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    Currently, anything. I've been forced into an early maternity leave and have nothing to pass the time, other then dropping off and picking up my son from preschool and keeping the house clean. It was fun for the first week, and now I am bored to tears. Who would have guessed I'd miss work so much? Not me!

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  1. I agree- yay! I cannot wait for Aklon to be finished. Well, I know I sort of have too, but I think y'all know what I mean.
  2. JVixie24

    Aklon's Bio

    I could believe 14-15 intelligence for Aklon. In fact, in my humble opinion, it is more plausible because of what I have read in his sample dialogs and such- he seems much closer to an intellectual then just another average guy. But of course, it's your call, BigRob.
  3. I spent enough time in the military to be able to read a map any way, in any lighting and under any conditions. My husband was in the army longer then I was and still can't read even a Mapquest map, so I guess men do need women around to read the maps. And the directions!
  4. I always found the flirt where the PC nibbles her finger seductive manner to be a fun one to have around, although Aklon is so worldly he might find such an act a little immature (although I've yet to find a man in real life who is immune to it ). Perhaps he could make some sort of lip balm, and a flirty PC could ask him to put it on her? Let me also add that I cannot wait for this mod to be finished; Aklon already has a depth of character that is intriguing. Amazing work!!
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