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  1. Exactly! This works... and increase the radius. Keep the KO chance. So, it's now half as effective at disabling, but if you double the radius it's potentially twice as effective at antimobility, which cancels out the half duration.Well, it's not so simple. Halving the duration doesn't mean the "KO" effect is half as effective, and increasing the AoE surely doesn't mean making it twice as effective. A bigger AoE in particular isn't necessary an advantage for un-friendly spells, actually a smaller AoE for those spells can much more effective in some cases. To be precise, not really thinking
  2. If you're Entangled (per the spell), you can't move, but can do everything else at full capacity. If you're struggling to get up, you don't get to simultaneously swing a weapon / draw a bow / cast a spell. As for the "sticky mud" argument, the spell is "Grease", not "Transmute Rock to Mud" (I think there actually is a spell in PnP that does that, I forgot). EDIT: Yes there is, found it here. 5th level spell! http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/transmuteRockToMud.htm Besides, I like the "flop on your back" animation. It's gorgeous and I wish it was used more.
  3. My rationale is based on the understanding that the role of Grease should be more antimobility rather than disabling. Right now it's awesome at disabling (cast it directly at the opponent, everyone who fails a save is KO'ed immediately) and mediocre at antimobility (it's so small that opponents tend to be able to run across it completely before the round-tick checks for application of any effects). We want it to be not so disabling but better at antimobility. That's why I suggested Entangle, basically a "set movement rate to 0" such that there are no AC effects from being KO, and still can cas
  4. After more playtesting (without that overpowered pseudodragon which can fly through the grease to kick ass) I think replacing the KO with entangle effect and increasing the area will do fine.
  5. Grease has no effect on AC, attack speed, casting speed, saves. EDIT: Also, Grease is not party friendly, and is limited in area, whereas a target hit with Slow is debuffed for 1 turn no matter where he goes.
  6. IMHO the only thing that makes it OP is the KO effect, which really shouldn't have any effect on stationary targets like casters and archers. One of my favourite tactics is to hit groups of casters with this thing after they've started casting, which fizzles all their spells en-masse if they fail their save. But I like the casting speed of 1. It's important for an antimobility spell to be able to be tossed out quickly, otherwise it's totally useless because the enemy would be smashing your face in by the time it goes off. Is there any way to increase the slow effect, or is "set move to
  7. I'm going to hate myself for saying this, because I love smashing my opponents with the current version of the spell, but I suspect that if you think Web is currently overpowered, then Grease must be also overpowered. My mage loadout uses almost all Grease spells in level 1. With the Ring of Wizardry early in BG1 (double number of level 1 spells) it's just massive pwnage: - slow with no save - every round save or be knocked unconscious (+ spell failure) - long duration persistent aoe - stackable - small area (can target close to self + run around it and make enemies cross it multip
  8. Thanks. What's the current hold duration of Web?
  9. Qestion: is there a save for the 50% movement rate of Grease? How about for that of Ice Storm? Acid Fog?
  10. The entries for Pro Fire and Pro Cold are still listed with level 3 spells in the readme document even though they're noted to be level 5. http://www.gibberlings3.net/readmes/readme...ns.html#arcane3
  11. Yeah, it's because BG consider sleep and unconsciousness the same thing (even when it comes from a dragon's breath). I think I can try to fix that at least for SR's undead creatures, will try. FWIW in Tutu I went to High Hedge and fought the skeletons surrounding Thalantyr's mansion. Those skellies went down to grease while my own didn't. It was amusing.
  12. Corporeal undead seem to be immune to the KO effect of the grease spell: my summoned skellies can just sit in the grease and pummel my unconscious enemies to death with impunity. Probably because they're immune to unconsciousness. Might be working as intended, not sure. Also, Grease description states that giant-size enemies are not affected, but I knocked out an ogre with this spell. Finally, my pseudodragon familiar never gets KOed in the grease but their movement rate is halved... shouldn't they be like flying over the grease and so are unaffected?
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