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  1. Thanks! Just glad I can give something back to the mod community.
  2. Some potential typos. I'm less than certain about some of the globals I note below but they might be worth a double-check at least. dendjelion-iwdnpc.d line 95: == L#DENDJB ~Maybe <PRO_HESHE>'s the smart one. He knows he needs someone with enough grit to actually get the dirty things done.~ Should it be something like "<PLAYER1> knows <PRO_HESHE> needs" instead? dendjelion-karihi.d line 27: DO ~IncrementGlobal("C0KarihiDendjelionBanter3","GLOBAL",1)~ Should it be "C0KarihiDendjelionBanter2" instead? dendjelion-minerva.d line 14: == L#DENDJB ~Don't get
  3. The PPG forums are back!
  4. Should be fixed in the next version hopefully. More info in this comment.
  5. Some old typos in balth.tra: @1091 = ~I have mastered the power within me and held the evil in check, but I know as well...if not better...then most of my brethren the threat that it holds for all of Faerun. I will not allow this. I have dedicated my life to preventing it.~ then -> than @1112 = ~You're a weaker fool then I thought. Let's just end this now, shall we? I have an appointment with god-hood.~ then -> than @1167 = ~It...it is true. I paid little attention to my men's actions, but I...I knew what they were doing. I thought it a great sacridice, nec
  6. SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED Ease-of-use party AI Great success!
  7. Input file is stratagems/gameplay/resourcebddefai.ssl cannot find input file at stratagems/ssl/ssl.pl line 191. Copying and patching 1 file ... ERROR: error loading [weidu_external/workspace/ssl_out/bddefai.baf] Stopping installation because of error. Error on line 191 instead of 114 now.
  8. Yep, they didn't unfortunately so my suggestions can be safely ignored.
  9. Should probably use /bin/chmod instead of chmod to be sure it is found. And should %full_loc%\%script% be %full_loc%/%script% on macOS perhaps?
  10. Nice! It only took six years to fix the typos.
  11. @argent77 - Could you test if this works better in the build (current beta for BG:EE)?
  12. Reported some typos here. Probably still valid for v15 after doing a quick check.
  13. Some potential typos to report. I've been slow in my proofreading so I thought I'd report what I have so far. ariane_lowlantern.tra: @35 = ~That sounds gre- darn, I see my one of my companions beckoning. Another time.~ I see my one -> I see one bjornin_re.tra: @100 = ~Oh, yess! I like your style, <CHARNAME>~ <CHARNAME> -> <CHARNAME>. @137 = ~That's what they say, and then it takes two weeks with their help and 14 days without.~ two weeks with their help and 14 days without. -> two tendays with their help and 20 days without. c
  14. Minor typos in setup.tra: @1017, @1019, @1020, @1027, @1039 THACO -> THAC0
  15. Works fine for me as well using StuffIt Expander 15.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.7.4.
  16. Enemies not dying properly is an issue in the old version of ToBEx bundled with SCS2. Download the latest version here.
  17. Looked through the tra-files for v5 and found the following typos. Some errors in Ajantis_friendship_d.tra was already corrected in AjantisLTs.tra and I have used those corrections below. Ajantis_friendship_d.tra: @133 = ~I agree with "you will never rule a country". The rest I didn't listen carefully enough.~ listen carefully -> listen to carefully @284 = ~You mean because I'm a thief?! Do you think I am not a <PRO_MANWOMAN> of honor just because I'm a thief?! Ajantis, we've spent some time together, and you've seen me working; havn't you noticed I only use my talen
  18. Looked through dialogue.d and saw some small things: ~By the goose feathers, it would be so much simpler if you've just stopped taking everything as an affront.~ you've -> you ~That makes too of us, sun-admirers, then!~ too -> two ~But it's for the best. Now I simply must finish this great ballade I'm working on! To, erm, see everything in perspective.~ ~It's for the best anyway, right? Because now I simply must finish this great ballad I'm working on! To, erm, see everything in perspective.~ ballade or ballad? ~If you trying to improve your Bovine, the prope
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