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    Switch: Bard to Thief classchange and reverse at will.
  1. Since some NPCs can be dual-classed (being human and all), it is possible that a class choice renders their personal items unusable seemingly even after dualing. In addition, it is also possibly by reallocating personal stat-points, that personal items become unusable by the NPC (if you choose lower stats than they originally have). It could be interesting for players if a feature was included that removes all restrictions from personal items to overcome said possible woes (for me, I just edited the items locally to allow the dual-classes to work properly). Of course at that point, player discretion is advised towards item usage. PS: I also change things like cavalier-mazzy not being able to equip arrows means that I change her bow to fire 'magical' arrows as in that it does not require ammunition but does not shoot any fancy overpowered arrows, but I think fixes like that are beyond the scope of lvl1NPCs.
  2. Using clua to give yourself XP does not break the game. only cluaing items can do so unless you know which globals you can set and disable to fix the ia checks. i still like IA v2 best since it was before he went anticheat, antithief/bard, antismallparty all over the place. v4-v6 force a limited party choice onto you and spawn too many minions to keep the game at least a bit logical (golems for example). the cure to killing opponents: 4 melee with improved haste and only use magic to debuff basically or use the sikrit spells (custom made ones)
  3. Well, that depends fully on your installation choices. I use SCSII only with "enemies do not prefbuff" and they are more difficult but behave realistically (since I never prebuff either).
  4. Okay thank you. That means that I indeed did not overlook it in the installer files.
  5. Thank you for the explanation. I was thinking a bit further about it though and I figured that it may depend on the randomization modes that you have made available to the player. If I do an in-game randomisation and I have for instance the claw of kazgaroth in the box, I should still find it there but you would not come across the helm later since it is absent and thus cannot be randomised. Or, would I lose one item here from the same tier as the helm (or possibly the helm itself)? And if I randomise using weidu, it is presumed that I would have the helm in the box and thus it is randomised and replaced by a different item. Then the import takes place when I start a new game and I would also get the claw in the box (thus two items). Or maybe I am thinking about it too much and I should just play the game . At least what I really wanted to know is whether they would be randomised and that answer is a clear no .
  6. Let me first state that I completely enjoy the mod due to the major balancing and creation of unique items that has taken place for the BG world. I really like figuring out which items to combine for each NPC to get the best results. I have just asked a similar question on the item randomisation forum, but of course the question I have here is related to item revisions. As I noted there, I searched the forum and readme but I could not find anything related. I noted that several items from BG1 are changed when they reappear in BG2, but nothing is noted about items imported from BG1 to BG2 by characters imported from a savegame in BG1. I was thinking about the claw/horn of kazgaroth as I am doing a run through vanilla BG1, but did not find anything noted on these items. I read somewhere that they might be handled by a cursed item mod (but I could not find that), but are these currently handled by IR as well? Thanks in advance for reading.
  7. I am absolutely enjoying the mod and though it takes getting used to, it is quite a bit more fun to see what drops every time than when you have memorized pretty much all of the vanilla item drops. I find myself using and memorising identify quite a bit more than formerly . As for my question. I searched the forum but it could not find anything related. I see in the documentation that the helm of balduran is randomised, but nothing on the mail of the dead+2 nor the alternatives for the helm of balduran should one import a character from BG1. Therefore I was wondering what would happen if I import a character from BG1 and start the game afresh. 1. Would you randomise the imported item (I presume not) or 2. assume that the helm of balduran is imported and remove it from its container (where it might not be) and as such, would I then find one or two items in the location where the helm is normally found in Irenicus' Dungeon (e.g. claw of kazgaroth + a randomised item)? Do you have plans to include the randomisation of imported items in later versions or did I miss it in the readme? Thanks in advance for reading.
  8. In Planescape Torment, a dabus is a creature that remodels the streets of the city Sigil. The statue depends on the background of the city I suppose. For a marketplace you may want something merchantile related. Maybe row 2, number 5?
  9. You are a Dabus (if you don't get the reference, check the quote in my signature)
  10. Very true. In my experience, the larger the tileset basis the easier it becomes to blotch out the tiling problems. It seems easier to put a doodad on top of the edges where the tilesets start to seem repetative. That seems to be what the Bioware employees have done in general. Just take repetative grass and put a blotch of flowers and mud/rubble on top of it (most BG1 maps). For your map that would be some rubble or mud or a box right on top of the cobblestones that are most noticingly repetative I guess (the darker cobblestones). Rendering the cover of my PhD booklet took me ~48 hours after removing repetitive parts and blurring/mixing certain spots and blotches. And still people were nagging . This is why I gave constructive criticism rather than just awe. You can take it to heart or discard it easily, and maybe it helped or you did not notice... The mixing that you did in the recent picture is perfect. It is at the point where the repetativeness is not very noticable and thus not disturbing. The groundtile is also less 'busy' or 'crowding' than the cobblestones. Again, grand work.
  11. Constructive Criticism mode ON! I think what you are all noticing but not voicing is that the ground looks strange because it is too repetitive (both bricks and grass/mud). You use a square or something as a base and then tile it. Could you try to enhance the size of that square or after rendering modify small bits of it? For instance, the dark cobbles are what struck me as unnatural. Why not just fade a few of them too make it look a little bit more random when you finalise the picture (as in after the final rendering) or add a slight (focal) blur in some areas of the map during rendering? The picture/area will look even more epic than it is now.
  12. You are correct. I know I read in the AI forum last year (before closure) that he had removed the Cloak of Non-Detection altogether. Ah well...
  13. In Vanilla, True Sight and Detect Illusions pierce through Non-Detection if you are invisible through spell or potion. However, when you are hidden in shadows the Cloak of Non-Detection does work properly against True Sight (100% certain) and I think also against Detect Illusions. But I am uncertain whether the Spell Non-Detection functions the same way...
  14. exactly I do not think that people will really go through all of that effort.
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