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  1. 1) Enemy scripts sometimes fail to start or something. Some enemies just stand there doing nothing. e.g. Perth the Adept just stood there without going hostile until I whacked him once. Then his script started. Another example, the summons of the vampires who attack in Brynnlaw just stood there without attacking. 2) The HLAs-as-innate-abilities component does not work. I pick HLA's but don't get any innate abilities. (Playing a dual berserker/mage). I did start the character as a barbarian/mage using the improved dual class options component of the tweak pack... then I changed him to berserker in SK. maybe that fudged things? Weidu.log:
  2. I have a suggestion: Hotkey to enable instant casting and alacrity for quick buffing. Out of combat only of course. something like: IF HotKey(B) !Detect(NearestEnemyOf(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 ReallyForceSpell(Myself,2693) //Spell with 6 second alacrity and cast speed reduction of 9 END
  3. Also, if I was supposed to have a chance to go to Watcher's Keep between SoA and ToB, that never happened.
  4. I'm not using EE. Should have mentioned that.
  5. SoA was mostly bug free except for the skindancer quest not triggering in trademeet (evil path; probably not a SCS issue). ToB is turning out to be a bug fest. Dialogue choices with Sarevok and Imoen would not work to make her give him a part of her soul. Mellisan did not show up after killing Gromnir. CLUA'ed her in. Pocket Plane ability disappeared from ability menu. CLUA'ed it in. World map is the SOA map. All destinations unreachable. Game breaking. I have a feeling I might be forgetting something... or idk could this be related to SCS? Here's my weidu.log:
  6. Imprisonment as perma-maze can be game breaking if you don't have a freedom scroll handy. All subsequent attempts to rest or enter auto-save areas will fail ("can't rest while party is scattered" / "you must gather your party before venturing forth"). I haven't tried removing the afflicted from my party yet, but obviously that wouldn't work if the protagonist got imprisoned. Sorry if you already knew this, but a quick search didn't find any mention of it.
  7. Of course a much easier way to accomplish essentially the same thing would be to disable the harp button and make the bard song into an ability that you cast once a day and lasts 8 hours. I guess that might take the fun out of it a little, but it's really just saving you the enormous hassle of pausing an extra 2 times every 6 seconds. Unfortunately in that case disabling the bard wouldn't stop the song, though.
  8. I've been using the bard song script given in this thread: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=11509 It is quite nice, but a thread on GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/258273-baldurs-gate-ii-shadows-of-amn/63676205) made me realize that just singing is a really waste of a bard's potential. Ideally the bard should be able to sing and still attack a few times and even cast a spell as well each round. This can be achieved with tons of (auto)pausing, but a script to do it for you sure would be nice. I'm hoping a script to the following spec would be possible: -Sing bard song when idle. -When in combat, continue to sing until the song's effect is reapplied, then start attacking. -At the end of every round, sing again until the effect is reapplied. optionally: -also cast quick-casting spells like stoneskin/mirror image/magic missile -if a melee weapon is equipped, the bard should approach a target while singing. It seems to me there are a few ways to time the singing: -You could detect the end of round like the auto-pause feature does. -You detect the reapplication of the song effect (or the text "Singing Battlesong"), then set a timer for 6 (or maybe 5) seconds. If this could be achieved, similar scripts could be made for trap detection and turn undead.
  9. OK, the first bug is actually a conflict with Item Revisions' ioun stone animations. For some reason, if an ioun stone is equipped, and then the salamander token is equipped--and then unequipped, the fire shield animation does not stop and the ioun stone animation stops instead. I also posted this on the IR forum. In my game I've fixed this by making the fire shield animation 1 second duration instead of constant. The second bug is that the avenger's spider shapeshift token (dw#shspi) does not give immunity to the avenger version of web (at least with Spell Revisions installed). It should give immunity to SPDR201 as well as the other 2 versions.
  10. Animation conflict with IR Ioun Stones and SCSII Avenger Fire Salamander's Fire Shield: The 'salamander shapeshift token' (dw#shsal) from SCSII has a constant on-equip fire shield animation. If an ioun stone (e.g. stone of good luck) is currently equipped when the shapeshift token is equipped, then the fire shield animation will not terminate when the token is unequipped. Instead the ioun stone animation terminates. The fire shield stays until the ioun stone is unequipped. how to replicate: 1) install item revisions and SCSII (improved shapeshifting) 2) make an avenger druid for a TOB game. stone of good luck will be equipped. 3) cast shapeshift fire salamander. a shapeshift token is added to inventory. 4) equip the token. the fire shield animation is added to the ioun stone animation. BOTH animations play. 5) now unequip the token. what happens: the IOUN STONE animation terminates but the fire shield does not! what should happen: the fire shield should shut off and the ioun stone should stay.
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