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  1. Hello to everyone,i have been following the development of the mod for a long time i really thank you for your effort BigRob i give you my best wishes. I would like to mention something regarding Strongholds, it would be nice that depending on relevant events Aklon could initiate a romantic/non-romantic banter with the PC. For example at the paladin stronghold when you receive Carsomyr, he could comment about his perspective of handling a holy avenger sword ( i love cespenar´s "holy avenger sword") and perhaps relate a tale about it ( not details, since there is no certain information regarding Carsomyr`s origins) and how this fits PC`s struggle against evil ... iner evil besides. This doesnt have to be romantic, but if he is interested he could reveal a spark of his feelings. This is just and example but i must admit that when i played as a paladin and got Carsomyr i was expecting mmm a little comment about it, npc-banter ... something!! ... you know my being a paladin and a bhaalspawn and to add more drama Carsomyr is mine !!! buajaja .. mmm sorry for that. This isnt a great idea but it would be nice to talk about big events with your love interest or former lover, if this has been already pointed out, my apologies. As a fact my english is pretty bad sorry for the bad writting
  2. Alleina


    Yes!!! you can do it ^^ im looking forward to it , even if we have to wait a lot, that isnt a problem
  3. If we have to wait for the release .. so be it !!! =))) i m sure it is going to be great ^^ take your time for a proper release ... i would be worth the wait !! i hope everything goes well with Aklon ^^ it would be nice to see some screenshots in future reports
  4. Sounds like a lot of work you have my suport!!! I really apreciate that we can discuss love and entropy with HD, i dont remember that any of the NPC would say something about the things that are happening around them, of course the specific talks are exclude, or how they feel about it.
  5. Hola Kukunbei!! eres de America del Sur? estupendo ! yo tambien lo soy. Comparto tu opinion respecto al mod, cuento los dias para el release!! Im playing the game (again) and i reach the slayer change, i really hate Anomen reaction ... you just tourned into a hellish monster and he said leave me be? WTF!! what kind of romance is that? besides he never mention again the slayer change, to hell with him i was wondering ... how HD would react?? and if in future conversations you cand talk about that little "problem" Im waiting for this mod, Haer Dalis
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