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  1. Oh, okay. (grins sheepishly) I wasn't sure what you meant when you said "your palm" so that was what came to mind. That, or palm tree, but I seriously doubted you meant that. LOL. Well, anyway, off to have some coffee.......
  2. I am sorry to hear all that. I wasn't actually really hoping for a complete Gann romance, just wondering if it were possible. As for your palm, you mean Pomeranian? Losing pets is tough, I know that from my own experience. I have lost a few and it makes life miserable-for a time. Hope you feel better and don't worry about the question I asked about the mod. It was just a thought I had and felt the need to express it.
  3. No problem. But I still don't know if you can refuse him at that point...... Maybe on another playthrough I can see if one can.
  4. I saw on YouTube, an alternate version of that talk between those 2 where instead said ranger and said paladin are out in the field and Bishop basically insults Casavir pretty bad. It was interesting to see as I had not seen that talk before, only the other one where they are in the foyer/main hall of the Keep and Bishop warns Cas not to "fall from grace" over a woman. As my influence with Bishop is always low, (maybe I might use the console to change that, or play nasty ) I do not get the other talk. And I thought the one you get when your influence is higher with the ranger, was more fun to see. I don't know if I should post a link here or not. Depends on whose interested in seeing it that haven't. Anyone??...... (of course, you could always go to YouTube yourself to see it but......)
  5. Cool. But as Berelinde said, it would need a coder. At least 50% of that is possible so far- the writer interested in writing it and then someone who wants to code it. Fanfic.... I looooovvvve fanfic! I am currently writing my own but it will most likely be awhile before I have that ready as it is going through lots of editing. I am getting some help/pointers with that though. I would be interested in reading your fanfic too. Oh, and as a humorous side note, "any character romanceable" is cool as long as it isn't Grobnar! Okay, just had to let that one out. More of my random silliness. Besides no one would be interested in writing/coding/playing that anyway, I would think.
  6. Totally understandable. As for coming up with ideas, I might be interested in that for a Gann romance/dialogues. That would be fun and interesting. I would have to ponder that. And having a coder/writer interested in pursuing it, I forgot to mention that very most important thing. Sorry! I do know where Domi is coming from though when she wants to make sure she has enough people interested in a romance before pursuing it. It makes perfect sense. Also, your work on the Cas romance is appreciated. It does have more of a romantic feel and greatly expands on the unmodded version. It adds more "person" to the word "personality" for Casavir. It makes him seem more "real". Especially the one where PC goes off to see Sydney Natale with the gith and Qara while Casavir is ranting about her being gone without his protection or to aid her in some way. I thought that was amusing when he acted like a tornado and PC could say something like "is the Keep now rubble again?" and "gods, Casavir, I did not know you were that destructive!" Funny stuff. But anyway, back on topic.......
  7. As for the new ending... you mean getting Bishop to explain himself or rejoin your side against King of Shadows? I would most definitely have to use the console to get that, as I am not bad *** enough to do otherwise.
  8. Okay, just feel the need to comment. Gann isn't blue, it only appears that way when in the prison. His skin tone is more a gray color with a violet or purplish cast to it. Oh, and I agree with the TN thing with Bishop. Just doesn't..... work. I would still say CE is the best option for him. And yeah, that would be the perfect romance ending for a bishop romance in MoB is PC saving him from the wall. I mean, how much more epic can you get there? Oh, and......... dandruff?......... (laughs)
  9. Yeah, I don't get that talk as my influence with him was negative. I did get the last Casavir talk though.
  10. I don't know how many people will be interested in this but I am wondering if maybe, just maybe there will be a full romance for Gann in MotB instead of just a flirt-pack? I would be interested in seeing how a full romance track with that char. would play out. But I understand if it can't be done. The flirts do add more to the almost non existent romance, so I am not complaining. Just would be interested to see more along those lines. But I know it depends on how many are interested in that idea in the first place. Maybe, if it were possible, someone could do that and release it as a separate mod? By the way, who did do the flirts for Gann?
  11. I actually did not get that option til after the Skein where you could no longer refuse him and have it work. Or so I 've read. The "exact" dialogue option, or close to it, was this: "Gann, I know we;ve been flirting awhile and it seems to me that you..... that you want it to be something more. But I hate to tell you there is someone else." That appeared for me in the Slumbering Coven although I did not pick it b/c I am interested in romancing/flirting with Gann. And saying that, especially when I have no reason to, would most certainly kill the flirts. I would think. So the question remains: IF one wants to reject Gann for Bishop or Cas and you can only do so before a certain point why have that option appear afterward?? Doesn't make sense to me.
  12. I haven't ever actually played BG or BG2 I started to but then my computer decided to crash and die. It took the whole motherboard with it and it smelled like it was burning. My dad (being the computer whiz he is) managed to save some things off the hard drive and transfer it to my new computer. I think I may have tried to install/run BG2 on the computer I have now but I don't think it worked. I will try again, though sometime. If it doesn't play, I won't be able to.
  13. Um, let's see. I am not exactly sure of the exact wording but doesn't the player (or Gann ) say something about that they love the other? I didn't pick the dialogue option while in the Skein about "are you in love" but afterward in Coveya Kurgannis. And he keeps evading the question. I did (while in the Skein) have Gann say "if I am ever to love....." but that was all.
  14. Given that I have never modded before or worked with the toolset, why would opening it possibly destroy a file?
  15. Yikes. Ouch. That does sound like a ton of bad luck got dumped on you. I;m sorry to hear about that. Just out of curiosity what mod were/are you working on? Hope the rest of your week is better.
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