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    Whoah. Not that I was posting much, but welcome back, Meira. And good luck, I'm hoping to see Amber ToB one day.
  2. Oh, I didn't know about that, thanks. (I'll probably only replace it after I'm done with the current playthrough, so that it doesn't break my game - it's not like an issue is a game-breaking one, so I can deal with it until then) I also just found another bug: when Sarah asks me to sleep with her, and I agree, nothing happens in the morning. Only after another rest, the "morning after" dialogue starts.
  3. By weird, I mean the talks that are supposed to happen in the wilderness (like Sarah talking how she loves forests, and looking at the sky) happening inside a building in the city. While I don't know much about how BG2 mods work, I suspect the "Rest anywhere" mod might be responsible, if it changed all inside areas to be considered wildnerness (so the game would let me rest there). If that's why it happens, it's sort of not really your responsibility, but if you'd like to work on it anyway, I think I have an idea, how to do it: All areas in the game have their respective codes, like "ARxxxx" or so, right? So, would it be possible to list the specific area codes in the mod's code, for where (and only there) the talks would happen? Example of what I mean, with made up area codes since I don't know them, and mock code, since I don't know how to make mods for BG2, either: If (CurrentArea = "AR0001" or "AR0002" or "AR0354") then (Start "SarahTalk015"); (I hope it makes sense to you.) Oh, and the game version I'm playing is BG2EE from GOG.com, with " (A)" patch (that's how it's listed in GOG Galaxy). Attaching the Sarah's DEBUG file and WEIDU log, too. WeiDU.log SETUP-SARAHTOB.DEBUG
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    ToB news

    Seeing as the mod's website doesn't exist anymore, it's probably abandoned for good, sadly.
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    ToB news

    Is this still in progress?
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    About Amber

    Romance with Amber is active, I had two talks not long ago, one when she has a guard duty, and another about a rose (I'm trying to put in as few spoilers as I can), and M#AmberRomanceActive has "1" value. Aerie's romance is still in the stage, when she can't cope with herself, and her new life on the ground. (AerieRomanceActive value is also "1") Charisma and Intelligence are both 18. With what you have told me though, it should be safe - I plan to politely let Aerie down, when she asks, if PC feels anything for her, and it'd be before she proposes to spend a night together. (so she'll never propose that, actually) Edit: I think Amber interjected in some of Aerie's talks, too. My question wasn't about something not working now, but terminating Aerie's romance early enough for Amber.
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