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  1. If I may say so: when I play BG, I hardly ever use 'clickies', as the newfangled MMO lingo would be - I find them just too much hassle for too little enjoyment worth. And with something as the Boots of Speed, which may easily be one of the most longterm effects you can get for your party (I tend to cheat me a full set of six at the start of a new game nowadays - after all, I've gone through the game in slow-mode often enough!), I would hate to install IRv3, which I'm still very much waiting for, only to get into a hissing fit and having to reinstall without it just because IRv3 took away the single most important thing that makes the umpteenth run-through bearable.
  2. I generally agree to this paywall issue being a rather distasteful move and I also am no fan of Baronius nor Sikret; but, outrage aside, I'd like to comment on how you criticize Sikret for his job decision. You make it seem like that was a bad thing, but I can see nothing wrong with it in itself. All I see there is a guy who is so enthusiastic about his hobby that he tries to live off of it - which would be great, if not for the paywall issue. A counter expample (one of many, it's just one I'm more familiar with than with others) of how, IMHO at least, this can work out quite well is Dwarf Fortress by Tarn (& Zach) Adams. Tarn is a maths teacher by trade who has quit his job to work full time on his game and lives on donations, which seem to average out around $30k/year (urban US, D.C. or Seattle, IIRC). Of course, there is nothing mandatory about DF donations, although the fanbase does a great job at spreading motivation among itself to keep the money flowing. Now, this, of course, is a full game I am talking about, not "just" a mod to an (well) aged one. What I want to say is just that trying to live off your hobby / dream project is a perfectly valid choice to me; nobody forces you (or me) to pay that money or even install that mod. It's the fanbase who decides success or lack thereof. If only there wasn't the paywall issue...
  3. *casts "Agent Smith's Mouth-Shutter" on the Imp's mouth* *casts "Summon Soap & Water" on the Imp's mouth* *casts "Bigby's Shaking Fist" on the Imp* ... which is just the reason why I love the various BG1->BG2 item transfer mods... Though I see your point. Dang, why didn't I think of that? That's what the 'plus extras' was supposed to cover, with room for Demi's preferred interpretation. Also, the +3 upper limit isn't exactly set in stone, either. I just think weapons growing alongside Charname are an interesting concept - in theory.
  4. Actually, that particular tale practically screams of something akin to gith[yanki|zerai] mindshaped weapons, similar to Dak'kon's Zerth Blade +2. Maybe something could be done with that, like a level based autoupgrade? E.g. when you first find it, it starts out as +1 and a minor extra bonus; by the time you get to ToB it could improve to the full +3 plus extras. Of course the description would have to at least hint to the hidden power. All in all, a decent item that can be kept all through the game.
  5. Uhh... Really don't want to be a nuisance, but... ... casual glance with my untrained eyes over Neh't's 3.7 script would suggest SK#NehtRomanceActive to be the one, wouldn't it? (Sorry, just trying to help )
  6. You do have a point, though this sword already is outstandingly powerful as it is (especially for BG1). I'll think about it, but I probably agree.I agree with deductor on this sword, for the reason Ardanis mentioned. Generally, with the (most welcome) way you took out that artificial bonus on speed factor, it has become a very powerful tool to use in small doses on specific items, and I believe you have not yet used that tool to its full potential. (Then again, I probably just missed it. ) Eh eh, I already planned a similar shield. Regarding Yaga and Shield of the Order I do agree with you it would be much better to put the shield to good use instead of Yaga's inventory. Sendai can use it well (especially considering what I've planned to do with it), though from a RP point of view a drow Matron using a paladin shield doesn't seem great. Why not? It could well be a trophy - seems powerful enough to me. I imagine Lloth would be pleased to see her faithful mock those surface dweller's gods in this way. In this case I'm not sure...what most players think about it?The main reason for this post. I believe Yoshimo is actually the one NPC with the most plausible reason to own such a strong weapon, being the only one who actually comes from Kara-Tur where magical katanas are at least marginally less rare than on the sword coast. Also, Yoshi has a very colorful background - his boasting of being a world-renown thief may well be true - and one does not cross half the world on a quest like his with a butterknife (well, unless 'one' is Balduran... ). Sure, you get him very early, but still: for consistency's sake, Yoshi's katana > Valygar's katana. IMHO. If most of you prefer a "bless-like" effect over the current Enfeebling effect fine with me.I like it, but would make the sword Mazzy-only. After all, it was a personal gift from a god. Too bad there's not really a halfling-related quest later on, I'd give it an upgrade then (it's fine for when you get her, but later on that god's gift will have to be replaced - hrmmm). This is more or less Ardulia's Fall Enfeebling ability, again, if most players prefer it over the current bow I'm fine with it, mainly because as of now I have really no idea how to handle Mazzy's weapons.Same as her sword for me. Also, I don't think every item has to be unique in its features - of course there are enough abilities to have such variety, but it seems a bit artificial in the grand picture. If two or three items seem like a logical candidate for a specific power, then I believe "it's already used on that other item" is not good enough a reason to not use it again. Cool, I kinda like the concept. I'm not sure about allowing every weapon to have a vampiric effect with this item though. I previously thought about adding fire damage via Ring of Fire Control which is kinda similar, but something doesn't fully convince me. As he said, it comes from the final lich in the game - something powerful is in order. Vampiric effect looks fiendishly good to me - you could always make it 1d2-1 to keep it somewhat in check. But I'd definitely use that. Well, some players would probably welcome it. I'll think about it because this wand is indeed uber-effective (and I hate that its Breach ignore Improved Invisibility ), and I obviously accept other players suggestion on this matter (not you yarpen, I know you ).Again I agree with the suggestion, except that I would not give two of those to Ribald (special stock or not). Rather put one in one of the chapter 6 new areas - even as a random drop it's better than just "oh, Ribald, nice, got another of those sticks, yes?" - that guy is far too well stocked as is, even with his background.
  7. To be honest, when I started to see spell bams in white I thought it was just a megamod glitch or maybe from one of the older mods that introduce new spells. That explanation seemed so logical to me that I didn't even look through the readme's to find the source; and so these last posts surprised me quite a bit. What I want to say with this is: you now have at least one user report saying he was more confused by that feature than anything. My preference would be not to change the spell scroll bams in that way, so they keep a more consistent look. Then again, it's just a minor feature.
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    From a roleplaying point of view I'd say protection from various elements is something that would seem rather mandatory for mages at the very start of their 'career', i.e. when they work on alchemical formulae and improve their magical powers without having the deeper understanding of the higher levels yet. So I'd like to see something like a level 1 spell for each resistance with, say, 20% + 5%/level or even 50% + 5% each new spell circle level. Of course everything capped at 100%. Anyway, thanks for the xR mods. Even though I sometimes feel some of the changes need not necessarily be quite as drastic, I welcome and very much like them as a whole. Another way to breathe new life into this evergreen game besides completely new content.
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