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  1. Good luck with the computer issues. Just wanted to mention removing all the Bevil files did correct the issue for subsequent playthrough, although it seems data is stored in a savegame which causes the bugged dialogue to fire in an existing game even if the Bevil files are deleted. Since I'm playing male characters atm, I wasn't worried about missing out on any added content; for anyone who might be looking to do the same pending a fix, make sure to pull any files with Bevil's name in them from the Shared folder, and also from the BishopRomance\dlg folder. I'm fairly certain it's the latter that's the culprit, but not sure how the files interact, so pulled them all for "safety". On an aside, does anyone know why there's a 21_bevil.exe in the BishopRomance\dlg folder? It seemed a little odd to have an executable there.
  2. Thanks for the input; I have some programming experience and have done some modding for Morrowind and Oblivion, so thought I might take time to learn a bit about NWN2's scripting if it were a feasible proposition. I just figured it was easier/faster to ask, rather than spend a lot of time learning the toolset and script setup only to have wasted the time.
  3. Sorry for the zombie thread rez, but I figured I'd add to an existing thread rather than starting a new one. I've seen several inquiries about same-sex flirts and that NWN2 does a gender check, making it difficult or impossible to set up same sex wall scenes, and creating complications for dialogue availability. I wondered if it would be possible to use a different variable to trigger the wall scenes and flirt dialogues, by having the player establish "sexuality" via a dialogue prompt when they start the game. For example, when, say, arriving at the Weeping Willow Inn in vanilla, or exiting the starting cave in MotB, a dialogue prompt is triggered, player selects straight or gay, and sets the variable. Then, rather than "if gender = 1", run checks for the flirts and wall scene as "if sexuality = 1" (or whatever the variables are). Just a thought; I'm not sure if the scripting or dialogue options are robust enough; anyone have an idea if this is even possible and how much of a pain it would be?
  4. I read on NWNVault that there are some issues with this mod and Bevil's dialogue, but I'm not sure what parts of the dialogue are known to be affected. In Act III, after arriving at Crossroads Keep, Bevil had one short conversation that did not address his internal problems, and now just says "Nice to see you again, Captain." and force-quits the dialogue. On my first playthrough, the dialogue was in an NWN1 style box and I was able to talk to him about his problems. On this playthrough, with the Romance Pack and SoZ + patch, the dialogue zooms in like a cutscene, but has no voice-over and skips past some of the dialogue (no lip synch files, I guess). I've tried removing the mod, but it seems the dialogue is saved within my savegame, so I've been unable to test if it is the mod or SoZ. I've assumed it was this mod causing the problem, based on the NWNVault posts, but - is this a known issue with this mod, or should I be looking for a fix elsewhere? If it is the Romance Pack, is there any way to disable Bevil's part for future playthroughs? Fortunately, I was able to edit the savegame file to change Bevil's "happy" variable so Kana acknowledges he's improved (so no "bad" ending, heh), but would like to have the dialogue play properly on future playthroughs if possible (I'd rather not remove the mod, it's been fun to play with). Thanks in advance.
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