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  1. I hope you'll still get some time to enjoy your summer; "all work and no play ...". Still, it sounds like you got a good portion of work done, so many thanks for that and thank you for the update.
  2. Hi there, just wanted to ask how the project is coming along. Have you had a chance to get some writing done?
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I hope there wasn't too much damage done (other than financial I mean). I wish you better luck for the holidays. Thank you still for keeping the project alive.
  4. Hi, first of all, just wanted to thank you guys for a great mod. This is the first time I tried Amber and it's obvious you have spend much time and effort into this work. I have a small problem I've just encountered. Everytime I go in and talk to Cromwell, there's a dialogue loop with him and Amber about her bracelet and the blade of roses. The dialogue just loops and doesn't end, I have to minimize the game and restart. I have checked a few pages in the forum but I can't find anybody that mentioned this before. Can you help me out? Thanks.
  5. Glad to hear you've been able to set up again after you comp problems. Sounds like you have a pretty clear plan on the next steps for the project. Do you already have your mind set on where the epilogues will take the PC and Delainy or will you wait and look at the whole picture before you write them out? P.S. thanks for the update!
  6. I've been reading up and waiting for this mod for a long long time, and finally decided to leave a message of my own. It's nothing that hasn't been said in one way or another, but I wanted to write you personally that your mod is the missing chapter to my story(ies) and game play for BG. Please keep up the great work and thank you!
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