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  1. Should be fixed in the next version hopefully. More info in this comment.
  2. Some old typos in balth.tra: @1091 = ~I have mastered the power within me and held the evil in check, but I know as well...if not better...then most of my brethren the threat that it holds for all of Faerun. I will not allow this. I have dedicated my life to preventing it.~ then -> than @1112 = ~You're a weaker fool then I thought. Let's just end this now, shall we? I have an appointment with god-hood.~ then -> than @1167 = ~It...it is true. I paid little attention to my men's actions, but I...I knew what they were doing. I thought it a great sacridice, necessary to maintain secrecy, to attain my ultimate goal that they, in their ignorance, did not know would benefit them more in the end. But...it is how we treat the most helpless of our brethren in the worst of times that marks the goodness of a man, does it not? I...I am ashamed, <CHARNAME>. I sought...only to do what was best for us all.~ sacridice -> sacrifice @1174 = ~And despite what you might profess, I think the taint sits closer to your heart then you would have me believe. I must walk my own path, <CHARNAME>...and you must walk yours.~ then -> than
  3. SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Ease-of-use party AI Great success!
  4. Input file is stratagems/gameplay/resourcebddefai.ssl cannot find input file at stratagems/ssl/ssl.pl line 191. Copying and patching 1 file ... ERROR: error loading [weidu_external/workspace/ssl_out/bddefai.baf] Stopping installation because of error. Error on line 191 instead of 114 now.
  5. Yep, they didn't unfortunately so my suggestions can be safely ignored.
  6. Should probably use /bin/chmod instead of chmod to be sure it is found. And should %full_loc%\%script% be %full_loc%/%script% on macOS perhaps?
  7. Nice! It only took six years to fix the typos.
  8. @argent77 - Could you test if this works better in the build (current beta for BG:EE)?
  9. Sounds like you are trying to install the BG2 version of this mod on BG1.
  10. Reported some typos here. Probably still valid for v15 after doing a quick check.
  11. Some potential typos to report. I've been slow in my proofreading so I thought I'd report what I have so far. ariane_lowlantern.tra: @35 = ~That sounds gre- darn, I see my one of my companions beckoning. Another time.~ I see my one -> I see one bjornin_re.tra: @100 = ~Oh, yess! I like your style, <CHARNAME>~ <CHARNAME> -> <CHARNAME>. @137 = ~That's what they say, and then it takes two weeks with their help and 14 days without.~ two weeks with their help and 14 days without. -> two tendays with their help and 20 days without. c#_thalantyr.tra: @39 = ~A book for Thalantyr Thalantyr, the mage from the High Hedge, mentioned a book he can't find but would like to have: volume two of "Thee oldde magyck". Since he hasn't found it up till now I assume it is in the posession of some other powerful mage, hopefully somewhere on the Sword Coast.~ posession -> possession @132 = ~Oh, you intended to travel to Kara'Tur in the upcoming month? ...I am jesting, of course.~ Kara'Tur -> Kara-Tur @156 = ~So, what about the book I own this dinner to? You wanted to tell me why it is so valuable to you.~ own -> owe c#eltan.tra: @74 = ~Scar's Body I found Scar's vase in a chandler' store in the lower level of North-East Baldur's Gate! He said he got it from a man called Kelder who I should be able to find in the tavern North of the harbor master's building. I am *sure* this vase was taken out of Scar's quarters after he was dead. I wonder how that man got hold of Scar's key - surely Scar had it on him when he was murdered!~ chandler' -> chandler's @85 = ~I'm no' proud of it, young'un, but a man has to live. You want to know who give me the coat, go and talk to young Chester or Hung. They were the ones who brought in the body, when all looked like it was only a malicious attack and all would be restored to its old glory in no time. You'll find them at their new working place, one of the warehouses down the road. The second from here it was, I recall. They probably also know what the heck was going on. I for sure don't.~ give -> gave @268 = ~Oh, but you are a jester, <CHARNAME>! (laughs).~ (laughs). -> (laughs) c#husam.tra: @22 = ~We need you capable of focussing on our problems, so if you say you need quick relief, than that is what I can offer you.~ than -> then @123 = ~I hope that you are now focussed on the task ahead.~ focussed -> focused c#kim.tra: @0 = ~That... that was (catches breath)~ was -> was... @3 = ~And now, I think I would appreciate it if you would disappear so I could adjust my mind to what just happened... and best if I would never see you again... No offence meant. I am sure you'll find your way out.~ offence -> offense (matching @9) @88 = ~How about I stroke your abdomen first, coming a liiitle deeper - but not just far enough...~ liiitle -> liiittle
  12. This one works for me: http://www.baldursgatemods.com/forums/index.php?topic=5724.0
  13. Thank you for updating! A little typo in p#coranft: @362 = ~I'm not fond of anything that implies that I must to something. I prefer to want to do it.~ must to -> must do
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