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  1. Would be cool to have a visual on screen indicator of the rear and flank cones with a hotkey/keypress - similar to the "Show AOE" hidden game option.

    Might be possible in EEex to do that using CInfinity::AddAOECone rotated (maybe with CAIGroup::RotateOffsets) to show the rear and flank: 2 AOE flank cones with yellow color and 1 AOE rear cone with red color. Not sure how feasible it is or if it would only apply to the selected character rather than all on screen. And dont know how much work that would entail. Just a random thought about this really.

  2. I was playing around with some stuff, and came up with the following

    A mock EET launcher and possible logo

    Launcher (Smaller size):



    Little bit bigger mock launcher screenshot:


    Couple variations of possible logo (one without inner gold circle joining rest of inlay)






    Anyhow not sure if they would be of use, I can always edit them for any changes if anyone wants them.

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