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  1. Hi, if anyone is still working on this mod and looking for suggestions, I have a complaint about the Bard Song component of this mod. While functionally it's a great feature, it also fires off a very loud, very obnoxious noise every few seconds when used. I don't recall if the bardsong in IWD did this, but if it did it must not have been loud enough to be annoying. Also have a possible bug: for whatever reason the Demi-Shadow Monster spell does not appear in spellbooks when scribed in my game. Other spells have appeared fine.
  2. Haucusuchus


    Will she give sermons?
  3. Hi there, you might like to try Kevin Chan's Tales of arterra; it's an epic setting spanning two modules and 23 levels, and more importantly there's a wide range of dialogue choices. I remember thinking after I played the first module, "this is what the NWN OC should have been like," and the second one was even better. here and here Hexa coda is also very good but unfortunatly fairly short. I'd also like to point out that the paladin trilogy mentioned earlier starts out with a series of very frustating and boring hack-and-slash "trials." I suppose it gets better based from others reviews but those trials put me off after 20 minutes.
  4. I never heard of this woman before I saw a picture on the cover of NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Intrigued, I looked on the internet a bit and was horrified by one of the photos i found: http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/archives/000351.html Scroll down the page to see the photo. And whatever you do, don't look at it while alone in a dark room like I did; It nearly gave me a heart attack out of fright!
  5. Haucusuchus

    Sample banters

    She sounds pretty mean in those banters. I like! However I did not like this one line from Viconia: "And what exactly makes you think that I would need to prove anything to you?" It sounds out of character; I would expect a scathing insult from her rather than her going on the defensive. I also noted this Cernd line: "Don't worry about it, Amber. Your temper is like a sudden rain on a warm summer day. It is over just as quickly as it begun" As Cernd likes to hide behind his nature analogies, I would drop the first sentence: "Your temper is like a sudden rain on a warm summer day. It is over just as quickly as it begun" I also can't see him quoting wisemen, when the wisdom of Man pales in comparison to the glory of Nature!
  6. A question for meira: is your new avatar going to be used for amber's portrait? If not, will it by included as an alternate? Mabey a stupid question, but I rather like your avatar.
  7. Question: will she join the PC if it is evil or neutral?
  8. See topic. If I recall correctly the gibberlings three website was originally meant to be shut down once the delainy mod was finished, but now it is home to many other mods. I don't know anything about keeping a website, but I imagine it costs money. Is the gibberlings three site ever going to die, dissapear or merge with another site? Or will it stay on the web forever?
  9. How is this calculated? I recently made a fighter-mage with 18 Constitution, and I noticed that he would ALWAYS gain 7HP on a fighter level, and 4Hp on a mage one . Since 18 CON gives a +3 bonus to HP (I think), that would bring the base HP acquisition to a sad total of 5 every two levels. Whats up with this? I thought HP acquisition was supposed to be random, and that multi-class characters would use the hit dies for each respective class .
  10. Please excuse my ignorance, but what is this thing and how is it used?
  11. I might as well add my greeting too, late or not. Happy B-day, Bri!
  12. I have finally realized that I did not understand my own question. Perhaps what I wanted to know was, will Durial and Delaney both appear in game at the same time, or will one replace the other depending upon gender, as the Tothsc did?
  13. Yeah, but there was this little thing about Del infecting Char with lycanthopie with stuff like that. Unless you mean something like tatoos, made with tools?
  14. Oh! Oh! Oh! Bri, Haucusuchus just had a great idea . There will be NPC banters, no doubt about that. But what about a comment(s) on the lack of other NPC's? It could be chapter based, too. Say Char and Del are on the spellhold ship alone, she could say something like, Charname, if you are an adventurer, how come you don't have bigger party? Or something. I understand there will probably be engine limitations, like the player could just kick all other NPCs out temperarily to get the dialogue, but this too cool! I'm feeling great now, feel free to take a stab at my ego if you have already thought or mentioned something like this. :
  15. Cool shots, I like the silver werewolf, but what is that crazy plant thing in her item slot on the last screeny? I also noticed that her HP doesn't rise much in werewolf form, any way to add temperary hitpoints as well as the CON bonus? Then again, that is probably the tradoff for the considerable AC bonus.
  16. Haucusuchus

    Pack members

    Most NPC mods seem to have some sort of quest attached, usually individuals from past activities coming back for vengance (or something). Will this mod be an exception, or will it have Del's old pack members coming back for a "visit?" If this is revealling too much plot, just tell me to shut up and I will go away.
  17. Well, it would depend on her age and upbringing. Being raised as and around paladins , it seems unlikely she would engage in sexual activities before marriage. But then again, I'm far from being a D+D powerhouse, so I do not know if paladins actually prohibit this behavior or not.
  18. Just wondering, will Tabiyao have been involved in a previous relationship of a sexual nature? Don't bother answering if it would give away too much of the plot.
  19. Anime? Not really. Little child? Yes. My PC is bad enough without becoming a child molester.
  20. But this is not the Middle Ages, this is Forgotten Realms. I remeber a description in NWN saying that humans lived to around 100. Though from what I understand, NWN used a different version of D+D.
  21. Well i wouldn't know all that; I never even heard of D+D before BGII.
  22. I never really thought of Keldorn as "ancient-old," which is the tone I get from this. I always thought of Keldorn as being in 40's or early 50's at the latest, judging by his portrait, daughters, and wife. I don't know how old you consider Keldorn, but in the banter he sounds like a 65 year old man, except for the "few grey hairs" comment. Other than that, you captured Keldorn's personality well!
  23. Wow. Its good, better than I could ever do, but she looks like a little girl! Perhaps it could be aged up a bit?
  24. Haucusuchus


    I am pleased, I guess. I assumed you would ignore evil specific dialogue because not many people seem to use evil characters. And I suppose its better that way; BGII seems set up for good PCs, as being evil has few benefits (I like to keep a high Rep despite my evil alignment because things are too expensive otherwise, and stealing has a high rate of failure). And about the irritation thing, that ticked me off too! One wrong move, and Boom! Romance over with no chance at recovery. It is good to see that you will not follow the BGII trend in this respect.
  25. Haucusuchus


    So how will Del react to evil PCs? If I recall correctly, in the Bioware three, being evil had little to no effect on the conversations, and in the Tashia mod, you had no chance if you were evil. Since I always use Chaotic Evil PCs, I guess I wish to know if you would make special diologues for evil characters, or if Del will not romance evil at all. Sorry if you already covered this elsewhere and my stupid self didn't see it. And no, I am not asking for a corruption.
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