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  1. No problem, It wasn't my intentions to rush you. Just dropping by so you know there are still fans out there willing to date a werewolf when they get the chance.
  2. I was looking through some save files for SOA last night and came across my party that is set up for Delaney. PC: Dualclass Fighter-Cleric Minsc: Barbarian (thanks shadowkeeper) Jaheira: I had played the whole way through BG/ToSC with the default team and this PC specifically to do a run with Delaney. Should be fun.
  3. I'm still here checking in. Keep going when you can Bri!
  4. So 3 love talks and the writing is all done? How about coding, testing and voicing? BTW I'm excited!!!!!
  5. Great to hear you are still at it Bri.
  6. Great news thank you for responding. I look forward to playing it.
  7. So inching toward the finish right? Is any of this mod coded and tested our does that still need to be done?
  8. I just recently plaid though BG and TTSC. When I did the island I said I'm exporting this character for Delainy. I had the default group of Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir and Imoen so it should work well. My PC, Jahiera and Minsc wait in the prominad right now.
  9. Jordoo

    Amber v4 bugs

    Does BigWorld install before or after Amber? If its bigoworld is firs it shouldn't effect it right? I always install NPC's last for this purpose, although I know nothing about bigworld.
  10. Jordoo

    Voicing problems...

    bholland the answer was posted yesterday in the thread "Amber V4 Bugs" there is an "EVAL" missing in one of the setup lines. You simply add it save, then uninstall and reinstall Amber. It does take longer to install but its working fine for me now.
  11. Jordoo

    Amber v4 bugs

    OK I added the EVAL saved it and uninstalled Amber. When I reinstall it took forever with the decoding but seems to be working. Thanks!
  12. Jordoo

    Amber v4 bugs

    OK thanks man!!!! I'll give it a go in the AM,
  13. Jordoo

    Amber v4 bugs

    I hope someone has an answer cause I just made it with Amber earlier today and I sooooo miss her wonderful voicing.
  14. Jordoo

    Amber v4 bugs

    SO how do I fix it? I'm a dunce.
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