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  1. Are they? I have no idea anymore, since I've been out of the IE modding scene for so long.
  2. I know it's been a great long while since I've posted here, since finishing up Saerileth, our magnum opus, about three years ago. I am shutting down the site which hosts all our mods, so I was wondering if G3 would do us the honor of hosting Tsujatha, Saerileth, Yasraena, Kindrek, Biddekelorak, and Willie Bruce. If so, please contact me at gilalion (at) gmail (dot) com, since I might forget to check back here. Thanks so much!
  3. I have made a one-hour NPC called Biddekelorak.... he's a dwarf. he's a single-classed priest of lathander. he, quite frankly, exists simply because I am sick of viconia and anomen. I'm hoping that someone would do me a big favor and voice the following lines.... SAY INITIAL_MEETING ~Yer name, <CHARNAME>, has already reached me ears. I be called Biddekelorak, and the road be calling to me!~ SAY MORALE ~Lathander, forgive me weakness!~ SAY HAPPY ~Our deeds be good and pleasing.~ SAY UNHAPPY_ANNOYED ~Amend yer ways.~ SAY UNHAPPY_SERIOUS ~Have a care! Yer falling into shadow.~ SAY UNHAPPY_BREAKING ~Darkness has taken ye!~ SAY LEADER ~As busy as a smith in spring!~ SAY TIRED ~Can't burn the candle at both ends.~ SAY BORED ~Here we shine our light under a bushel.~ SAY BATTLE_CRY1 ~Yaaaah!~ SAY BATTLE_CRY2 ~Glorious light!~ SAY BATTLE_CRY3 ~The battle be joined!~ SAY BATTLE_CRY4 ~Blood will flow!~ SAY BATTLE_CRY5 ~The dawn breaks!~ SAY DAMAGE ~*Uhh*~ SAY DYING ~Over me dead body!~ SAY HURT ~I near Lathander's brilliant threshold.~ SAY AREA_FOREST ~Never have to worry about the weather in a dwarven city.~ SAY AREA_CITY ~'Tis strange--no roof o' stone over me head.~ SAY AREA_DUNGEON ~The shadows hide much evil here. Lathander, shine forth!~ SAY AREA_DAY ~There be now light enough to see by.~ SAY AREA_NIGHT ~Would that it were day!~ SAY SELECT_COMMON1 ~I be here.~ SAY SELECT_COMMON2 ~What?~ SAY SELECT_COMMON3 ~Be there something ye need?~ SAY SELECT_COMMON4 ~Armed with his holy brilliance.~ SAY SELECT_COMMON5 ~I be here to serve.~ SAY SELECT_COMMON6 ~I wait upon Lathander's pleasure.~ SAY SELECT_ACTION1 ~Onward!~ SAY SELECT_ACTION2 ~We be hard as stone.~ SAY SELECT_ACTION3 ~If it be his will.~ SAY SELECT_ACTION4 ~Worry not.~ SAY SELECT_ACTION5 ~I be skilled at that.~ SAY SELECT_ACTION6 ~Old I be, yet old age has its value and duty.~ SAY SELECT_ACTION7 ~That light may shine in darkness.~ SAY REACT_TO_DIE_GENERAL ~No longer does the dark veil of this world cloud yer eyes.~ SAY SELECT_RARE1 ~The gods look after fools, children, and drunkards... humans usually count for two out of three.~ SAY SELECT_RARE2 ~Don't grab an elf by the ear.~ SAY CRITICAL_HIT ~Ha-haa!~ SAY CRITICAL_MISS ~Clangeddin's teeth!~ SAY TARGET_IMMUNE ~Invulnerable!~ SAY INVENTORY_FULL ~Ye've overloaded me old bones.~ SAY SPELL_DISRUPTED ~Lathander be not so easily thwarted!~ he is an old dwarf, so the voice should be appropriately gruff and gravely. if someone does it, please send the .ogg files zipped up to my email--gilalion @ gmail.com
  4. thanks for the info, grim squeaker, but willie bruce, yasraena, and kindrek are *not* romanceable, and sillara has already posted about saerileth. so there ya go.
