to swap the 2 aliases in action.ids - i don't promise it will work, i don't know how NI works.
  14. Maybe you can use current hp targeting with projectiles. Otherwise, yeah, accessing the current hp from splprot would be a nice feature. Unhardcoding power words would be easy then
  15. The resurrection effect in that spell can restore the animation of a chunked creature. Obviously, it works only for player races (which are hardcoded in the EE).
  16. Target's pickpocket value, I think? EE also checks the target's pickpocket value. The difference is, the old engine either disabled or enabled certain slots while the EE allows setting a difficulty adjustment for the slots.
  17. You can simply multiply type by 65536. But you can always try to do something fancier.
  18. I think you're thinking of StealFailed(). yep
  19. The trigger is only sent to the store owner creature. So, you can only use it in the shopkeeper's script.
  20. EDIT - also, you can't use opcode 101 to protect against opcode 319. The 319 usability restriction seems to be some kind of hard-coded UI thing, rather than something that interacts normally with other effects. Look at 319's as additional usability flags. They are more like part of the item struct than real effects. These 'effects' don't even have a useful ApplyEffect method, and they are stored in a separate place when the item is loaded. They are just a hack to avoid changing the itm format. All of the EE changes kept header sizes intact, just to keep a semblance of backward compatibility Edit: if you want to make thieves unable to use scrolls, why not use opcode 181 with param2=1, param1 = 11 (this should work in EE).
  21. Google for tobexee. Anyway, it doesn't seem to be an active project so it isn't updated.
  22. No, this isn't in the EE. But there seems to be a ToBExEE, which might be up to date with the various EE's.
  23. Hey, you are right. It is a kind of a 'first apply' flag for effects chained by 177. Do current chained effects get a secondary saving throw? If this is set to 1, they are guaranteed, they won't.
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