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  1. I would like to take up valuable space on this forum by introducing Kindrek, a non-romanceable NPC for BGII--SoA & ToB. Kindrek is a wizard-slaying, magic-hating Roc (original race from my campaign setting) who will join your group in the City Gates. I know: another non-Faerun NPC. This is getting ridiculous! But I don't like using other people's material..... Kindrek has extensive banters with most of the Bioware NPCs, several interjections throughout SoA and ToB, a couple cutscenes, and a ChatPack (works on the same principle as the PC-initiated FlirtPack). Kindrek is very powerful, but he has several potentially-fatal weaknesses...... Download the Kindrek mod here: http://www.gilalion.com/kindrekmod.htm
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