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  1. I don't think it was ever published, these effects can set up different charge counts in parameter 3 & 4 (external effect). You can also use them to spawn 2 or 3 different items, (one of them selected randomly), if you fill the resource2 and resource3 fields. A working example for the charge selection is the bard flute
  2. Avenger


    Do you use some special effect description file? Remove the 1's from the second column. Or just use the one coming with the package.
  3. I think the same message is displayed, If the file is corrupted in some way.
  4. Avenger


    New dltcep ( May crash on exit. dltcep78.zip [edit] apparently this link is dead, scroll down for a working link. (Avenger)
  5. There is no release of new dltcep for a few reasons 1. I rewrote it for windows 7 (and vs 2013) a year ago, but it is very unstable. 2. It always contained some spoiler for upcoming Beamdog releases (iwdee, sod, pstee), so i couldn't just drop a release for it 3. I'm too lazy to handle 1/2 correctly Luckily 2 solved itself, but i still have to find that nasty bug. (It doesn't occur in debug releases, just in the final version, so tracking it is pretty time consuming).
  6. You can always add a scrollbar to the portrait bar. I think you can increase the party limit to 127 without format change. Of course it is practically insane, but technically possible.
  7. The .bah format is removed from the EE. But from what i see, it was bam without bitmaps (bam header).
  8. bah is supposed to be some image format (related to bam) in the old engine, but i never seen any example for it. 0x400-0x401 are unused in the current EE. 0x408 is *.menu as in ui.menu (it is lua type, but somehow special). 0x409 is *.lua as in util.lua wbm (movies/area animations) and png (portraits) are supported by EE.
  9. You may, or may not use CLASS(LastSummonerOf(Myself),DRUID_ALL) - this would also trigger on SHAMAN.
  10. This also means, some descriptions are definitely wrong. ZZG7TS - should have a vs. troll bonus of 3 (which is true) ZZH8GK - should have a vs. giant bonus of 3 (according to its description), but it in fact is a +4. (over its normal +1)
  11. Right, ZZ filename triggers some hardcode in the exe. It can change the attack roll based on alignment (all the instructions like alignment/race type and attack bonus are coded into the filename after ZZ). The targeting code (3. char) is: digit = alignment, letter = race The numeric code (4. char) is translated to attack roll by this formula: 0: -5, 1: -4, 2: -3, 3: -2, 4: -1, 5: +1, 6:+2 ... 9: +5 (there is obviously no need for 0). The rest of the filename is arbitrary. The alignment code is: 0 - lawful, 1 - lcneutral, 2 - chaotic, 3 - good, 4 - geneutral, 5 - evil The race code is: A - GOLEM B - LIZARDMAN C - TANARI D - ELEMENTAL E - ORC F - SALAMANDER G - TROLL H - GIANT I - YUANTI J - UNDEAD K - UMBERHULK L - GOBLIN M - ELF N -DWARF O - GNOME P - HALFLING Q - HALFELF R -HUMAN S - SPIDER T -BEETLE U - GHOUL V - MYCONID W - SHRIEKER X - WOLF Y - OGRE Z - SKELETON
  12. I don't have any iwd installed, but don't they have use eff file (177) in their equipping block?
  13. Yes, since the original animation id is lost, it needs to be recreated from Race/Class/Gender.
  14. 6 does exactly the same as 0 as far as opcode 18 works. They won't be considered equal by the engine. I don't know why this needed a new parameter.
  15. Bit 9 (made save) was implemented to support bit 8 (save for half). The saving throw is handled by a separate code (as in all engine versions), so it has to tell the damage opcode that the save was successful. You can indeed use it for exact expressions where one has to suffer xdy/2 damage. But it is best used with bit 8 so it can eliminate the lame double opcodes of fireball, lightning bolt, etc.
  16. It looks like palette index 0 is always treated as transparent color, regardless of how this palette entry has been defined (at least in the EEs). Older IE versions don't work the same way. There are various rendering codes even in the same engine (depending on hardware or software rendering). Though i don't know where this particular info came from, i can very well accept that some engine versions treat the transparent green value as transparent.
  17. Ah yes. addglobals adds 2 global variables. But you don't have to (and can't) specify the scope (GLOBAL).
  18. Yeah, there is no racial limitation. But don't believe me, just test it As far as i know, spells got only class (limited), kit (limited) and alignment based restrictions.
  19. I don't understand this question. All the involved variables are integer.
  20. It is simply the kit bits: 1 - berserker, 0x80000000 - wildmage The first 6 or so bits overlap with alignment. And the last 2 bits overlap with cleric + paladin and druid + ranger So yeah, cleric of talos should be 0x01000000 Just load dltcep's item editor and hover the mouse over the kit usability fields.
  21. That post doesn't complain about the genie, but it complains that the repeated use of 'I wish to summon a horde to overrun my enemies" was nerfed. That means the summoned creatures by the genie, not the genie itself.
  22. I think this is a tobex feature about destroying magical weapons (weapons in the magic slot). 0 - default 1 - never destroy weapon 2 - destroy weapon if level based probability allows
  23. I still don't understand, Skye. Are you complaining about a 15 years old engine (aka vanilla IE), or about something changed by the EE? As I said, as far as i know, the EE just introduced a 'disable breaking point so you can script whatever you want' feature.
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