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  1. Ack! This was the sort of thing I was trying to avoid: modifying other peoples mods! I guess if it's the only way to reliably get the HLAs upon importing, then it's worth a shot. I'm not that good at scripting, but then thats what Google is for I guess the most perplexing thing about this is that in the character creation screen, where I do the importing, the HLAs show up, but once the game starts, they disappear Curse me for not giving the whole story! P.S. It's the Oversight mod from here that gives the monk HLAs.
  2. A very annoying bug has cropped up in some of the mods I've been playing with: When exporting with a character that has custom HLAs, SK shows that he has them and whatever effects they apply. However, upon importing into a new game, those HLAs that are not spells, but in the abilities menu, disappear, but normal class abilities (custom and vanilla) and HLA spells stay there and behave normally. SK confirms this. I tried it with the Geomantic Sorcerer kit, as that is where I first discovered the bug. Then I installed a mod that gave monks a different HLA table (similar to Balthazar's abilities). What that mod is, I have long since forgotten (various aspects in RL and an interest in some other games have caused me to not play BG2 in a long time). It even happens with my own mods that I install. It could be bad coding o my part, but the fact that it appears in other mods leads me to believe this problem is a bit more global. I have tried adding in the special abilities via SK and they seem to work, but adding in the static effects yields no results. I've tried just about everything I can think of and am at the end of my rope. Has anyone else had this sort of problem in their's, or anyone else's, mods? Is there a more consistent fix to this problem?
  3. Happy Birthday! Man! This is what I get for being away for so long!
  4. Happy Easter to All!!!!!! ???
  5. The netbook I got was an Asus Eeepc 900ha, and then tricked it out with some toys that I know of, but I had no problems with networking on the netbook side of things. My router was often the cause of the issues. My guess would be that different models use different cards. My recomendation would (obviously ) be an EeePC from Asus because they make good, sturdy, reliable netbooks that are not very expensive, or at least mine wasn't ( it was the last of its kind on the shelf. ) Everybody is different, though, so GL!
  6. Find a no-cd crack on the Internet. I have heard that his is a terrible solution and not very reliable. Make an iso of the ToB disk and put it on your computer and mount it with Daemon Tools. This does take up a lot of space though, so if you have a lot of disk space, then go ahead.
  7. I personally pinch any penny I possibly can, so my inner miser says "NO WAY! " However, if I here lots of good reports about it, and find a machine to play it on, then I probably would spend the money. OTOH, there are plenty of free games, some Open Source, that are VERY good. Battle for Wesnoth anyone?
  8. The thing about the Kensai is that he kills stuff faster than they can kill him. If you build and play him right (and give him a little babying at the start), then the Kensai himself can be powerful, and not have to worry as much about armor. Then bring on the Kensage and the world trembles ! Point of fact, it almost seems like the Kensai was built for dual-classing. On its own at lower levels, it's pretty vulnerable. But it makes a perfect supplement to another kit like mage or thief all through the game.
  9. No, you cannot enlist the aid of the Harpers. If you do the Harper/Jaheira quest, you'll find out why.
  10. Glad it's working ! I would suggest that you can teleport only to places that you have previously visited. Teleporting a level 8 party into Suldanessellar is a terrible idea .
  11. So using this logic, could we make/modify a Vorpal effect to do the proverbial 200 damage, making bosses and the like immune to the effect? Or is all of this too complicated to implement?
  12. This is a tutorial for installing BG2 and ToB on Linux using WINE. 1.) Obtain ISOs of you disks. There are many programs out there that you can use, I just can't remember them off of the top of my head. 2.) Obtain the latest version of WINE. sudo apt-get install wine in the terminal. configure to your liking 3.) Mount each ISO file in its own mounting point: /media/Disk1, Disk2, etc. 4.) Run winecfg in the terminal. Under Drives, add a drive, set it as a CD-ROM drive, and set it to point to the mount point of the first ISO. Throughout the rest of this tutorial, I will refer to this drive as E: 5.) run wine E:\Setup.exe. Choose to do a full install. LEAVE THIS TERMINAL ALONE! 6.) Setup will inevitably ask you for the next disk, so when that happens, open up a new terminal, and cd to /home/.wine/dosdevices. 7.) run rm e: then ln -s /mount_point_of_next_disk e: 8.) Return to the installer and continue. Repeat 6 and 7 for tenext couple of disks when Setup asks for them. 9.) After installing SoA, run step 7, using the ToB mount point where appropriate. Run wine E:\Setup.exe These instructions give you a brand new, unpatched, vanilla install of BG2 and ToB. Installing patches and mods are beyond the scope of this tutorial. If I am contradicting anyone in any way, let me know and how so I can change this. If this is not the appropriate place for this topic, please let a staff member know so they can move it to the appropriate place. I do not claim to be an expert on Linux. This tutorial was found here and simplified. It worked for me, and it took a long time to find it, so I'm posting it here to make life easier for others.
  13. The one tactic that is both very brave and very foolish that I used very often: Panic. This means that the enemy is on all sides, and seeing no other way out and all your guys have high reflex saves/HP/are warriors, you drop a fireball on top of your party and watch the enemy DIE!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! (sorry, got carried away ). Afterwords the fighters just mop up the mess and you continue onwards. And while the significance of weapon damage types has gone down, weapons still have special properties that give incentive to use them. I know they exist in PnP, but idk if they have been thought to be implemented in and IE games.
  14. All very good points ! Unfortunatly, my drawing skills are slightly lax in the cool, awesome special effects department. Just whenever I think of axes i think of these guys: . And while I'm not denying their skillz that killz, they just don't suit my tastes. Very good ideas though, and I'll be sure to branch out to some other ideas, like axes ! P.S.- What's a good place to host artwork? I'd like a place that is mostly for viewing not criticizing. Cheers!
  15. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to come up with that?
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