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  1. profsmax.2da says 2 stars should be max, so character generation thing is just engine bug. It could be related with Mazzy being Paladin of Arvoreen (her other abilities certainly are), but it could also be just plain old bug. I guess we have to agree to disagree. Thanks for clarifying, I never had her long enough in my team, so I wasn't sure if this was the case. So game developers made one cleric change his spellbook correctly and not the other? edit: I see. Thanks for explanation. Creatures "summoned" with spell Call woodland beings and any Horn of Valhalla are treated as summoned, but they actually come through gate. So shouldn't they be considered gated instead?
  2. About Viconia: My bad. Next time I'll check game files before posting. Yes, 5/1 on lvl 8 means she had 3/1 on lvl 1, which is not possible for any legitimate character. When Anomen changes alignment he has access to evil-alignment spells, and fixpack corrects it. What about Viconia's alignment change? Does she correctly gains access to good-alignment spells (being neutral after change)? Berserker Warrior summoned with Horn of Valhalla has only BG1 axe proficiency and they are always 1 less than maximum avaiable for fighter of equal level. Also his class is fighter and kit is none (but has ring which gives berserking, so it's only cosmetic inconsistency).
  3. A superlative suggestion, sir. With just two minor flaws. One, pure clerics can't have two proficiency stars. And two, pure clerics can't have two proficiency stars. Now I realise that technically speaking that's only one flaw but I thought that it was such a big one that it was worth mentioning twice. An excellent and inventive suggestion, sir, with just two tiny drawbacks. A, You don't have any right to bump this proficiencies to two stars. And B, There's no such thing as figter7-dual-cleric with 5 proficiencies each two star outside the fictional universe "Baldur's Gate 2 with G3 Fixpack". Fighter lvl 1 can have anywhere between none and two stars in single proficiency, starts with 4 to distribute. At levels three and six gains additional one and can put them anywhere. So one of possible choices (very suboptimal!) is: Fighter lvl 7 proficiency A: ++ prof. B: ++ prof C: ++ Then dual to cleric lvl 1: Any fighting style or blunt weapon, two stars total, but max is 1: prof X: + prof Y: + Cleric level four gain additional star, but restriction of maximum one still applies, so: prof Z: + (if for some reason you put stars in the same proficiency you did as fighter, they are not cumulative once you gain fighter levels back). Then at cleric level 8 you have: proficiency A: ++ prof. B: ++ prof C: ++ prof X: + prof Y: + prof Z: + and additional star you can put anywhere, even proficiencies A, B and C (but only if they are blunt weapons). So Anomen is actually missing anywhere between one (all of his cleric stars agree with fighter ones) and four (none agree). And this begs the question - how this should be fixed and where it should go? Fixpack core (since it's definitely a bug) or optional (there is no way to exactly say how many stars are missing and where, so there will always be some controversion about choices you made). My suggestions (you're the guys who care for player's opinion, right? ), assuming that both two stars proficiencies were taken on fighter lvl 1 and both one star proficiencies were taken on cleric lvl 1: Core: Flail ++ (missing warrior prof. lvl 3 and 6) Club + (cleric lvl 4) Flail +++ (cleric lvl 8) Optional: Mace ++++ (missing warrior prof. lvl 3 and 6 - makes more sense than two stars in some random proficiency IMHO) Club + (cleric lvl 4) Mace +++++ (cleric lvl 8 - yay, powergaming ;D ) Personally, I think Anomen needs total reworking of his proficiencies in tweakpack. Guy with his own Family Shield has one star in two handed* weapon (staffs - anomen10.cre)? Might be a little too powerful, but works just fine for me** (YMMV): Flail +++++ (fighter lvl 1, 3, 6, cleric lvl 8) Sword & Shield ++ (fighter lvl 1) Sling +, Hammer + (Cleric lvl 1) Mace + (Cleric lvl 4) Cleric lvl 12 - don't know, don't really care, Flail of Ages FTW! Last but not least: mazzy8.cre has five stars in short bow and only one in sword; should be 4 and 2 (for obvious reasons). Almost forgot: Good job guys, I really appreciate your work. *Yeah, I know, there is staff-mace. ** Sounds more like a fighting than spellcasting character to me.
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