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  1. This is how lynx must feel when he manages the bug tracker on github.
  2. More info on Game Over Party Death and GemRB: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=4953&pid=57115&st=20&#entry57115 Sorry for necro resurrection just happen to see this thread and I wanted to share my previous findings.
  3. @Vlan https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/559974967316447245/JANJ2515_COMPLIMENT_RESPONSE_1.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205226905870270466/569605415243874315/KORGAN_DEATH_GENERAL.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/205226905870270466/569605419777916928/KORGAN_DEATH_GENERAL_2.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/563021199375073300/JAN_DEATH_SPECIFIC.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/531043595252137985/562357187167518749/JANJAN76_DEATH_GENERAL.wav https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/53
  4. @Vlan I am working on such mod you can listen to some samples on the Gibberlings 3 discord section noobersmeet & mod-discussion (older messages). The mod will work for BGT for sure, need to test it if it is going to work on BG2 alone. Need also to import some new soundset from BG:EE. So far I finished Jan. The voiceset for Minsc, HaerDalis, Drizzt (Drizzt Saga mod) and Yoshimo are almost completed. Korgan, Mazzy, and Vicionia are started. I intend to give proper voiceset for some modded NPCs as well such as BG2 Branwen, Tiax, Coran, Xan, Yeslick, Kachioko and others. But that part wil
  5. ////This is temporary rough version of the guide. Sorry I deleted by mistake the finished guide. But it is still applicable. This is guide for Windows users. Sorry I do not own/have Linux or any other systems. This guide will help you set up GemRB engine and install GemRB 10pp mod so you can enjoy 10 party members or decrease maximum allowable pary members. I recommend you to install Notepad ++ or similar program for easier editing paths. I. First Setting up your GemRB: 1. First go to this site and download the latest build Windows: https://s
  6. One time I remember setting resolution 1920 x 1440 or 1920 x 1080 don't remember which it did work so no gui/interface bug were present even with 10 npcs. However with such res creatures are less than one inch on your screen. You need magnifying glass to play with such res. 1600 x 1200 is compromise you make trade off an non-annoying bug for decent resolution. This bug is nothing because it fixes itself with reload there are far more annoying bugs I encountered. Anyway I noticed it's good for stability of GemRB to quit the game at least once per 1 hour.
  7. Info for the curious users of 10pp mod. Widescreen resolution of 1600 x 1200 is still too small for 10 NPCs if you wish 100% bug free GUI. Still it is enough because if you encounter the bug (e.g. double NPC portrait) like when removing/joining NPCs you can just save and reload and it will fix yer issues 100%. 1600 x 1200 works up to 8 NPCs bug free. For more than 8 NPCs set the widescreen larger.
  8. Mod related bugs/issues are marked by violet. I dunno if this is bug but the console is spamming messages like [EffectQueue]: Edwin is immune to effect: ApplyEffect. The name of the NPC seems not to matter. -missing experience for turning creatures into stone and imprisoning them. (Isn't this vanilla behaviour?) -Snivrebins have gnome avatar (Aurora Shoes and Boots) (should be halfling? What is this guy's animation id [ctrl-m]) -Vanilla better unsellable item icon background -BG1 Romantic Encounters Bardolan's Briefing, by berelinde: 2.7 - when invited to
  9. The bug has been solved by lynx it was cap on string count. The latest version is capped to 400K as far as I know but maybe lynx will have better answer for that question. Ah good old G3 forums are back.
  10. I tested a little the latest build. gemrb-win32-08f0f04.zip Irenicus paperdoll from Longer Road shows correctly but there are still bugs with his body not changing from fire elemental to Irenicus elf body. As soon as Irenicus joins you need to ctril + R on him and save the game (save must be made in pocketplane) then load that save again. There seems to be problem with spell Maze and Imprisonment and minor with Flesh to Stone - one bug is related to those three spells. Your NPC don't leave the party when she/he gets turned to stone or mazed/imprisoned. When maze or imprisonment is cast on
  11. After pondering a lot I think perhaps some ill added BGEE compatibility to any mod I installed might messed up dialogue display on GemRB. I will go do yet another mega mod install this time skipping mods which were converted using BiG World Installapck and Fixpack from BG:EE to BGT - namely Thenya NPC and Aerie in BG1.
  12. How can this be problem with megamod install if all dialogues display correctly on vanilla engine? This is console log. No errors popped up when I started dialogue with Lucy.
  13. Yes the dialog.tlk I uploaded doesn't display Lucy the Wyvern mod dialogue just like in the above screen. To be sure I checked on vanilla engine and dialogue displays correctly. I ran check with DLTCEP for dialog.tlk I don't understand what it says in the log but some warnings but no errors.
