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  1. As some might have seen in another thread, I've been looking for mods for BG2EE 1.3. I've found a few and I'm now looking to install them. I did a fresh install of BG2EE 1.3 and started with the usual installation order. I installed Ascension, a few story mods (only Assassinations is new), lots of new NPC mods as they were my main point of focus, CD Tweaks, SCS with the Ascension workaround where I edit initial.tpa). However, when I then started installing SCS, I got this error: https://gyazo.com/41e137301c0610047fd4495f45e27d51 Anyone know what's wrong or if there's a workaround? I've never encountered that error before. For the record I'm of course using the same versions of Ascension, SCS and CD tweaks that normally work for me. Edit: Tried to setup SCS once more and now it seems like it's installing the way it is supposed to. If it works, thread can be deleted and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be back with an update as soon as install is completed/disrupted. Edit2: Everything works now, I don't know what happened the first time. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience, mods feel free to delete the thread.
  2. Hi suy, long time no see Yes I remember you from Mivsan's Discord, I'm not there anymore though. And sorry for the late reply, I've been out of town for a few days. My gripe with 2.0 was mainly what Graion Dilach described above. The UI felt so different from the originals to the point where it really annoyed me when playing the game. On top of that 2.0 came with plenty of bugs (I'm not aware if they've been corrected since but I've no intentions of finding out until the day I can't play 1.3 or the originals anymore) like weird dialogue boxes, weird looking sprites, clunky mage books and plenty of other things. I've seen Lefreuts UI mod mentioned before but havent tested it out. I'm actually pretty satisfied with EE 1.3 as it is - although I wish I didn't have to deal with the Beamdog NPC cutscenes As for the mods for 1.3 I'll start looking into it right now.
  3. Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I'll take a look at Github and experiment with some different versions of the mods (after finishing my current game) in order to find some for my preferred version of the EE. Still, if anyone has something to add, please feel free to do so.
  4. Hi all... I'm playing ver. 1.3 (as I don't like 2.X) and I'm looking for some mods for both BG1 and 2. However, I believe many mods are made/updated for 2.X and I can't get them all to run properly. Anyone aware of where to find versions of mods for ver. 1.3? Or even better, anyone who will help upload some? To narrow it down a bit, I'm mostly looking for NPC mods, banter mods and story mods but I'm open to all suggestions to spice it up a bit, as BG is almost the only game I'm playing these days. I'm not looking for any mods that changes spells/items or introduce anything from IWD as I like to keep the two games separated. I'm particularly looking for usable versions of the following mods - but as mentioned I'm taking suggestions as well: -Assassinations -Kivan and Deheriana for BG2 -Amber -Anything Yoshimo related -Auren Aseph -Calin -Zakrion -Sarah -Alternatives -Solaufein -Glam's NPC pack -Sirene -Dace -Adrian -Valen -Faren I already have the following mods working fine: SCS, Ascension, BG1 NPC Project, Ajantis BG2 (thanks Jastey), Coran BG2, Angelo BG2, Back to Brynnlaw, Branwen BG2, Yeslick BG2, Wings, Expanded Thief Stronghold, Sellswords, Tyris Flare, Sellswords, Tiax BG2, Xan BG2, aTweaks, CD Tweaks, More styles for Mages. Any help is highly appreciated.
  5. Ok thanks, I'll test it the next time I reinstall the game - might take a while as I just did it.
  6. Pretty self-explanatory but is this mod compatible with BG2 EE 1.3? I dislike the 2.X but I'm really interested in exploring this mod as I love Yoshi
  7. Thanks for your help - really appreciated! The cutscene doesn't occur now, so at least I can get on with the game. If the quest has hit a dead end, I'll just DL ver 8 and make Angelo tag along in my next playthrough.
  8. You're probably aware that I killed Sawara already yes? Back in chapter 3. After that I was approached by some guy who wanted the katana. I refused and he left. I still have the katana in my Bag of Holding. Global("AdAngelTeleportedTo","Global") is set to 1
  9. Very strange, none of the globals exist
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