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  1. I must be blind but I cannot see a download link there for your mod? The links currently in BWS are dead. It's fixed now. It must not have uploaded properly. I can post it somewhere else if needed.
  2. I have updated my JKits to be EET compatible. While I have leveled up the three kits at different part sof the trilogy, I have yet to do a full run-though. I do not foresee any issues but am open to any bugs one may come across.
  3. i was going to suggest this myself, but i have a bit of a different idea. on that map there is a cave with the poison creature (whatever it's called, i haven't had my coffee yet) and the web trap. why don't you change it so that when you walk in there it looks like the cave from the gnoll stronghold (perhaps mirrored so it's a bit different) and fill it with xvarts ... better yet, maybe you could use the map from the undead village in the bottom of the unseeing eye pit and make it like a separate mini xvart village in a cave.
  4. isn't the xvart village quite far from the farmer and his cow ... so far in fact, that i never really put together that they may have come from there .. i like the idea, just throwing in my $.02.
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