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  1. I would be interested running him through BGEE.
  2. Will a release with Dynaheir included be forthcoming?
  3. IMO, it looks like the kit was desigined for those who want Dualled Thief /xxx. The main reason for a Thief is for the locks/traps abilities. This kit allows you to create a Thief and immediately dual him without having to worry about disarming traps for pretty much the rest of the game(as soon as you hit level 9 in your new class that is...which take no time at all.). That is the true benefit of this kit.
  4. That makes me think you are assuming the requester, the new guy, is automatically a "modern gamer". I think responsders shouldn't assume that. Of course that line of thought would lead me to think that the first response to a request like the OP of this thread should be a question(s) of the type that probe the requester on his gaming preferences. That didn't happen in this thread and I certainly didn't go down that road in my initial response either.
  5. You just don't notice all of the bugs on playthrough # 1. At elast not new players who are entering the realm of Baldur's Gate at this stage, especially a newbie who probably doesn't know a whole lot about the game or DnD let alone the infinity engine modding community. Nothing was game-breaking per se in the vanilla game. If something was that bad, a lot of players would never re-visit. Why try to complicate things for a newbie?
  6. I always thought Haste adding apr was WAY overpowered considering it's a 3rd level spell. SoA already has other items that add to apr that it makes some characters turn into virtual blenders. That might be fun for some, but IMO it gets boring after a while. Fixpack is spot on IMO. Cam (and most other modders as well...)has done great stuff considering all of the variables and limitations that go with modding. But the vanilla game should be left alone. It plays good enough to be very enjoyable. If you want proof of this, just look at how many of us got hooked oh so many years ago on vanilla SoA. Once you play though the vanilla game, then mod away I say. It just keeps getting better and better after that...
  7. Concerning Backstabbing. IMO, giving Rangers a level higer (turning x1 into x2, etc..) is not overpowered. The whole point of the backstab is to, hopefully, have a one-shot kill or at least cripple your opponent. x2 for a Ranger is not much of a bonus and you are better off using a non-theif weapon to attack with, like a two-hander. I always felt the Stalker was weak because of his low mulitplier. Backstab is already limited to Thief weapons, so you won't see Minsc backstabbing away with the Warblade for tons of damage. Either up it or forget about adding it.
  8. In some ways, I have to disagree with individual XP in certain things. If the party is adventuring through an abandoned keep, why should the slayer of the monster get the XP? What if the mage held the monster with a spell first. How do you decide who gets what? When a thief disarms a trap, he just taught the other party members not to go running through the doorway first. They just learned something. Hence an XP gain. But, what do I know?
  9. In 2nd edition AD&D, PCs could get an XP % bonus, depending on their Prime Stats. Str for Fighter, Dex for Theif, etc. Was the bonus/Prime stat added by the developers?
  10. That is part of the vanilla game as well. There is an antidote. I don't want to spoil it for you. But if you left BG, then you are dead meat I believe. Go back to a previous save from right after you were poisoned and keep walking around the city.
  11. Alrighty then!! Brilsun Moonstar of Waterdeep( a very basic, no dialogue, no quest version that is..) is now in game, swigging on watered down ale at the CC, waiting on some fool of a Bhaalspwan to acquire his services. Thanks for filling in the blanks guys. Now off to fleshing him out. The first idea I have is making him an agent/assassin of Melissan with a betrayal plot in Chapter six. The NPC will have no idea about their connection until late in ToB. Probably way to ambitious for a newbie, I know, but hey, you gotta think big I say! I think I have a lot of studying of released mods to do in the near future. Cheers boys! If you are ever in the Chi-Town area, I'm buying.
  12. Okay. The CRE file has listing for LARGE PORTRAIT - Currently I have chosen MAN1L.BMP and SMALL PORTRAIT - Currently I have chosen MAN1S.BMP. What do I put in the below line in the TP2 file that "matches" it? I have edited to the below and still receive an error when trying to install this most basic of NPCs. COPY ~Bril/man1s.bmp~ ~override/man1s.bmp~ ~Bril/man1m.bmp~ ~override/man1m.bmp~ Weidu Install error message: [C:\BG2\Setup-Bril.exe] WeiDU version 23100 [C:\BG2\Setup-Bril.exe] Using scripting style "BG2" Install Component [bril for BG2:SoA]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? i Installing [bril for BG2:SoA] Copying and patching 1 file ... Compiling 1 dialogue file ... Extending game scripts ... Copying 2 files ... ERROR: error loading [bril/man1s.bmp] Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [bril for BG2:SoA], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 4 files for [sETUP-BRIL.TP2] component 0. Uninstalled 4 files for [sETUP-BRIL.TP2] component 0. ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "Bril/man1s.bmp") PLEASE email the file SETUP-BRIL.DEBUG to Blades (kmark2323@gmail.com) Install Component [bril for BG2:SoA]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?
  13. My thanks to both of you for the clarification. I was leaning that way, hence my question, but as I want to start modding using "baby steps" to make sure I get a more precise understanding. Reading old tutorials is helpful, but they don't answer the hundred questions that pop up in your head. I prefer to have input from those of you that very informed on the topic if possible. Thanks again.
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