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  1. what argent77 said. Looks like you got some garbage from AR1802 leftover in the tis/wed. You should drop all alternate tiles and rebuild the TIS for that in dltcep, should fix it.
  2. I would like a seperate area editor to open when I am doing areas if that is what I want... ala IETME. Full view of the area art if I want it, all or just some objects displayable at the same time if I want it, PVR/PVRZ compatibility. IETME may be buggy... but its still visually the best editor we have. I talked to Theo recently and sadly he doesnt have the source any more.
  3. I will just throw in and say that Option 3 looks the best to me. Looks like a real mess though... and I would prefer to NOT do nothing... would miss the criticals with those weapons. Perhaps my lack of insight will get the ball rolling:)
  4. Cuv

    ToB stripdown

    TCCoreToB I had given it to igi... he put it on his webpage at tbg. If the link doesnt work for you, let me know and I will email it Cuv
  5. Cuv

    ToB stripdown

    If Avenger doesnt have it... I have the TC_Core_ToB that I got from Ken many years ago. I use it to test things. Was also working on GUI stuff back then. Cuv
  6. Thanks Avenger... Okay, actually adding a cut/paste feature will help immensely. I did know that you could merge bams... but for some reason it never occurred to me to trim down a bam, resave and merge as a sequence:P And yeah... I figured it was something like that about the gifs being a headache. Thanks for the heads up Cuv
  7. Yep, it can easily. Can I assume that there is a problem with creating a feature to import gifs? Importation of entire animation sequences has got to be an improvement over individual bmp frames... even by batch, right? I mean, I still need to export each frame and that is up to hundreds of frames per bam, and there are 13 animation bams per creature... some have many more than that like TNO with his disguises and weapon animations. I did that in the beginning.... and it took me several days just to get all the frames exported and named... gave up on building a bam from the ground up with them. Easy to match a sequence and trim frames out, or reduce the cycle to the correct amount of frames before plugging it into the converter. Or maybe I am missing something here? I am just trying to find the easiest possible way to accomplish the task. I don't want to convert just one or two animations... I want them all from PST to BGII... but I am not as young as I used to be...heh. I would also like the ability to create my own custom animations easily. Don't sweat it, will find an alternative method. Still awaiting that elusive BAM plug-in for Photoshop.
  8. Glad you asked. Because I have figured out how to the keep the alignment of all frames totally intact for an entire sequence in Photoshop. Can also mirror the entire sequence and chop out what I dont need in Photoshop. Importing the entire sequences is much easier than trying to rebuild an entire sequence one frame at a time. I am working on PST animations to BGII Cuv
  9. Another request: Can you allow the importation of entire GIF sequences with DLTCEP? Bamworkshop does this, but it messes up the resolution and colors. It might be a problem with gifs, or with BW. Cuv
  10. I agree Rabain Well said there CMorgan
  11. For me, I still have stories to tell... and seeing the stories play out is a wonderful feeling. I've been around a long time too, and I must say that the modding scene for the BG series is actually stronger today than it has ever been.
  12. Why? Well, that would be details Hehe You'll just have to wait and see. When Seb says it's okay to start releasing info, then everyone will know what is going on.
  13. All is well! I am the project lead on all the RTW content as I was from the very beginning. I have Quitch's blessing for ALL of his content. Seb and Liam are working closely with me to get this content out to be played. I wont give any details on what is being included or what is being cut (if anything). If you want to be involved, send Seb a PM at SHS and I will give consideration to anyone wanting to help. Cuv
  14. Well, looking at the creature in NI... what "I" would do is just copy existing and re-assign my own override script to that creature and add my items to his inventory. Then use the script to change out the gear on creation and destroy the junk. Cuv
  15. Thanks JC, then I will leave it to Yarpen to decide whether to contact DG.
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