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  1. lol, I'm not writing that one, I still need to update my bard<->thief<->bard mod. The bits I'm struggling with there are gained innate abilities and whether to script that using invisible summons (and thereby a ridiculous method of reading player locals) or to immediately use locals and forget about the invisible summons there (since you cannot put them into a clab file because upon classchange all clab bonuses are appended on your character even if they are duplicates).
  2. Yes, unfortunately, something like actionoverriding to get a local variable is sadly impossible. I figured out that I can set the local on a PC, then when casting a spell which sets a global, trip a block that checks both of these and then sets a temporary global, after which the summon comes in, checks the temporary global which is a reflection of the PCs local, the summon does his thing and actionoverrides the PC to change the local and kill the temporary global... *sigh* a very simple but cumbersome solution to allow different PlayerXs to run the same script. It's easier to not use a summ
  3. Maybe you are correct in your statement, but if the blocks aren't triggered, it doesn't matter whether the whole thing is in baldur(25).bcs or only a summoned creature block is in baldur(25).bcs which processes its own script (with identical blocks) once summoned. Besides, if you install a mod purposely to get X to happen, it makes little sense to complain that X is happening (like messing with the sorcerer class/kit). Uninstalling is always an option. As for the coding bits I agree. It could be more cleaned up and some parts may be transferred to a summoned creature script, but the gene
  4. Well, those things are connected, you can make a kit that turns a solo-mage into a Sorcerer, but you cannot make a kit that is Sorcerer/Thief, unless you make and extra special slice from the Switch-Rogue kit so it's Thief->Sorcerer->Thief. As there is no such concept in the game that is required to have Sorcerer and Thief under the same banner(class), as the Sorcerer is it's own independent class, not a mage kit... just like the ShadowKeeper "tells you". About the Switch-Rogue applied to other kits/classes. You only need two innates and a small bit of code to get the basics done. You
  5. No problem. I appreciate the time you make for all of the updates, tips and tricks.
  6. I remember one of the older versions of your tutorial contained a page that allowed the tutorial to be downloaded as a zip/rar file. Unfortunately, I cannot find it anymore. Is it still available?
  7. Hi Kitanna, I was wondering whether you got your kitswitching to work out. It is not long ago that I made a small kit that does something similar. It is a bardkit that has the possibility to switch to a thief and back at will (an F12 innate). You can find my workflow in this thread. You probably want to skip to the last pages where I have attached my results or you can check the baf and the readme. Anyway. I would put a global change in the dialogue to set that character needs to switch class or kit. In my case I simply change the global using the innate ability. Then I use a seque
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