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  1. Ok thanks, I'll test it the next time I reinstall the game - might take a while as I just did it.
  2. Pretty self-explanatory but is this mod compatible with BG2 EE 1.3? I dislike the 2.X but I'm really interested in exploring this mod as I love Yoshi
  3. Thanks for your help - really appreciated! The cutscene doesn't occur now, so at least I can get on with the game. If the quest has hit a dead end, I'll just DL ver 8 and make Angelo tag along in my next playthrough.
  4. You're probably aware that I killed Sawara already yes? Back in chapter 3. After that I was approached by some guy who wanted the katana. I refused and he left. I still have the katana in my Bag of Holding. Global("AdAngelTeleportedTo","Global") is set to 1
  5. Very strange, none of the globals exist
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