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  1. Well, thanks for help, it works =) Gonna use it as last hope then.
  2. Um... hello. Could you please just say here, what influence do you need to have this... positive ending? I'm playing your (really wonderfull) romance right now and have just ocasionally read this tread and this ...and now I can't sleep and even play NWN normally - all I can think of when I read dialogues or go into battle is what if all this is in vain already, because I've missed some influence gainings wth Bishop. Really, I don't want to cheat and we are getting along with Bish pretty well, but I know that I don't use all the oportunities to get influence with him, being good first of all. So all I can do is to treat him nicely, support him where I think he is right and count the influence manually. And... I had quite a feeling that everything is going well, as it should be, but... Now I read this and it put me in panic. So please, could you clearify it a bit and write here the real number which we need? I'm not even sure what will I do if it's too big, but at least will be able to play the game as before... and I'm somewhy sure I won't be the only one to use it. Thanks...
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