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    NWN 1 and all the great modules. Teaching myself basics of using the Aurora engine and trying to get my head around NWN 2.

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  1. QUOTE (Sionnach @ Jul 22 2009, 04:28 PM) Fortunately, I was able to edit the savegame file to change Bevil's "happy" variable so Kana acknowledges he's improved (so no "bad" ending, heh), but would like to have the dialogue play properly on future playthroughs if possible (I'd rather not remove the mod, it's been fun to play with). Thanks in advance. Probably a really dumb question but... How exactly does one do that? I'm not all that savvy on some of these technical things but I'd like to be able to get the better ending if it's something my character would actually care to do. Thanks. ^_^ --------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to know how to do edit this as well. I have the same problem with Bevil . I have tried two complete playthru's to this point only to have the same thing occur. I do understand how complex an issue this is (well I am trying to) and just want to continue , with upgrading the keep to the best.
  2. You leave all the files in their respective folders and put them in your Program Files\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\Override folder, NOT THE ONE IN MY DOCUMENTS. You have to unzip them, but then just place the folders into the override folder in your Program Files\Atari\Neverwinter Nights 2\Override folder, NOT THE ONE IN MY DOCUMENTS. Sorry for the scream and repeat, but this was a mistake I made, and it cost me game time that I will never get back. Wow Thank you very much, this has been a perplexing problem for me trying to nut out how the files were added to NWN2, I fluked a few but they only had a module and a hak and the other used the override in My Docs. I am no wiser as to why there are two separate places but the veil is lifting. My new computer crashed bigtime the other night playing SoZ. My screen went crazy colours and I could not see any buttons and I had to shutdown. The prob never went away, I reinstalled xp, and then all my neverwinter including MoB . So far all is ok. Funny, I had a set against NWN2 since trying to play with a old amd 2.4ghz single core and not being able to make heads or tails out of the mini map and when the overland transition happened all I could see was a pale blue screen that drove me nuts the way it obscured everthing. I gave up in disgust and then I read a post about setting near and Far iin graphics options and like magic the blue veil lifted and I could see everyhting.. totally blew me away that it could be such a simple answer. Like a lot of things I guess. Thanks again
  3. Hi Do you leave all the files in their respective folders when you place them in the override folder? Or do do you put everything in Override without being in individual folders! I have read hundreds of posts (not just here) and found nix.
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