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  1. To be clear, the Solaufein mod with specifically break BG2EE installs for any mods that use DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH in their installation scripts (which includes this mod) This patch should let Sola install properly in a BG2EE install without breaking anything else... As for your dilemma, CrevsDaak's solution works
  2. ~SETUP-SOLAUFEIN.TP2~ #0 #0 // Solaufein Romance for Baldur's Gate II (SoA & ToB) Your TRIGGER.IDS overwriter
  3. Most likely this. WeiDU.log should give you the list of mods currently installed through WeiDU
  4. Closer look at the error should reveal the problem: ERROR: cannot resolve trigger 0x40de ERROR: [AR0406.BCS] -> [override/AR0406.BCS] Patching Failed (COPY) (Not_found) Translation: When decompiling AR0406.BCS, I couldn't understand what the trigger code 0x40de means. I understand trigger codes using the TRIGGER.IDS so this code is not present there either (sidenote: 0x40de is not present in the vanilla TRIGGER.IDS as well so whatever mod you installed earlier that added this trigger to AR0406.BCS is the culprit)
  5. Game breaking stuff related to the 'starting location changer' components
  6. Looks awesome! Was curious - do NPC #7 and above fire periodic banters?
  7. Could you suggest another way that a mod could check whether the party has encountered Centeol that would work in a vanilla BG game? (the mod in question does not need Centeol to be dead - only needs to check if she has been encountered - which in vanilla BG is a fight to the death)
  8. Small issue here - Having Xan in your party when you face Centeol breaks any mod that checks for Dead("centeol") (the report mistakenly says BG1RE)
  9. micbaldur reported this in his BWP game The file to change is ajantisbg2\dialogues\ajantis_anomen.d. The CHAIN blocks at line 59 and 81 check for the NPC who is speaking instead who is to be spoken to (just change 59's block to check for C#Ajantis and 81 to check for anomen :cheers:)
  10. Since ToBEx no longer restricts ony 255 kits, the code snippet: WRITE_SHORT 0x244 0 // doesn't change WRITE_BYTE 0x246 ~%A#SHAR%~ // the internal name of your kit, surrounded by % WRITE_BYTE 0x247 0x40 // doesn't change will fail for any kits added by ADD_KIT that happen to have a serial number >255 (because BYTEs) How about changing it to something more dynamic like: SET x = IDS_OF_SYMBOL(~kit~ ~A#SHAR~) // the internal name of your kit SET y = x / 0x10000 // doesn't change SET z = x & 0xFFFF // doesn't change WRITE_SHORT 0x244 ~%y%~ // doesn't change WRITE_SHORT 0x246 ~%z%~ // doesn't change Preserves the old functionality while allowing kit values >255 :cheers: EDIT: Wisp provided a much more elegant solution here WRITE_LONG 0x244 (A#SHAR + 0x4000) << 16 // the internal name of your kit
  11. Hi there! Wanted to report that installing SCS #5000 (Smarter General AI) along with SCSII #6000 (same thing ) seems to give lots of thieves a double Invisibility effect. Also, I checked out the code in genai.tph and the intention seems to be to leave mod-added thieves alone... But the doubling effect applies to mostly mod-added thieves in my game (a thievy encounter from Dark Horizons was the one that made me try to check out why they seemed to have permanent invisibility ) The CREs in question: CMBOU08.CRE, CMBOU09.CRE and CMBOU10.CRE Also should mention a nice little 'SCS' moment I had in my game: A bunch of Hobgoblins surrounded Minsc and Viconia walked up, trying to cast Minor Heal on him... she was promptly foiled when the Hobgoblin closest to her decided to whale on her instead of Minsc, mucho impressive! (Level 3 party btw )
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