  5. [CoM] Willie Bruce Mod (BG2) Author(s): nethrin Originally part of pocketplane's One-Day Bruceday, Willie Bruce is being expanded into a full-fledged mod. He is complete as is, so he is eligible for crossmod banters. Willie Bruce is drunk, racist, sexist, rude, and foul-mouthed. Add to all this humor and some of the funniest one-liners ever written for an NPC mod, and you have a very entertaining NPC. W.Bruce is easy-going and gets along with everyone, though he does occasionally take verbal jabs at people. (SOA/TOB NPC module, Released) Homepage Forum Added
  6. [CoM] Kindrek Mod (BG2) Author(s): nethrin Kindrek is a wizard- and magic-hating chaotic evil berserker who is not native to Faerun. Kindrek kills (or attempts to kill) the PC for taking any single-classed wizard or sorcerer into the party, or if the PC dual-classes into a mage. He destroys any magical item put in his inventory. He will not tolerate the Cowled Wizards. (SOA/TOB NPC module, Released) Homepage Forum Added
  7. Kindrek's files for SoA dialogues: KINDREK.d, BKINDREK.d, KINDREKJ.d scripts: KINDREK.baf, KINDREKD.baf for ToB dialogues: KINDRE25.d, BKINDR25.d, KIND25J.d scripts: KINDRE25.baf, KINDR25D.baf
  8. no prob. I just went ahead and did this for saerilej.d-- GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL",8) for saeri25j.d-- GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL",7)
  9. I thought chapter 7 was suldanessellar and hell and whatnot and therefore WK is inaccessible during that chapter. am I wrong? can one go to WK while in chapter 7? if so, changing the code is an easy thing.
  10. nevermind. simgding0 fixed it. but, just in case anyone else wants to know how to do it.... in your J.d file, put GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL",7) and then in your 25J.d file, put GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL",7) then just double up the interjections in each of the files.
  11. we tried that, originally. we had to cut it out of SoA and just leave the ToB with the chapter global.
  12. we want to have saerileth interject into various parts of the watcher's keep quest, whether you do it in SoA or ToB. however, while testing the saerileth mod, we found that when it's time for her to interject, the dialogue simply ends. the bioware npcs do *not* interject into WK in SoA. their interjections are coded in their 25.d files with a GlobalGT("Chapter","Global",7) check. is this what we need to do for saerileth? this would therefore make her eligible to interject into WK *only* in ToB, which is exactly what we don't want to do. can anyone help?
  13. ok, it's official: sillara is silly. plea to G3 global moderator(s): please disable sillara's emoticon panel.
  14. I have the following code in a cutscene. However, Weidu claims there are "too many arguments" in the EscapeAreaMove command. I know that the coordinates look odd, but they are correct for EscapeAreaMove. (Not only is it so listed in IESDP, but I have it in another mod, and it works.) What is wrong? Sillara, the stumped Edit: (Sorry, I forgot to log-out nethrin) IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId("Edorem") Wait(1) SaveGame(0) FadeToColor([30.0],0) Wait(2) EscapeAreaMove("Edorem","ar1204",422,430,0) ActionOverride("Player1",EscapeAreaMove("ar1204",423,431,0)) ActionOverride("Player2",EscapeAreaMove("ar1204",424,432,0)) ActionOverride("Player3",EscapeAreaMove("ar1204",425,433,0)) ActionOverride("Player4",EscapeAreaMove("ar1204",426,434,0)) ActionOverride("Player5",EscapeAreaMove("ar1204",427,435,0)) ActionOverride("Player6",EscapeAreaMove("ar1204",428,436,0)) Wait(5) FadeFromColor([20.0],0) ActionOverride("Edorem",StartDialogueNoSet(Player1)) EndCutSceneMode() END
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