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  1. No problem, It wasn't my intentions to rush you. Just dropping by so you know there are still fans out there willing to date a werewolf when they get the chance.
  2. I was looking through some save files for SOA last night and came across my party that is set up for Delaney. PC: Dualclass Fighter-Cleric Minsc: Barbarian (thanks shadowkeeper) Jaheira: I had played the whole way through BG/ToSC with the default team and this PC specifically to do a run with Delaney. Should be fun.
  3. I'm still here checking in. Keep going when you can Bri!
  4. So 3 love talks and the writing is all done? How about coding, testing and voicing? BTW I'm excited!!!!!
  5. Great to hear you are still at it Bri.
  6. Great news thank you for responding. I look forward to playing it.
  7. So inching toward the finish right? Is any of this mod coded and tested our does that still need to be done?
  8. I just recently plaid though BG and TTSC. When I did the island I said I'm exporting this character for Delainy. I had the default group of Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir and Imoen so it should work well. My PC, Jahiera and Minsc wait in the prominad right now.
  9. I'm still waiting for this one. Keep up the good work. I'm pretty excited to finally play this, its been quite a long time since I played through BGII TOB. probably since Tyris came out.
  10. I haven't played BG2 in years but I keep checking on this MOD! Great to hear you are still making progres.
  11. Great to hear that you are still working. I am waiting patiently and looking forward for a new reason to play my favprite game.
  12. Great to hear that you are still moving forward with this. TOB . . . coding . . . sounds great to me! I am really looking forward to this been a while since I had a reason to play BGII
  13. Good to hear from you Bri. I have no problem waiting!
  14. I also check to see any posts by you Bri. I have been looking forward to this mod for a long time now. Not trying to rush you at all, just saying I appreciate that your still working on it when you have the time and even posting about it regularly enough that we know your still at it.
  15. Jordoo

    ToB news

    Any news is good news! I'm still for Amber!
  16. So your responsible for the public water pipe anywhere on your property? I didn't realize it worked that way, figured since you have to pay for water like other utilities they would be responsible up to the point of the meter.
  17. Are you on well water? You shouldn't be responsible for a public water exterior pipe. Either way thats a bummer, anything outside/undergrund is going to cost some bucks these day thats for sure. Hope all works out for you!
  18. A couple of them are trigered at rest but no other special conditions and your next one wouldn't be at rest. You should have had a conflict with Viconia or Jaheira on your last talk if they are in the party, did that happen?
  19. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. I hope you get everything worked out. I had a serious crash and burn on my system early this summer, ahhh so painfull. I've been lurking around your forum since I joined G3 and I am really looking forward to this Mod.
  20. Thanks Meira, It did take much longer than usual to download Amber off the Finland server (4-5min) but I'm playing with the 2.6 version right now so all is well.
  21. Download links are messed up. I could only get the link that said "Ambers home page" to work off of this sight and even the links on Amber's web site are the same. I downloaded the "Amber's Home Site (Finland)" off of her web site, is that in english?
  22. Even more incentive for another run with Amber. I have wanted to try Amber's friendship path but my PC's keeps falling for her guess I'll have to make him unqualified or a her. Demoneq, I've changed versions of the same Mod in the middle of the game before without problems. You have to uninstall the old version first, then remove the Amber files from your BGII folder. Then install the new version. I do wonder if having an upgraded version of WeiDU with the new version would have any effect? Hmmm ...... maby you should wait to try it until Meira gives her blessing.
  23. Thanks, I plan on testing Tyris 3 in parties, pitted against one of the bioware girls in each and then two additional NPC's. Hopefully I'll have time to complete all three before vacation is over. Poor Aerie some of her lovetalks are just asking for a rival to point out her pitifull weaknesses.
  24. Do Aerie, Viconia or Jahiera force a choice during any of the conflicts, or do any of the conflicts break off the bioware romance? Does Tyris have any conflict/interjections into the bioware romance's?
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