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  1. Alright, so-- I don't typically install ALL the kits when I'm installing DR because there are quite a few I'd never make characters for and so they'd just be dead weight on my kits list. So when I was installing the v8 beta (onto an EasyTutu install) I didn't install a few kits, and everything went fine until I chose not to install the Xvim kit and then installed the Oghma kit right after, as it comes next on the setup list. Then the errors started happening. Despite this, I tested it out anyway just to see how much of a problem it really was... and there was a crash during character creation if you select the Lorekeeper kit and then hit "skills". A reproducible crash too, because it happens literally every time. I took a look at the .tp2 and it seemed like there was a mistake in the lines about holy symbols under the Lorekeeper section (I don't have the line number available right now, sorry) wherein the values from the Xvim holy symbol section were typed in there instead of the Oghma ones--off the top of my head, the mistake was specifically with the strings that are passed to holysym.baf. Hence the error while installing without there being any Xvim kit to refer to! However when I tried to start over (clean install, then edit the .tp2 to include what I thought would be the appropriate Oghma-related values, then reinstall the mod) it didn't throw any errors during installation anymore but still crashed at "skills" during character creation. I wouldn't be as bothered about this if I wasn't trying to specifically create a playthrough with a Lorekeeper character right now. But as it is I've had to revert back to using v7, which is a shame because I really wanted to take advantage of not having to use the sphere system. In advance, no I don't have any other kit-adding mods installed, and while I was troubleshooting this it was in fact the ONLY mod I had installed at all. No point installing everything when I had to clean-install like 4 times in a row just to make sure nothing was buggy, y'know? But I figured somebody should take a look at this... plus I thought maybe someone might know an easy way it can be fixed so I can just do it myself until a new version of the mod comes out (whenever that might be).
  2. So, everything's going swimmingly. There've been a few weirdnesses with some of the LT's before triggering all at once (I assume just a coincidence because we were both at rest and in a forest) but otherwise my PC's wooing of Kivan was going great. We get to the Tree of Life and he goes all "it ends here...no more love in my heart etc etc." So I check various variables... P#KivanLove=19 P#DeherianaDead=1 P#DeherianaLives=0 all seems well. There doesn't even seem to BE a P#KivanOffence variable, so I can't check that. yet he keeps leaving me! I altered his P#KivanLove variable with CLUAconsole and that /still/ didn't fix it. He keeps leaving me, every time. Extremely frustrating for my smitten little green-haired elven PC, let me tell you. EDIT: Fixed. Depending on how you look at things, I'm either a moron for not seeing the answer in the first place, or...well, no. Just a moron.
  3. Raiha

    New alternate portrait

    Ankh -- I tried really hard to find a version of this picture that was not cut off at all, but unfortunately one doesn't exist. As it is I had to make several inches of new forehead from scratch, and I didn't trust myself to try anything more adventurous than that. And the ear thing...in order for the picture to be both mostly centered and contain both ears, it would have had to have been quite a bit smaller, which again gave me problems with creating almost the whole top of his head from scratch (which I gave up on in disgrace.) Sister V -- thank you very much. Just hope people like them. (:
  4. So, I actually had to make an account here after years of just downloading and lurking because I had something to share. This has taken up most of my morning, but I have made a portrait set (all three sizes) for Angelo out of the movie poster for Letters to Iwo Jima, but of course, Baldurized by painting over it/smudging it/recolouring it, etc etc. I've tested them very briefly in-game and they look OK on my monitor, albeit slightly stretched because my monitor is a very strange sized wide-screen and BG2 always looks stretched for me. Mostly I just wanted to share in case anyone else liked them, but I'd also like some constructive criticism as this the first BG portrait I've tried to make on my own. Zip file of all three sizes can be downloaded here.
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