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  1. Strange problem. Where did you look for them? They can spawn in the docks entrance or even near Coppers Coronet. Perhaps the children spawned in a different place? I think the CLUA should be: CLUAConsole:CreateCreature('m#boy1') and CLUAConsole:CreateCreature('m#girl1'). Hope this helps!
  2. Hey Meira, first of all thank you for this great mod! I have played it three times now with great joy, and I'm really looking forward to play it again with the ToB content! I have found a little mistake in one of the scripts. In M#AR0700.baf there is the block: IF Global("M#RashrynInPlace","AR0700",0) TimeGT(6) TimeLT(22) THEN RESPONSE #100 CreateCreature("M#Rashryn",[1557.2236],14) SetGlobal("M#RashrynInPlace","AR0700",1) END One of these lines must be CreateCreature("M#Rashry",[1557.2236],14) There is an "n" too much in the name of the creature. Best wishes, Shaykaban
  3. Damn it!!! Today, I have found out why Auren never bantered with Charname or Nalia! I don't know how this could happen, but after taking Auren into the group, there was no override script placed for her!! I found that out today, because I got the same problems in another game with Kim NPC and Neh'taniel NPC. Just the same... no override script! I can't believe it. After I used NearInfinity to set the K#Auren.bcs at the right place, everything worked fine, and just after reloading she spoke to Charname and, after that, to Nalia! Everything works now. Perhaps this should be reconsidered if anyone out there has the same problem with some NPC in the future!
  4. Hey Ladygirl, please give me some more information. 1st, can you please check with the console the value of "X#AjantisRomanceActive"? To do this open the console and type CLUAConsole:GetGlobal('X#AjantisRomanceActive','GLOBAL') 2nd, how is your reputation? If it goes below 15 after lovetalk 14 it will break up the romance... 3rd, can you give me the first line from Ajantis' last lovetalk? Perhaps you need a special place and time for the next talk to come. With the first line I (or even you) can check it from the romance guide in the readme... Greetings, Shaykaban
  5. Okay... I think I will just start a new game. This seems to be better... Anyway, thank you for your help! Greetings, Shaykaban
  6. Yes, I am a fighter, and the keep plot is finished (NaliaKeepPlot was already set to 1). I have set K#BanterO, but nothing happens. Is there a timer or something? What should happen? Greetings Shaykaban
  7. First of all, thanks for your help Theacefes! I know that my English is bad and I really hope that you don't think that I am angry with you or with the mod. I like Auren and I really want to play her. So please don't get me wrong, okay? Please let us try to find a solution. 1st. When is Nalias quest completed? Is it after freeing the De Arnise stronghold, or is it after going to the graveyard district? Perhaps I am just too fast in my wishes... 2nd. I don't have the "K#BanterO" in my savegame. All I have is "K#Friendship" and it is set to 1. 3rd. I have version 6.2 installed. I guess this is the newest version? 4th. If you need further information, please ask me about it. I don't have so much experience and I don't know what you need. I have now 8 days of game time. As I said, perhaps I am just too fast!? Greetings, Shaykaban
  8. Yeah! I'm a cheater, but just for testing. I'm sorry to tell you that nothing happens if I enter what you have given me. Is it possible that the talks have to be enabled with another variable? Is there any talk between Auren and Nalia before Nalias Story with the Roenals is over? I just don't know what to do anymore... I play with the thought to replace them both by someone else in my party... Greetings, Shaykaban
  9. Okay. Thank you! Is there any possibility to speed things up, so that I can clearly see that it works with my savegame? Can I use some variables or some console command to force the next banter between Auren and Nalia? I just want to be sure that everything works fine before I play on and on, and nothing happens... Greetings, Shaykaban
  10. Hey. Thanks for your help! The Nalia quest is complete after regaining control over the stronghold, or am I wrong? I am the new Lord of the De Arsine stronghold and I got the reward. Is there any more to do? Yes, Auren was making conversation with the PC, I think once. Sorry, I do not remember the topic. Are there any variables that I can check or change so that the story with Nalia and Auren will work? Greetings, Shaykaban
  11. Hello friends of Faerûn, I am a new member in these halls of wisdom. Please excuse my bad English, I try my very best to make it understandable. My problem is: I have started a multiplayer session in BG2. In my party I have: Charname, female, ranger. Player 2, male, cleric. Kelsey, sorcerer, for romancing Charname. Amber, fighter --> thief, for romancing Player 2 Nalia, thief --> mage. Auren Aseph, fighter. I hoped to play the two romances at the same time, and this seems to work. Also I wanted to see the "romance" between Nalia and Auren, but there are no conversations between them at all. In the coppers coronet, where I took Auren first, she said something about Nalia before she came and wanted help for the De'Arnise stronghold, but after that there was nothing more. I have played the slave-quest in the slums, and the De'Arnise stronghold is completely troll-free right now. Do I have to wait longer, or is it possible that in multiplayer games, the conversations between Auren und Nalia do not trigger? Perhaps it is a problem that I have installed the Nalia romance? But it is not active, as Charname is a female character... Is there anything I can do about that, so that I can enjoy all three romances in this game? Best wishes, Shaykaban
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