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  1. Lollorian

    EET patches for BG2EE mods

    Generating them is simple enough (I do single files by hand through WinMerge but have a patcher tool donated by Leonardo Watson for batches of files) Should be a simple weekend's worth of effort Most of which would be taking into account the fixes already present in the fixpack... I'll drop these patches into the BWP Compatibility folder to separate them from actual fixes. As for taking into account mod updates, there are many people (White Agnus included ) who contribute to the BWPFixpack - if I'm inactive (which I will be for the next couple of weeks) the BWS could easily switch to their master branch of the BWPFixpack with these patches removed (and new stuff added)
  2. Lollorian

    Bug Reports

    To be clear, the Solaufein mod with specifically break BG2EE installs for any mods that use DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH in their installation scripts (which includes this mod) This patch should let Sola install properly in a BG2EE install without breaking anything else... As for your dilemma, CrevsDaak's solution works
  3. Lollorian

    Bug Reports

    ~SETUP-SOLAUFEIN.TP2~ #0 #0 // Solaufein Romance for Baldur's Gate II (SoA & ToB) Your TRIGGER.IDS overwriter
  4. Lollorian

    Bug Reports

    Most likely this. WeiDU.log should give you the list of mods currently installed through WeiDU
  5. Lollorian

    Bug Reports

    Closer look at the error should reveal the problem: ERROR: cannot resolve trigger 0x40de ERROR: [AR0406.BCS] -> [override/AR0406.BCS] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found) Translation: When decompiling AR0406.BCS, I couldn't understand what the trigger code 0x40de means. I understand trigger codes using the TRIGGER.IDS so this code is not present there either (sidenote: 0x40de is not present in the vanilla TRIGGER.IDS as well so whatever mod you installed earlier that added this trigger to AR0406.BCS is the culprit)
  6. Lollorian

    BG1NPC Project v22 bug thread

    Game breaking stuff related to the 'starting location changer' components
  7. Lollorian

    Alternatives v11: Bugs? Typos? Report them here.

    The dialogue that does SetGlobal("B!BonkedLeyt","GLOBAL",1) can loop because the trigger for that branch is Global("B!Tourist","GLOBAL",2) and not Global("B!BonkedLeyt","GLOBAL",0) Report here & fix here
  8. Lollorian

    BG1NPC Project v22 bug thread

    Small issue with BHEREN.CRE
  9. Lollorian

    BG2 Tweak Pack v16 Released

    Argent77 posted some patches for BG2:EE support here
  10. %flags% && 0b01 gives true if bit1 is set %flags% && 0b10 gives true if bit2 is set ... and so on You can use this to sequentially check which bit is set
  11. Lollorian

    [deprecated] Bugs/Typos in v6

    Fixes removed and links updated
  12. Lollorian

    Heard you like parties

    Looks awesome! Was curious - do NPC #7 and above fire periodic banters?
  13. Lollorian

    Item Creation Help (Custom items turning into 1gp)

    Do your item filenames start with a number by any chance?
  14. Lollorian

    BG1NPC Project v22 bug thread

    That looks clean! Thanks
  15. Lollorian

    BG1NPC Project v22 bug thread

    Could you suggest another way that a mod could check whether the party has encountered Centeol that would work in a vanilla BG game? (the mod in question does not need Centeol to be dead - only needs to check if she has been encountered - which in vanilla BG is a fight to the death)