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  1. Would be cool to have a visual on screen indicator of the rear and flank cones with a hotkey/keypress - similar to the "Show AOE" hidden game option. Might be possible in EEex to do that using CInfinity::AddAOECone rotated (maybe with CAIGroup::RotateOffsets) to show the rear and flank: 2 AOE flank cones with yellow color and 1 AOE rear cone with red color. Not sure how feasible it is or if it would only apply to the selected character rather than all on screen. And dont know how much work that would entail. Just a random thought about this really.
  2. Could look at LOOT as inspiration for possible ways of implementing install order for mods: https://github.com/loot LOOT is used with other tools for fallout and skyrim to optimize load order for plugins and mod files, having separate master lists for each game. Not sure it would directly translate, but might give ideas on how to do something similar with IE and EE games.
  3. I was playing around with some stuff, and came up with the following A mock EET launcher and possible logo Launcher (Smaller size): Little bit bigger mock launcher screenshot: Couple variations of possible logo (one without inner gold circle joining rest of inlay) Anyhow not sure if they would be of use, I can always edit them for any changes if anyone wants them.
  4. I see that there are a few additional file formats that are new, i only looked at the bifs from SOD so cant say if they are part of 2.0 EE updates (probably are, makes sense that they would be in them as well) but i havent updated my EE installations to 2.0 as yet to verify that. 0x408 (1032) Beamdog EE 2.0 0x409 (1033) Beamdog EE 2.0 0x40A (1034) Beamdog EE 2.0 SoDUI.bif contains a 'UI' file (0x408) and a 'util' file (0x409) - both are text asciii files which im guessing are lua or script based? based on the content. Few other files found in PATCH20.bif and SODOVR.bif have a few files marked as resource 0x40A which appear to be a binary format Edit: I see from argent77's post in the UI Modding on beamdog forums that the 0x408 files are .menu and the 0x409 files are .lua files. It appears that the 0x40A files are true type fonts .ttf
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll just keep it marked as unknown.
  6. I originally posted this up on the baldursgate forum, but no one responded, perhaps it wasnt seen by anyone that might knows the answer. Anyhow hopefully someone knows some info on this. Whilst developing a utility for reading key and bif files i came across an oddity. This applies to both IWDEE and BG2EE that have the STORES.BIF file. I noticed when looking at IWDEE's STORES.bif file it has one file entry (which is fine) but the file entry for the one file in the bif has the resource type as 0. In the chitin.key file for IWDEE, the codified index for this resource index 162 shl 20 + 0 (bif entry for stores.bif is 162 bitwise shift left 20 + 0 for index) = 169869312 - again this is fine, as resource is listed in the chitin file, but does not have any name, and type is set as 0 In the BG2EE STORES.BIF it lists a number of file entries, but the first entry also shows resource type of 0 In the chitin.key file for BG2EE, the codified index for this first entry = 35651584 (34 shl 20 + 0) which again is correct but still shows a resource with no name and type set to 0. Because this STORES.BIF has more than 1 entry, you can also see the next file resource ARLED is correct (resource type 1014 = 0x3F6) looking at the resource type 0 file contents, its clear this resource is a store file (STORV1.0) Is this resource an orphan? a bug/typo? or a leftover from original game files? or should this resource be interpreted as some special reference. Checked with near infinity as well to see how it viewed this first entry, and it also shows this as unknown resource (0h) Included are some screenshots to show the file entry and the chitin.key file from both IWDEE and BG2EE to help illustrate.
  7. Might be the dpi of the text which can be set via control panel->display settings. On win7 its under the option 'Set custom text size (DPI)' set it back to 100% to see if that helps. If not then i guess its a display resolution issue with the screen your using - in your case a laptop. Ive seen a similar issue with a friend of mine who used a 30" tv as a display and it used a non standard resolution - and caused similar issue with elongating dialogs where text was clipped from the end of it. If it is this, try a different resolution if possible. Might not solve the problem altogether, but hopefully some of those suggestions might help in some way.
  8. Looks good, could be handy to donate it to GemRB
  9. Winrar will allow you to extract the BGII Throne of Bhaal Patch .exe into the seperate components. Using UniExtrator it is possible to extract data1.cab to a subdir Using iscab i only got a list of files - from data1.cab it seems. Dont know about data2.cab as there is no corresponding data2.hdr file, but reading some forums suggests the -l option will show all files from all data cabs. This is the output from: iscab data1.cab -i"test.txt" -L [ISCAB Info] Product=ISCAB Version=2.0 [Main] File1="BG2-ToBPatchReadMe.txt" File2="BGConfig.exe" File3="BGMain.exe" File4="CharView.exe" File5="dialog.tlk" File6="Keymap.ini" File7="Language.txt" File8="override\25spell.STO" File9="override\abazigal.bcs" File10="override\ambar01.STO" File11="override\AmCarras.dlg" File12="override\amsmith.CRE" File13="override\AR0702.bcs" File14="override\ar0800.ARE" File15="override\ar0801.ARE" File16="override\ar0805.ARE" File17="override\ar0806.ARE" File18="override\ar0807.ARE" File19="override\ar0810.ARE" File20="override\ar0811.ARE" File21="override\ar0812.ARE" File22="override\ar0813.ARE" File23="override\AR2208.bcs" File24="override\AR2812.bcs" File25="override\AR3000.bcs" File26="override\AR4000.bcs" File27="override\ar4500.bcs" File28="override\ar5500.ARE" File29="override\ar5502.ARE" File30="override\ar5509.ARE" File31="override\ar6100.bcs" File32="override\BOTSMITH.dlg" File33="override\ContingX.2da" File34="override\cut100a.bcs" File35="override\cut100b.bcs" File36="override\cut205a.bcs" File37="override\cut232a.bcs" File38="override\dragblue.CRE" File39="override\dwsw1h01.itm" File40="override\eneblade.ITM" File41="override\GorCamb.CRE" File42="override\gorpri1.CRE" File43="override\gorsta01.CRE" File44="override\gorsta05.cre" File45="override\gorsta11.cre" File46="override\gorstam.bcs" File47="override\GuiMP.chu" File48="override\helm27.ITM" File49="override\Jaheira.bcs" File50="override\Keldorn.bcs" File51="override\minsc14.CRE" File52="override\orphan2.bcs" File53="override\orphan2.CRE" File54="override\restore.itm" File55="override\Sengua03.dlg" File56="override\SpIn618.SPL" File57="override\spMDSLAY.SPL" File58="override\SpPr314.spl" File59="override\spwm198.SPL" File60="override\spyanc01.SPL" File61="override\valyg14.CRE" File62="override\WeapProf.2DA" File63="override\weregrdr.CRE" Anyhow not sure if any of that will help. Hopefully it will give you a starting point.
  10. This is my quick attempt, its a pretty obvious one - a gem with some cog wheels. Dont think it would scale well tho.
  11. fearless


    Will there be support for shortcut keys in future versions?: R for Record, J for Journal, etc
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