  14. There is missing paperdoll for Irenicus in the mod Longer Road v1.5.1 but Illithid paperdoll for Varshoom NPC is present. Also the cutscene where Irenicus gets tortured burning in hell hangs up. Your party gets reported to ARHELL.are to watch Irenicus cutscene. Player control is disabled with purple circles under each of your NPC. The only way to get the cutscene moving is to type MoveToArea("ARHELL") as quickly as you can when you finish dialogue with Rielv otherwise you get stuck. Hmm release link soon? You can place Bounty Hunter's special snares remotely without moving bounty hu
  15. dialog.tlk http://www.mediafire.com/file/wei0ahdr5hqy49f/dialog.tlk/file Here it begins. Fade NPC have proper dialog boxes - no empty dialogue boxes. But last mod installed Lucy the Wyvern v4a has empty dialogue box. Second dialog option should be (kiss her). Romantic Encounter (RE) dialogs worked perfectly no empty dialog boxes in RE. This time setup is different but the same problem still persists. I noticed that mod Tortured Souls from Vlad's Compilation has missing 3. dialog option (first choices during convo) when first encountering Kachicko near the exit from Irenicus Chateau.
  16. I notified the mod creator. But I checked his activity on the forum and two years ago is last time he was there. The mod looks abandoned. @khelban can you upload your hotfixed files? We won't be getting any support from the mod author any soon. http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showforum=103
  17. Vanilla GemRB This particular bugs drives me crazy making me unable to finish mega installation on GemRB. I am using Leonardo Watson guide for mega mod installation and all works as intended (some small mods don't work like Homeward but whatever I can live without Homeward) except those freaking dialogues. I tried to go around and there is just no way around this bug. Even if I change the order a bit with problematic mods*** I will still get empty dialogue box bug at some point when installing quest or NPC mod or any mod that adds dialog. [.\dialog.tlk] created, 317
  18. EDIT: see below for a list of things already fixed or tracked This is strictly not putting entire blame on GemRB but I want to warn other players who wants to play with mods on GemRB. There are few caveats they should know especially when doing mega mod installation. Game breaking immersion bugs: -when hiding in shadows NPC will become hidden immediately even if she/he fails to do so -sometimes random NPCs can die when you enter the area (ghost child in the Graveyard district or Alexandria in Umar Hills) Annoying bugs: -Sudden day/night change -Whenever NPC joins the group
  19. Any chance for future update crossmod talk between Ajantis and Isra? That would be nice since Crossmod Banter Pack doesn't cover those two NPCs and both are paladins.
  20. I finally found mod that causes ShadowKeeper unable to open GemRB save Error (1025): Missing CRE signature. It happened after I installed The Drizzt Saga. I am 100% positive because I was making new game and saved it after adding each mod then checked if I can load the save with ShadowKeeper. After installing Drizzt Saga v3 you will be unable to load your GemRB save in Shadowkeeper and vanilla engine. I inspected .cre files with NearInfinity and couldn't find any .cre from Drizzt Saga v3 file that was missing signature.
  21. I can confirm that jastey's Ajantis BGII is compatible with Ding0 Quest Pack component Miscellaneous Enhancements. Insignificant caveat for the curious. It won't impact or break your modded game when you have both Ding0 Quest Pack and jastey's Ajantis BGII installed. Could you give me spoiler answer how to get the knights out of that time warp? I collected two scrolls from that mage and now walk in circles. I wanna see Ajantis join. I managed to get Ding0 Quest Pack working on GemRB it needs to be installed after Kelsey/Keto for GemRB OR one
  22. Jastey you are a modder. I copied and paste text from SHOP08.DLG file belonging to Galoomp the Bookeeper who gets a quest from Ding0 Quest Pack. His dialog window is empty after DQP gets installed. I used NearInfinity to get the file content. Could you tell me by quickly viewing the file if there is anything wrong with it?
  23. Empty dialogue window you can still press Enter or 1,2,3,4 etc to progress it but no text is displayed. This could be GemRB doings I didn't test it on vanilla engine. GemRB tends to be more conservative when it comes to dialogues and its installation order. In previous tests I saw modded NPC working just fine on vanilla engine but on GemRB it was missing dialogue. On the other hand GemRB is less conservative when it comes to animations. In vanilla engine when animation is missing or broken it will give CTD but GemRB just will play default creature sprite when the animation is missing or broken
  24. I was unable to make both Miscellaneous Enhancements from Ding0 quest pack and Jastey's Ajantis BGII work together. In game you will get missing dialogue windows in many other Ding0 Quest Pack componenets as well as in the Windspear Quest where this guy's daughter gets kidnapped. Tested on GemRB engine. Not tested on vanilla engine but I doubt it will be different.
  25. About using Shadowkeeper and using GemRB saves - save (assertion) failed to load in vanilla engine issue. There is possible workaround. I only tested that workaround without leaving Candlekeep so this is not bullet proof workaround in any way. 1) I started new game in vanilla engine saved. 2) Loaded save in Shadowkeeper so I can be sure it is not broken 3) Loaded save in GemRB engine then made a new save 4) Loaded GemRB save in Shadowkeeper all loaded correctly no assertion failed or missing cre signatures 5) Loaded GemRB save in GemRB engine made another new save 6) Loaded that in bo
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