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  1. Hello to everyone,i have been following the development of the mod for a long time i really thank you for your effort BigRob i give you my best wishes. I would like to mention something regarding Strongholds, it would be nice that depending on relevant events Aklon could initiate a romantic/non-romantic banter with the PC. For example at the paladin stronghold when you receive Carsomyr, he could comment about his perspective of handling a holy avenger sword ( i love cespenar´s "holy avenger sword") and perhaps relate a tale about it ( not details, since there is no certain information r
  2. If we have to wait for the release .. so be it !!! =))) i m sure it is going to be great ^^ take your time for a proper release ... i would be worth the wait !! i hope everything goes well with Aklon ^^ it would be nice to see some screenshots in future reports
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